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Flushed cheeks - also a teething symptom. If he seems to be having more teething symptoms than usual, it could be because he's getting molars. DD went bonkers when she got her molars, and had the intensity of her symptoms triple with molars and canines. 


Just popping in to procrastinate packing. Moving day tomorrow! So exhausted already. Hopefully I get a good night's sleep tonight, but I doubt it. Oren was croupy-sounding last night, and so restless, that I imagine it will be the same tonight. 


We got a VW Golf, low kms at a good price. It's a bit of a squeeze with the rear-facing carseat (my seat is all the way forward with my knees touching the dash, and I have short legs, and the car seat STILL touches the front seat, but only when O is in it) but I think we can make it work. DH is all like "And if we have to turn his car seat around..." and I'm like SNARL. "No!!! Rear facing until he grows out of the weight limit!!" Anyone know of a brand of car seat that's good in small cars rear-facing?

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Kirsten, do you still have him leaned back? I sat Shay up a while ago and it's way more comfortable. I have a sub compact car. We still have more of an angle to Soren's seat and it's just like you describe on the passenger side.
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I though rear-facing HAD to be 45 degrees? The instructions on the seat say to install it at a 45 degree angle. The seat we have doesn't have different recline options, but it's not exactly a deluxe model.
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I think it depends on the seat. Some seats can safely go as high 30 degrees.

Here's an interesting thread about my car seat, which is one of the smaller convertibles. To sit it up in our car, all we had to do was leave out the towel under the foot of the seat. It still has a leg folded under that will pop out when we turn it around. http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=197261

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Happy birthday, KJ!!

I do not understand the car seat reclining thing. Mine, some kind of mid level Britax, is supposed to have three levels of recline. When I played with it, it seemed to only have sorta reclined and 90 degrees. I went for the former as the 90 degree angle looked super uncomfortable.

Today is dd2's birthday. Tomorrow is Jasper's. we aren't having a party for him. We have so few people to invite, it just seemed weird. Our entire family consists of my mom, dad, and brother. That's it. We don't see dh's family and I have no extended family to speak of. We have friends, but they are mostly the parents of dd2's friends. Only downside in a way is he doesn't get a lot of presents. Oh well. We will do a cake for him and let him open presents tomorrow. We already gave him his present from us: the little Ikea kitchen and some accessories to go with it. I couldn't wait until his birthday!!
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Hey Katie!!  Happy birthday to KJ and happy mamaversary to you!  Post in the birthday thread when you get the chance!

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All this carseat talk is confusing. Conner's carseat reclines, but I keep it at 30 degrees (I think). I just assumed the recline was on there, because the carseat was approved for 5-45lbs, so you could recline it if you had a kiddo that couldn't sit up right yet. LOL

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Don't be confused! Just look at your manufacturers suggestions and instructions. Every carseat is different.
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Originally Posted by ZippyGirl View Post

I feel like there is something weird going on in the world.  Everyone I know is sick, and I am noticing an uptick in meanness.  What is going on?  Joanie, I am so sorry there is drama at work.  That is so tough.  And Jaimee, I wish I had some magic cure for you.  Probably you need rest more than anything, but looks like getting enough rest (or even a bit of it) is hard.  Can you get a sitter in during the day so you can get a nap?


Amanda, I am so relieved Jasper is doing well!!!  I hope his recovery is swift.  How did you know there was something up with his ducts?


Kristin, I would check your blog every.single.day!  I would love it to read a blog about living in an ecovillage.  You mentioned getting  a new car.  I just found my dream, dream, dream car:  Tesla Model X.  OMG.  I would need to win the lottery, but seriously OMG.


My store's $500 giveaway contest ends on Monday!  Someone, please enter!!!  biggrinbounce.gif 


http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/294292 or  http://bit.ly/W3ORh6 for mobile devices


I entered the contest! How do I get people to vote for the picture? I guess I should go check out what you have at your store...

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It's Jasper's birthday! I will post on the birthday thread later. I have this Babycenter app that gives little updates each day. It has info at each month, etc. Today I got a "happy birthday!" update... it concluded by saying I had finished the app. happytears.gif greensad.gif  Sad, bittersweet... I almost cried at my desk. He's not a baby anymore!! Then, I was hit with a strong urge to have another baby. But I smacked myself and moved on. 

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Oh Amanda that's funny!


I usually get very nostalgic as my kids' birthdays approach.  Especially first birthdays.  But Ive found that with Bettie- because she has been so different, so difficult, so needy, so complicated, so stressful-  I have absolutely NO nostalgic feelings about her first year of life.  I don't feel weepy or like I need another baby.  I just feel grateful that I survived, and that I still have most of my hair, and I'm just SO happy that its over and I never ever have to do that again. 


Is that terrible?  I feel kind of guilty for feeling that way.

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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

Then, I was hit with a strong urge to have another baby. But I smacked myself and moved on. 

lol.gif   Happy Birthday Jasper!


Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

 I have absolutely NO nostalgic feelings about her first year of life.  I don't feel weepy or like I need another baby.  I just feel grateful that I survived, and that I still have most of my hair, and I'm just SO happy that its over and I never ever have to do that again. 


Is that terrible?  I feel kind of guilty for feeling that way.

Not terrible, just the way it is with some kids.  Highly spirited, high need kiddos take it out of us.  I really missed out on all those warm, fuzzy baby feelings with Avalon, too.  I totally get it.

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Happy birthday! And c'mon, 5 is the new 3!
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Happy birthday! And c'mon, 5 is the new 3!
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It really is!  One of my friends from TX just announced she's due with her 5th in April.  She posted a sono pic and I admit I had a twinge of "I want that excitement too!" and then I remembered the reset button and how each kid keeps setting the clock back and you get further and further from that magical time when you can sleep through the night, have coherent thoughts and free time, and take fun vacations. 

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I had a few moments of that, too, when we had Greta's birthday. I'm still firmly in the undecided camp. On the one hand, it is terribly sad for me to think about the fact that I'd never have a newborn again. I'd never carry a baby inside of me, birth another human being, smell that lovely newborn smell... it is just a really exciting time in life. And I love the baby stage. I really do. Even with how difficult it is. I love it.


On the other hand, I am very excited about ditching the diaper bag again, getting rid of strollers, etc. I really can't wait to take trips with my kids as they get older. I feel like if I have another baby, it'd be for purely selfish reasons. My girls have each other and if we keep it just the 4 of us, we'll have more fun, more adventures, just more in the long run. Babies slow us down, ya know. I feel like I'd also be able to provide a better life for my kids if I stick with the two I have. The mere thought of paying for probable private school and extra-curriculars for two kids is frightening... even worse if we add more to it. I don't know. I also feel like we're pushing it. We haven't had that terribly difficult baby. Babies are stressful no matter what, but both our girls were relatively decent sleepers for the most part. I mean, they had bad phases, but nothing we couldn't handle. Are we tempting fate? Will the third one be the one to do us in?


I feel like my reasons for having another baby are kind of sucky. Yet, my reasons for not having another baby are kind of sucky too. DH doesn't want anymore, so I guess that should give some weight to the decision. He was so freaking excited about Greta turning one. Not a bit of nostalgia, only excitement for what the end of the first year means. He loves that baby-hood is coming to a close. Not that he didn't enjoy the girls as newborns and infants, he really really did, but he can't wait to just have kids and no more babies.

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Mal- that bit about the third baby throwing you for one after having 2 pretty normally tempered babies. Totally what happened to us.

There were joyful moments in our year. There is always those milestones and smiles and good days that make it worth it. But, Bettie is a great last kid. I have no regrets about my husbands vasectomy. At all.

Next chapter, please!
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Y'all don't travel with babies? We are traveling less, but only because I have cut back work so much that our money is all spoken for.

I'm not really craving another baby yet, but we have had a young infant in the house for a whole year now. I'm pretty excited that Soren can sit for a minute at a time.
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I travel with babies, but maybe not to some of the same places that I would travel with older kids.  We certainly don't let it hinder us in any way.  I will probably want another baby, I love being pregnant and having babies!  I'm thinking 1 more and then I will be at my limit for how many humans I can handle, heh.  Coralie is seriously a baby that makes you want more babies.  She's smiley and funny and cuddly.  We shall see what the future holds, no more babies right now that's for sure!!!!

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:)  I am working on loosing some of those last pregnancy pounds ... we are thinking about trying in the new year.  I was very against it because to be honest, I hadn't 'felt' like we should try so soon.  But it has changed :)  I now see tiny newborns and I want to hold such a little bundle again.  My hubby is loving that Eli is bigger now - more active and he can play with him more.  It is great to see them interact, and Eli is so excited when my hubby comes home from work, it is Daddy, Daddy Daddy  all the way until he walks through the door!  So freaking cute!

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