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Shared on FB with my friends!



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liked and liked! cant wait for the little one to learn to ride!

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My little guy would absolutely go bonkers if he won this ... we wouldn't be able to get him to stop riding. He might even bring it into his bed.  This would, of course, be great for pictures!  What a fun contest, thank you for having it.

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plus just shared with friends!

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I have two friends that have purchased theses for their kids and just love them! I have a 3 year old that would love one of these! Thanks for the opp. Mothering!

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i am definitely excited about balance bikes!  liked you and strider bikes!

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I liked both FB pages!
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Both are liked on Facebook!  I would love to win a strider bike for my little baby girl!  Even though I have seven weeks until I meet her, I know by her activity in my belly, that she is going to be ACTIVE!!!  thanks for the opportunity! 

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shared with my family!  my nieces would love this too!

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I like Strider Bikes and Mothering on Facebook!  Thanks for the great giveaway!

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This would be perfect for my soon to be 2 year old daughter!  I have liked mothering on FB for a long time, and I have now just "liked" strider as well :).  Fingers crossed!

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I shared this on Facebook!

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A no pedal Strider bike seems like just the bike for a 2-wheel beginner. My 18 month old is crazy about anything on wheels and spends hours everyday on his tricycle, I would love to see what he would do with a Strider no pedal bike!
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I like Strider and Mothering on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

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My three yo wants to ride two wheels like her big siblings. We've always wanted a balance bike. Wish us luck :)

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I shared on Twitter!

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These bikes are awesome!  I would love to win one!

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My son would love this!
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I shared on facebook!

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Just shared on Facebook!
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