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Feeling Depressingly Guilty

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I'm 2 months pregnant, and we have a 3yo DD who would normally be very active and adventurous... only her mama doesn't want to do anything but lie in bed and watch movies.


I've been dealing with nausea for about 2 weeks now, and even though I have a feeling it will go away soon (and it hasn't really been that long period), I feel so SO guilty that she hasn't been getting enough exercise, or creative play, or... well anything really. I give her tons of hugs and we snuggle all the time, but I just have no energy or motivation to do anything!!


I do make attempts to go outside every day or every other day, but it doesn't last long because I start getting tired or yucky feeling and just want to go back in. She asks me to play games with her, and hold her hands while she jumps on the bed, and I do these things when I have the energy, but most of the time I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with housework or preparing food!


What do I do??? I don't want her to become lazy because of me! I feel awful that I'm such a lazy, unmotivated, boring mama right now!

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Ds1 was 1 going on 2 while I was pregnant with ds2. I had very little energy throughout my entire pregnancy. Ds1 was and still is a very active fellow. I did what I could for him and tried not to stress about what I couldn't do. He is now a happy, active 4 y/o with a little brother. I am now expecting my third and am in the first trimester energy slump. I am hoping to get some energy back in the second trimester. For now, I do what I can when I can and again am trying not to stress what I am unable to do.

It is hard but I don't think your dd will have long lasting effects from you taking it easy right now.
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