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Amanda, walking is a whole new world of mess. Pre-walking Shay could destroy a room in about 10 seconds. Now he can destroy the whole house in that time span. It is awful cute, tho. I love that he still walks like a cowboy.

We tried shoes today. Major fail. Once we finally convinced him to walk in them he kept falling and crying.

Jaimee, I think allergies are something we don't really understand yet. I have now had 2 babies whose eczema resolved by removing foods. My DD's donor's son also had his eczema resolve when he went off eggs and milk. I asked a LC about all the crap with our boys and she said she knew of zero research on it.
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Eli is 'running' along walls and furniture.  Stands up unassisted, without holding on and has taken quite a few steps in a row too :)  he was showing off his walking at his party yesterday!

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Funny about the eczema, Bettie developed some eczema after her allergic reaction. It was never there before either. We have an appt and some blood work scheduled on the 13th.

Bettie hasn't made much progress walking, but she does wAlk. She gets nervous if there are people or animals in the room and won't even try. Crawling is also faster so if she wants to go somewhere fast she will crawl. She walks between 2 close objects (2 couches or couch and table) or when we prompt her by standing her up and telling her to walk to someone. But she just doesn't seem excited about it being her main mode of transportation! It's been about a month since she took her first steps.
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Conner still hasn't walked. Silly Conner. I try not to be jealous, but damn if it's not hard, LOL.


He eliminated one of his naps after his 8th tooth popped through. He's now only taking one, 2-hour nap a day. However, to compensate for only taking one nap, he's now sleeping in until at LEAST 10am every morning. O_O Every day I wake up in a panic, thinking the monitor broke because he hasn't woken me up yet... He didn't wake up until 11:15 today. W.T.F.

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What!?! I am lucky if Bettie sleeps until 7!
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OMG. Oren still gets up sometime between 5am and 6:30am. Before the time change. And BOTH my kids have been waking for an hour or more in the middle of the night because of illness. sleeping.gif


He still isn't walking, nor does he seem at all interested. He will reluctantly walk while holding on to my hands, but usually he'll just get down and crawl. He can balance standing for a long time, but he hasn't yet stood from a crouch without pulling himself up on something. I was hoping he'd be walking by now, for purely practical reasons - it's so wet here in the fall and winter, and it's annoying to have him crawling around in the muck at the park. Even with his one-piece rain suit and waterproof boots etc. It's just better if he can walk through the wet, especially now that we'll be living in the country/on a farm. 

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BettIE, sorry! Jasper is super excited to walk, but he doesn't quite have the balance, though. He loves to practice. He used to be my awesome sleeper, preferring to sleep in until 8:30 or 9. Now that he has to get up at 5:30 or 6 everyday for daycare, he no longer sleeps in. Oh well. Oh, Ash, funny about the animal thing. Jasper actually likes walking to the dog. I guess he doesn't get that she will knock him down yet!


Jasper still nurses a lot during the night. Tonight, he can't nurse after 2 am due to the surgery tomorrow morning. It's going to be a rough night!


Nicole, Jasper is moving to one nap, too. It just depends on the day. I like the one nap because it is longer and he goes to bed a bit earlier.

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Amanda, are they putting Jasper under for the procedure? my ODD was supposed to have the same procedure but the doc used no anesthetic and did it while they were awake and I refused to let them touch her.
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Coralie usually wakes up around 8:00am, my older kids wake up around 7:00 though!  I get up with the kids and my dh stays in bed until the baby gets up.   Coralie is no where near walking, she's still unstable when she pulls herself to a stand and really don't try to walk or cruise at all.  I suspect that she'll be my latest walker.  

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Amanda, did they say NPO after 2? When Osha was put under general they said clear liquids were ok and that breast milk counts as a clear fluid. He was nursing when they have him the first shot even. You might get lucky if you call back and ask.
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Ash, yes he'll be under general anesthesia. So she never got it done? I have no idea how they would do that on a kid who was awake!

Sara, they said no solids or formula after 12, no breast milk after 2, and no water after 4. Very specific, unfortunately. We are going to have a bottle with water by they bed just in case. It probably won't help, though.
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So weird. I wonder why he can have water but not breast milk and why different doctors have different rules.

Good luck!
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Eli has been on just one nap for a month or so now.  He sleeps between 12 and 2.  I found that any later than that, then he is awake all night long.  He still goes to bed at 11pm.  No matter how much we have tried to get him to go to bed earlier, he just refuses ;)  I know it is because my hubby works till 10/11pm and he needs time with his dadda.  Most mornings he gets up again at 7:30am.  He never has been one for sleeping long.  He wakes up once at 5:30am usually but tends to go back to sleep.  Although, there were 2 nights in the last 5, where he slept from 11pm till 9:30, which is so unlike him.  But that being said, the other nights he woke up every 45mins to 1 hour.  He is definitely working on his teeth.


My cousin had blocked tear ducts until she was 2, they had scheduled the procedure to have them opened, and the week before she was supposed to go in and have it fixed, they opened up by themselves.  So interesting!  Eli's tear ducts were blocked too until about 4 months.  I spent a lot of time massaging them and eventually they fixed themselves.


Good luck with that Amanda!  Will be thinking of you guys!

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Wow, is Shay the only one still taking 3 naps?

Has everyone seen the awesomeness that is the new mobile site??? We can even post pictures straight from the phone. Here's one of Shay thrilled to walk in his robeez once we took off the real shoes.
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I just figured out the mobile site and its way more user friendly!

Sara- Bettie takes 3 naps most days still. Also, I'm going to have to get some Robeez. I got her some soft soled Jack and Lilly shoes and they are still too awkward for her.

I will be thinking about Jasper tomorrow! We never had the procedure done and it cleared up on its own around 18 months. She did have ear tubes, though, and she was put under for that. It's always unnerving to have your baby under anesthesia.
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Thanks, guys. I'm nervous because of the anesthesia. I know there is a small risk of side effects... plus, it's not like the surgery is a life or death situation. It's tough to make the right decision.



I am going to check out the mobile site. I've been using Tapatalk, but you can't do pm's there. Hoping the mobile site will let me!

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Amanda, I'll be thinking of Jasper tomorrow!

No walking here yet. KJ takes just one nap a day about half the time, and 2 naps the other half. Her sleeping has always been a little off, it seems she just needs less than a lot of babes I know, and according to my mom all 3 of us (me, my brother, my sister) were the same way. She pretty consistently wakes up between 6 and 7, though we do get some nice later mornings (7:30) here and there.

Her birthday is on Saturday, and we have already received approx one billion packages in the mail for her...
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I have no idea what is going on with my poor baby greensad.gif she ran a 24 hour symptomless fever, and I intended on taking her to the doctor. But she woke up yesterday happy, eating, and fever less. Then tonight out of nowhere she spikes a fever of 103.3! The only thing I can think is ear infection. Here is to hoping the doc has an opening in the morning.
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Amanda - Good luck today, I hope it all goes well!


Ash - Hopefully it's nothing and Bettie feels better soon.  Sometimes kids get sick in the strangest ways.


Coralie takes 1-2 naps a day.  I'd say she sleeps around 13 hours total in a 24 hour day.  


We are trying to buy a fixer upper house here in Chattanooga..  Well, there isn't anything great for sale in the neighborhood that we want to be in (near the rest of my family), so we've been patiently waiting.  Then yesterday a neighbor (that we met last week while she was walking by) came over and offered to sell us a house that she just bought, but is too over-whelmed to deal with.  It's exactly what we're looking for and will be fantastic if it all works out.  We have the cash, so it should be super quick.  Hopefully it all goes well and we can move over there in a few weeks and start fixing it up!!  

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Amanda, good luck!

Abra, very cool about the house!

Ash, I hope she feels better very soon.

Shay sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes about 3 hours of naps. I guess the boy just loves to sleep. His new thing is that he wakes up starving and needs breakfast ASAP. He was into solids before but now he is gobbling up everything in sight. He was barely taking one bottle while I was at work before and now he is taking 2 or 3. I'm going to wake up one day to find him 3 feet tall someday soon.
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