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Amanda, what a difficult thing to process. You are in my thoughts. You're a great mom, so I know you will figure everything out! As for talking, DD1 didn't really start talking at all until around 18 months. My daycare girl at the time was way ahead of her in language, but DD1's motor skills were always more advanced. I just figured she was focusing on one and the other would follow later. From 15-18 months old was hell. Screaming and tantrums constantly! Once she started picking up words it got easier. I think she was just so frustrated that she couldn't talk to us and make us understand what she was saying. 


Now, to figure out how to stop Greta's screaming and tantrums... she gets so mad at her sister! Granted, DD1 is pretty bossy and likes to make Greta play the way she wants her to. Greta, however, is most certainly her own person and doesn't always want to do what her big sister says. And she certainly doesn't always want to play with DD1. She seems to prefer playing on her own with DD1 just in the same room. She'll follow her sister around the house, but doesn't really want to be messed with. Greta is pretty tough though and DD1 knows pretty well not to hit or push, so I mostly let them have it out right now. I step in if it starts to escalate.


Is turkey day really tomorrow?! Crap, I have got to get to the store. This cold has kept me and the girls on the couch the last two days. DH has been great with keeping up the house for me, but no Thanksgiving prep has been done! I need to get off here and get busy!

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Wow, Amanda, that's a lot to process for sure!  I have a good friend that just got an Autism diagnosis for her daughter who is a little over 2 years old.  I've been collecting information for her since my neighbor has a son with ASD and my BIL is in the field academically.  If you're interested in any of the info I've acquired please let me know.  I'm sure there is lots of support over in the special needs forum, too.  It also makes me think of the TV show Parenthood and how they decided to handle an Asperger's diagnosis with their son on the show.

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I'm sorry, Amanda. This seems to be an all too common discussion lately. I'm sitting here in tears right now because one of my good friends who is due with her 2nd baby in January just found out that her 2-year-old son has mild autism. My heart is breaking for her. She's a very anxious person like me, and I can only imagine how overwhelming this is for her even though she has suspected it for a while.

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Amanda, hopefully the diagnosis is a big step in the right direction for figuring out what will work well for her and you.
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bouncy.gif ~*~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ~*~ bouncy.gif


This time last year, my water was about to break. AH! violin.gif

(okay okay, not the same exact date, but DAY! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving!



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I hope you all have a fabulous holiday!  Happy birthday to all those turkey babies!

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Sora is walking! Eeeee! joy.gif She had to get it in at the 1-year-mark. winky.gif

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Yay Sora!!  Those first true steps are so exciting!

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Yay Sora! Walking is super fun!
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Go Sora!!  Your in trouble now Joanie!

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How was everyone's holiday?

Shay was affectionate but Soren was cranky and wouldn't let anyone hold him.

On Sunday, after several exposures, Osha finally broke out in pox. Now the waiting for the other kids begins.

Shay had his 12 month visit. 26#6 ounces and 32 inches. Soren has fallen from the 88 % to the 40% for height and from 20% to 15% for weight. Doc said its prob because he was just sick but if he keeps dropping we will have to make a plan at the next visit. I hope he starts packing on the pounds soon.
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Yay Sora!  


A little update about us.  We are still hanging out in Chattanooga.  We have been looking for a house, but nothing has come up yet in this neighborhood.  We aren't in that big of a hurry and are on the fence about buying a fixing up a house anyway, so we'll see if the right deal comes along.  Houses here can be CHEAP, so it's worth snapping them up and repairing them.


My sister finally had the floors refinished in her house, so we're just able to move all the furniture (free stuff that we're accumulated) inside and set up.  We've been living in the bus and the kitchen for the last week, so it's nice to be inside.  Although the weather has been LOVELY (until today), so the kids have been able to play outside a lot.  


We don't have anything planned for Coralies birthday.  We aren't big 1st birthday people and we don't know enough people around here to warrant a party.  I will probably make her a cupcake and take a few pics.  She really doesn't even need any new toys and I have a hard time buying NEW crap after we just sold everything.  It's amazing how many free toys our kids have already accuired since we've moved here, there is so much stuff in the world!

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So, anyone who remembers my issues with my 10 yo dd, she finally had her evaluation with a developmental pediatrician. He diagnosed her as having Asperger's. I haven't really processed it yet. Lots to think about. Do I get the school involved? How/ when do I tell her? Etc, etc. 


I responded to this days ago, or so I thought. I guess it didn't post. I recently read a book about a boy with Asperger's. It was a GREAT book and it gave great insight to the condition. It's called The Last Boy. I highly recommend it.


Our Thanksgiving was crazy. My little brother surprised me at home. He flew in from California where he's stationed. =) I didn't think I was going to get to see him until Christmas. My parents were here... As was my older sister. Talk about a full house!


Conner is walking more and more. His record is 7 steps right now. It's all about the confidence at this point. I hope he's walking by Christmas.


I got my new car yesterday. YAY! It's a 2013 Ford Fiesta. Let's hope my next pregnancy isn't twins because there's no way I could fit three carseats in it, LOL.


My little sister has been having BH and real contractions more and more lately. She's 37w. I hope he stays inside for a few more weeks! She had them 10 seconds apart this morning for about 10 minutes then they stopped.

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Our holiday was pretty good.  My parents flew in and we did a lot fun activities like making Christmas cookies, cutting down and trimming a tree, arts and crafts with grandma, walking and playing with grandpa, Thanksgiving dinner of course, and lastly, hauling 5 yards of compost and dirt.  It felt like we really made the most of their visit.  Of course, Austin spent half of Saturday vomiting, which was no fun, but while I was tending to him, my parents and Brian were hauling the dirt.  By the time Austin was feeling better, it was all done!  We are officially done building garden beds!  Whoo hooooo!!!


Avery is now standing unassisted for longer and longer and he's taken to pushing the laundry basket around while he walks behind it.  So cute!  He might just start walking by his first birthday- we'll see!  Unfortunately, he's also taken to waking up every hour at night to nurse.  I'm bursting with milk during the day and exhausted.  Ugh.  This better be a tooth or growth spurt and end soon.


I'm looking into preschool options for Austin starting in January b/c I just can't take it anymore.  He's moping around the house all day long if I don't entertain him constantly, which is obviously impossible with Avery around, too.  His behavior is declining drastically and rapidly.  He needs to get out of this house and be social with other kids.  I'm crossing my fingers we can get a spot at one of a few places I've applied.  Mid-year is challenging, but hopefully something will open up.  Of course they're all in the morning and Avery is now taking one nap per day more often than he's taking two.  Sigh... it's always something.  But it will be good for Austin no matter what.  I'm also starting him in swim lessons next week.  He's been envious of Avalon for the past few months and since he's just shy of 3, I can start him now.  I think some exercise will help with his attitude, too.


I cannot believe it's December this weekend!  Avery will be one in less than a week!

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Jaimee there is WAY too much vomit in your house!!! 


B had her allergy tests today and they came back positive for almonds and peanuts.  The first test was not measured right and came back with almonds peanuts, coconut, and wheat...and that was one crushing blow.  Luckily it had just been mis-measured.  We go back in January to test for lesser obvious allergies like corn and soy.  The allergist wants to see if there is some unknown allergy possibly affecting her size.

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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Jaimee there is WAY too much vomit in your house!!! 


You're tellin' me!

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Amanda - oh gosh, my heart goes out to you completely, that diagnosis must be so, so difficult for you.  How is your daughter reacting to the news, or have you told her yet?  I have a cousin with Asperger's and he is thriving.  He goes to the same quirky little liberal arts college where I went, even.  So... anyway, just wanted to share that, I guess.  I'm thinking of you.


Ash - how was the allergy test?  Glad she's not allergic to coconut.  I got a wheat allergy/intolerance/sensitivity/who the bleep knows what while I was pregnant, and I'd MUCH rather live with that than a coconut allergy.  I'm so serious.  I'm interested to hear how her future allergy tests turn out - Hopefully peanuts/almonds are it! 


Jaimee - Right after I posted in the birthday thread about KJ's amazing sleeping, she had a 5- or 6-day run of HORRIBLE nights - waking to nurse every hour or so.  She's back to sleeping like a champ now, so my vote is a phase/teething/possible illness for Avery!


KJ is standing unassisted for maybe half a second here and there, but not really.  I don't see her walking in the near future, but that's also what I said about her crawling days before she started crawling, so we'll see!  She has SO many signs though and is talking all the time (babbling AND actual words) so that's obviously where her interest lies.

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Go KJ! Talking babies are much easier than walking babies anyways. She can communicate with you, but can't tear up the house too bad. Win win. Haha.
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Go KJ! Talking babies are much easier than walking babies anyways. She can communicate with you, but can't tear up the house too bad. Win win. Haha.

I couldn't agree more, my friend.  My husband keeps encouraging her to stand up and walk and I'm like DUDE WTF DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING

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