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TTC while Nursing in NOVEMBER

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whistling.gifWaiting to be ready whistling.gif

DC 13mos, 2PPAF


blowkiss.gifWaiting to Catch First PP Egg! blowkiss.gif

DD 17 mos
DS 13 mos.
DD 12 mos.
DD 12mos
DS 13mo
TTC#7, 14mo nursling
Virginia884 BFPChart2.gif
DS 19 mos

DD 17 mos

lurk.gifWaiting to Ovulate lurk.gif
DD 20mos, 4PPAF
DD 5 mos, 1 PPAF
DD 19 months
DC 10mos
DC 7.5 mos

fingersx.gif Waiting to Know - 2WW fingersx.gif


DD 3 years


DS 19 mos, 2PPAF


DS 21mos, 5PPAF


5 months TTC DS 14mos


DS 17 mos.
DD 2.5 yrs, 7 mos TTC
DC 18mos, 6PPAF, 3mos TTC
2PPAF, DS/DD 23 mos
DS6yo, DD16mo, 4PPAF
TTC #3, 24mo nursling
17mo nursling
5 months TTC #3, DS2 11 months
DD 18 months
6 months TTC, 5PPAF, DS 22 months + DS4
DD 23 months
DS 15 mos
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TTC#3, DS 23 mos, 3rd cycle TTC
DD 19 mos
Monday  DS 21.5 mos, 7mos TTC, 5 PPAF
BabySmurf caught fırst PP egg!
Jules09 2PPAF DD 25mos
Brogansmomma DC13.5mos
NewMama2BBBoy 2 months ttc DS 10 months
6 mos TTC #5 DD 16 mos
Aunaturalmama TTC #2 DC24mos
northwoods DD 21 months, 4PPAF
nstewart DS 24 months
Letileon [/B] DS 23 months 
Hopeful Jo 8 PPAF, 8mo TTC, DS 17mo
Chloe'smamachartnew.gif 4 months ttc, 4ppaf, dd1-3.75, dd2 -20 months
mothershipchartnew.gif  2 mo TTC, 15 PPAF, DD 24 mo
OSUvet 1 PPAF, DS 13 months
 gardenbellechart1new.gif 9 months TTC, 9 PPAF, DD 22 months (the nurser) and DS 3 1/2
Julie 8 mo DS, 2 PPAF
CityMama2Q DD 20 MO
Sere234 8 PPAF, 3 months TTC, DS 18 mo
icy02 6 PPAF, ds 19 m/o & ds 3 y/o
Pittnurse08chartnew.gif 18PPAF, 1 cycle ttc, DD 26m
Batia 9 PPAF, DS ~20 m/o
Carlin chartnew.gif 3 months TTC, 5 PPAF, DD 26 m/o
carmen358 chart.gif5 months TTC, 8 PPAF, DD 23 m/o
Jewels10 PPAF, DD 12 m/o
Mittens6 PPAF, 2 months TTC, DD 23 m/o
kelantan6 PPAF, 8 months TTC, DS 16 m/o
amydiane9 months TTC #3, DD 29 m/o
Ava's Mama chartnew.gif 12 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DD 34 m/o

Please put all changes in bold!

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Can't wait to see who will graduate this month!!!!

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I need some advice! I just finished first Ppaf, and I'm on cd6. When is the best time to try and bd for conceiving? My ff is all messed up because I have only started my first cycle in over two years! In general, it's cd 13-15 correct?

I know it might take a while to get things organized in there, but I want to give myself the best chance anyway smile.gif

Btw, I'm not charting because breastfeeding has my temps all.over.the.place.

On a good note, before I started my first Ppaf I had VERY clear cm signs as to what was going on!
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I need some advice! I just finished first Ppaf, and I'm on cd6. When is the best time to try and bd for conceiving? My ff is all messed up because I have only started my first cycle in over two years! In general, it's cd 13-15 correct?

I know it might take a while to get things organized in there, but I want to give myself the best chance anyway smile.gif

Btw, I'm not charting because breastfeeding has my temps all.over.the.place.

On a good note, before I started my first Ppaf I had VERY clear cm signs as to what was going on!
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*not charting temps I mean
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I hear you, blonhrt.

I've had 2 AF since giving birth in Jan 11, and my cycle has me all kinds of confused.  I've never temped.  I usually have very clear O signs, and have gotten pregnant on the first month trying the last 2 times (1 ended in m/c at 11 weeks).  This time I had cramps (crazy, moaning AF-like cramps) for two days about 2-3 days after the start of my ewcm.  This is so unusual, I don't know what to say they were from...post-ovulation?

I have taken a few tests, and although I feel like it might be better to wait a few more months to get pg, I still feel SO let down when I see that it's neg.

My youngest is still such a baby, much more so than his sister was at his age.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to tackle another one, but still my hormones rage on, so I ttc...

I think I am about 7-8dpo now, but nursing so much, I'm not sure if I'll get many symptoms.

Looking forward to hearing how things turn out for everyone. I feel like a crazy woman, I wish I could just get pregnant on accident once, and find out at 5 weeks.  Skip all this dpo searching online!

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Haha, I know what you mean! I search online wayyyy to much. Last month was the worst, I was convinced I was pregnant. In fact, it was only ovulation gearing up and starting! I am so happy to finally have got a Ppaf thou, because I was feeling all kinds of crazy! I knew something had to be happening!

Maybe I'll skip a month or two like you did, I guess I'll find out! If my cycles are regular though, what's the best time as far as cycle days that someone is most fertile?
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Thanks for adding me!


Blonhrt88, the most common advice is to start dtd when your menstrual bleeding stops and then dtd every second day until your next AF starts or you get a BFP.  That way, early and late ovulation are both covered, there's always sperm present to catch an egg and your dh's sperm has time to replenish. 


emilyllmegan, I hear ya!  I wish I could be one of those women who find out at 20w that they're pregnant!  No lie!  But, alas, I always find out really early.  I'd love a shorter pg!  :P 


AFM, I'd really like any advice anyone can give on night weaning.  I would really like this little man to start sleeping longer stretches and to keep nursing to awake times only.  Any tips? :)

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Please add me to 2WW!

Sorry this isn't in bold, iPhone won't let me :-/ Thanks!
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Blonhrt - There's really no way to give advice on what CD is best for you without knowing what your cycle is like. If I BD'ed just on CD13-15 I'd never get pregnant smile.gif I O between CD 16-22. And, that is later than it was before I had DS, you may find the same thing, that your O date is different since your DS. Also the first cycle or two after your first PPAF may be whacky. So even with breastfeeding, I'd still try charting, or else buy a bunch of cheap OPKs smile.gif

BeautifulCanvas - Have you read the No Cry Sleep Solution book? It really helped us get DS to sleep longer stretches at night.

AFM: I think im out this month, spotting yesterday so af should be here today greensad.gif pls move me to Waiting to O
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Beautifulcanvas, that sounds like a stress free approach! We are giving it a go and we'll see how it turns out smile.gif

Livingsky, that's good to know. Hopefully I'll see just a little regularity so I can get an idea of what my body's doing :/ starting my first Ppaf was on my goal list so I'm ecstatic that I'm even at this point! Lol. Progress!!!
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We also LOVE No Cry Sleep Solution, and Nap Solution, too.  Amazing, like worked immediately. 

I am caving, and gonna pick up a stick at the store today.  Sigh.  Last night I told myself no more, just wait and see, but I was too tired to argue with myself.  Today I am rejuvenated and ready to squint for that line.  LOL  My DH thinks I'm mad.

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I would love to night wean.  we moved DS into his sisters room... but he still just walks into our at night whenever hes hungry... which is still like 3x. ugh. and i think hes getting a tooth in because now he back to 6 month old style day time nursing, even if I say "later" he melts down now... ugh!

So sorry Living Sky :(  Hopefully this month will be the one for us!!  dust.gif

AFM:  Im on CD12 (technically cuz its 12:23am here hehe).  So today I will start drinking grapefruit with my morning maca hoping to drop my egg around CD 14 of my 28 day cycle, instead of CD 22!  Really hoping for a healthy LP this month!!!

All update to here!!  Let me know if I missed anything!!!

Yay for another month and another chance at making a new family member!!

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LivingSky, sorry to hear AF may be on the way...


Can I be added to the list, Waiting to ovulate please?  I just had my first PPAF this week... I'm so excited that it came-- one day after DD just turned 5 months old.  I wasn't sure when it was going to show, but I was hoping around this time frame (PPAF after DS came at 5.5 months, back in August 2010-- I was a grad from this thread back then, yay!). 


I'm really hoping this is a good sign that my body is still pretty fertile in the grand scheme of things-- I've got the lovely thing called 'advanced maternal age' going on.  It's pretty discouraging, when I see the statistics being what they are for pregnancy over 40 (given to me by my RE).  And then I go online to see what's on there, and it's not that encouraging either-- at least the sites that I found myself at.  But then, I have a friend and her mother got pregnant with her when she was 45-- and that was 40-some years ago.  So I'm going to keep trying to focus on the positive. 


The RE suggested my DH take antioxidants, and he could either take individual supplements, or buy the Fertilaid for men.  I got excited about the idea of the latter being on her list, and then thought I could take the stuff for women-- but, it's not for nursing mothers. I guess I'll see how my cycles go in terms of how wonky they are going to be for awhile, and then think about what to do next... unless you ladies have some suggestions of how I could get on track faster with other supplements, etc. 


I'm with you all in that I wish I could just find myself with a surprise pregnancy a few weeks into it... Then I wouldn't have to think about this stuff.


I hope November is a good month for us all!

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Thanks for the No Cry Sleep Solution suggestion, LivingSky and emilyllmegan.  I've never tried it before and I'm going to try and get it from the library.  There is no way little man will CIO, since there has been a couple of times where I couldn't get to him straight away and he just screamed away, getting more and more upset until I pick him up. 


Welcome TensinsMama.  I hope your stay is short!  What is in the Fertilaid?  I've never heard of it before and I think it might be a good idea for us too. 


Sorry about A/F LivingSky.  Here's hoping it's the last time you see her for a while.  hug2.gif


MyKidKissTrees, what does the grapefruit do?  I've seen it popping up on the preconception forums, but still have no idea what the benefits are.  Also, what changes have you seen with Maca?  I'm waiting for mine to arrive and was wondering if you could see it working. 

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You have been added Tenzins!!  Welcome :)  and yay for aunt flow and "advanced maternal" fertility!  My great-grandmother had several children after 40!  It can happen!

BeautifulCanvas I have no clue what grapefruit does ;)  Im just trying anything thats ever been mentioned.  haha.  I havent noticed any changes with the maca at all.  no increase in sex drive, no extra energy.  maybe its keeping me up later at night?  instead of getting tired around 10pm, now Im up until like 2am.  but Im taking it first thing in the morning... so not sure if the effects would last that long?  Im yeast sensitive and have been eating bread willy nilly.  so that always messes with me.  Im really not in touch with my body very much right now.  So we shall see... I gulped down 2 grapefruits worth of juice plus 2 "heaping" maca spoonfuls this morning... bleh!  Fingers crossed.  Just did my first LH test and it was -.  so no egg in sight yet...lurk.gif

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I'm thoroughly confused ladies....does anyone care to look at my chart and tell me what the heck is going on? This morning FF took away my crosshairs after one low-ish temp and one below the coverline. This has never happened before. I also never had a pos opk, but thats nothing out of the ordinary for me.
Any seasoned charter's input would be greatly appreciated smile.gif

My Ovulation Chart
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So, I'm totally feeling blah about TTC this month.  I was so sure we had timed everything perfectly last month and still BFN.  I was expecting AF to arrive on a Sunday (29 day cycle) and yet AF showed up the Thursday before (so I guess a 26 day cycle).  I don't chart or use OPKs but based on symptoms I think I O'd around CD14-16 so that would mean my LP was particularly short.  Can extra nursing the month before cause that?  My nursling was teething and then got sick for a week so there was lots of extra BF.

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AngelKissedKids - if you O'ed on CD14-16 and AF arrived around CD26, you're okay for an LP length. Generally an RE will say anything from a 10 day LP and up is good enough. Certainly longer is great, but even shorter can sustain a pregnancy, so try not to fret too much about it. I know, easier said than done!

StlRNMommy: Well it looks like you got a positive OPK today, so hopefully you'll O in the near future! By your chart (without the OPK) I'd have guessed you haven't ovulated yet, or ovulated today.

AFM: Ladeeda, hanging out at CD5
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Does anyone have any good resources on fertility and breastfeeding? I've read kellymom along with a few other sites, and I'm also a certified lactation counselor, but I want in depth info on what's going on with my body now that I have had one period. It was only for about three days and mostly just spotting. I want to know what that means as far as my uterine lining, luteal phase, ovulation, etc! I feel like I'm drowning in a lot of misinformation online!
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