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NEXT month!!

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Ladies, can you believe it??!! Next month is baby month!!! I'm getting super excited over here to meet this new little soul, but also feeling a bit under pressure as the count down has begun! What all do you guys have left to do? How's everyone feeling about these babies getting ready to come in the next couple of weeks? I bet we have at least one of us have a baby before this month is over!! thumb.gif

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Being due at the end of November or beginning of December - 36 weeks this week! I'm feeling the pressure to be ready. I guess that would be nesting, but I don't have the nesting energy just the pressure!


I need to finish the room where we'll be storing the baby's stuff (we're not calling it a nursery, because the baby will be sleeping with us!) - this is also where I plan to have the birth tub set up - so I will be getting it set up for a nice labor environment. I also need to pick up a few more birth supplies/food for the birth team. Oh then those diapers! Those who have seen my posts have seen my insanity about making my own prefolds and wool covers! I keep talking about it and not doing it. I have enough newborn/small wraps to cover me for awhile, depending on the baby's size and I have about a dozen preemie prefolds that someone gave me (not sure how long those will last!) and a few AIO and fitteds. So really, if I just do the prefolds - that would carry me for several months I think. By then, I hope I'll have the wherewithall to make more larger ones!


I plan to get the room ready this weekend. The diapers next weekend!

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Seriously you guys.  Next.  Month.  Wowza!  I think I'm feeling the same type of excitement/anticipation/oh-crapwehavesomuchlefttodo emotions that many others are feeling.  Here's my list:

1.  Put down the halloween candy.

2.  Finalize our diaper stash.  Make sure DH is on board with laundering our own diapers.  Feed him the remaining halloween candy in order to reach a peaceful agreement.

3.  Clean out a few closets, shuffle things around to make room for baby's items in our room.

4.  Attend VBAC class on Saturday

5.  Help DH to become the doula he has always wanted to be :)

6.  Yoga, meditation, and relaxation technique practice.

7.  Hide DD1s halloween candy from myself and DH in one of the newly cleaned closets (see #3).

I hope that's it, but I'm sure I'll think of more once I walk away from the computer!

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I can't believe it!


My list:

1) Get a birth plan written for possible hospital birth

2) Get a few more things together for planned home birth.

3) Interview one more pediatrician and make final decision about that

4) Decide once and for all if I am going to encapsulate my placenta and line up someone to do that

5) Take breastfeeding class

6) Read at least one breastfeeding book and one that covers newborn care

7) Get some meals in the freezer for postpartum

8) Buy remaining necessity items off of my registry

9) Set up cosleeper, etc

10) Wash newborn clothes and diapers

11) Get carseat installed/inspected

12) Familiarize myself with how my breast pump works

13) try not to panic

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Yikes. That is a crazy reminder! So here is my list:


1. Get maternity photos done

2. do belly cast

3. buy a car seat

4. make baby wipes Wohoo! Progress!

5. get gifts for other kids together

6. host massive thanksgiving gathering, while doing as little as possible of the work that needs to be done!

7. Attend mama blessing on December 1st

8. Do everything I need to do to stay healthy and make it to 37 weeks! (which may mean bringing a baby to mama blessing, lol!)


My list is getting longer, not shorter. Hmmm.....


I also get the joy of helping DH get documents together for a counter-suit against his ex wife... they agreed on a lower support payment about a year ago, but never filed it legally; she is now trying to sue him for it. Fun stuff!

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Exciting huh?! this is #4 for us, so Id say we are pretty laid back about it, with youngest DD just turning one we have a lot of cloth, clothes, etc... definitely not freaking out or getting over anxious. Im reading more about emergency type things, inspirational stuff for my mind, preparing by knowledge I guess. I have 2-3 more things to order for the birth kit... other then that. Low key. Looking forward to bringing our wee one earthside unhindered, like its sisters. Im becoming more confident in UC, even though its our second. Ya wanna know whats driving me crazy? knowing that Im carrying SO differently and that this MAY BE a BOY?!? or another girl... THAT is driving me nuts. thats all here.

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Yesterday, I spackled a bunch of holes in my bedroom, sanded those, and painted over everything, including some "artwork," from dd2. Then I started on this babies "nursery corner" in our room, meaning that I made some fabric hoops and got those hung up. Now I'm just waiting to borrow a cosleeper from a friend and his little space will be done!  I also made two changing pad covers and a few blankets yesterday. Feeling pretty good about those. Oh and I need to get some plastic up on the windows in the house, since it's starting to get drafty at night and I want to have all of those done in the next week or so.


Some bigger things on my list are to:

Pay MW off next week.

Hit up the medical supply store for some chux for the birth and some plaster strips so I can do a belly cast, too.

Do and decorate said belly cast.

Go thrifting for extra towels & sheets for the birth.

Keep freezing soups and easy meals.

Finish all of current projects I have waiting including about 6 knitting projects and dd's fleece coat.

Order a few last minute things like snappis and post partum herbs.

Play the car seat shuffle and figure out everyone's new seat in the car. I'll have one ff 5 point, & 2 rear facers. 

Start taking naps- seriously, I'm exhausted right now!! 


He's having some hiccups right now as I type and I'm just all giddy/emotional that he will be here in the next 6ish weeks!! stillheart.gif

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Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah ah ah ah lol!

Ok things I need/want to do!

1- get pool off MW next week!!! So excited!
2- set up birth space and make gorgeous positive signs to hang in there too.
3- write up a "to do/reminder in labour" list for DH (stuff like "remind me to drink and go to the toilet" etc)
4- organize freezer so inknow what we have for PP
5- wash nappies!
6- go to baby shower and Mother Blessing!!!!!!
7- get last minute things like drinks/foods for labour and tap fixtures for pool!
8- make a sign for door during/after birth smile.gif
9- finish uni essays (must get OFF THE COMPUTER!!!)

Ummm I think that's it! Other than setting up the space and having the pool ready to go, most of it isn't essential, it would just be nice to have done! We live one short block away from the supermarket and bakery so we could easily walk there in early labour to get food and drinks lol!!!
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I don't think I have much of anything baby related left to do. I need to buy or make some burp clothes but I think that is it.

By December 1st I need to:

~ Have Christmas tree up and house decorated

~ Have everything planned/purchased for DD's 6th birthday (party on December 2nd)

~ Have all Christmas gifts for the kids purchased and wrapped

~ Purchase bottles/labels for the homemade vanilla extract that I made/have everything filled, labeled,wrapped, shipped etc. for those who are getting homemade sugars and extracts from us

~ Get my eye brows waxed (otherwise it will bug me because it will be months before I can get out to do it)

~ Get rid of unwanted toys to make room for new gifts and baby stuff

~ And lastly, back up all the photos on my computer so I don't lose a bunch of pictures again!


I am feeling confident that I will be able to knock that list out in the next 30 days in between running my kids around to their various activities, doing my regular daily SAHM duties and volunteering at the Rescue Mission (it is one of my very, very favorite things to do during the holidays)!!

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Love this thread idea!  I might use this list to come back and edit by crossing out and adding more things as I think of them!


Yes I wouldn't be surprised if this one was born in November - I'll be 36w Monday.


I'm a little worried cause MW said she wouldn't be surprised if my birth was fast.  I really want to get DS squared away first (at friend's) and comfortably arrive at hospital.  Then baby can come LOL.


- Finish stitching changing table cover

- Buy proteiny snacks for hospital (In the end they aren't too proteiny but I do have some good looking crackers / biscuits...)

- Pack my bag and a bag for DS

- Scrub the tons of hard water deposit off the awesome suspended tub/changing table we've been handed down

- Get some more bamboo wipes (oh so soft) and onesie extenders for CDing

- Fill up freezer for first few days

- Get  Wrap big brother prezzie for DS

- Get some travel bottles for conditioner, face wash

- Put some mp3s on my phone for labor

- Finish reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (rereading this pregnancy)


And something I've been wanting to do for YEARS before having another one LOL is finish my son's baby book = pick and print pictures for each age basically.

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We're on our fourth here, too, so we're not buying a lot of things. I do, however, keep having the feeling that I'm missing something really important. I just can't, for the life of me, figure out what it is...lol. Here's my list.


1. Move bassinet into our bedroom.

2. Finish two knit baby blankets.

3. Go through boys' laundry and find three bath towels to co-opt for new baby.

4. Pack hospital bag.

5. Get DH to get double stroller from garage and check it for bugs and wear.

6. Reattach carseat cover and install it in the van.

7. Sew nursing cover, diaper bag, and changing pad.

8. Make up wipes solution.

9. Add a layer of fleece to baby wrap carrier.

10. Knit three baby hats.

11. Make faux-Babylegs (find cheap women's socks). 

12. Practice my breathing, visualization, affirmations, and positions for labor. Actually, that's probably the really important thing I've been forgetting. ROTFLMAO.gif


And that's it...I think. :)

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Ohhh, man. I feel like I have so much to do!!! Here is my general list:


-- Finalize birth plan and send to doula

-- Order HB supplies

-- Gather rest of HB supplies from midwife's list

-- Finish knitting projects (4 or so left)

-- Wash all the cloth diapers (or maybe just the newborn/smalls)

-- Order a dozen small prefolds from GMD

-- Sew diaper clutch

-- MOVE (December 1st) into our temporary condo

-- Get everything organized, create temporary baby corner in bedroom

-- Get everything in order so we can rush baby's Social Security number/Birth certificate, so that we can apply for his US passport, so that we can apply for his UK visa (aughhhh)

-- Find a pediatrician

-- Figure out the car/carseat situation (we currently have a truck and will hopefully trade vehicles with a family member for December/January)

-- Get eyebrows waxed (genius idea, hadn't even thought about this)

-- Wrap up all Christmas decorating/presents (keeping it minimal) before the end of November

-- Prep freezer meals/snacks for post-birth


WHEW! I feel like there are so many other little things to do that I haven't even thought of yet. I'm just a bit over 32 weeks, so I do still have some time, but I definitely need to get a move on.

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I love Lilac's idea of using this thread to cross stuff off my list! I edited mine - we got a car seat last night :) For some reason I have been SO stressed about that. I think it's because it's the first time I've had financial concerns about being able to get one (I won't do used on car seats because you don't know if they've been in an accident). Anyway I had a credit on a credit card, so we went and got one yesterday. It was hillarious walking through the store for fun, and laughing at all the unnecessary CRAP all over the place. DP said, "I'm in the wrong business... I need to start making useless baby crap and charging way too much for it..." Anyway. happy to have that done, and I will be revisiting my list often!

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oh man, i'm glad i'm not due till the end of december, because no way will i be ready by the end of this month!


i need to:


finish unpacking the house - the big stuff is done, but there are several boxes in each room of random stuff that i don't want to have to sort through while caring for a newborn

get rid of the mountain of moving boxes

freeze meals

stock pantry with easy snacks

decorate for christmas

get big sister gift for dd

get and make christmas presents

finish packing bag for the birth center

write out dd's routine, allergy info, etc for my sister and step-dad who will be watching her

write out household stuff that i do daily and weekly so that there is a list handy for helpers to look at and not have to wake me :P

order post partum herbs, and supplies for encapsulating the placenta

get the baby swing put together

clean out the car and put the infant seat in

do a good clean of the house - change all the linens, vacuum and mop everything, scrub the bathrooms

write out reminders for my birth assistant(s) of how to help me, and what my birth intentions are


a lot of the cooking and cleaning i will have help with from my parents when they come a week before EDD, but i'm still feeling pretty overwhelmed by this list. i'm 33 weeks today and i don't feel like i'm ready for a new baby in 7 weeks.

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Next month! Can't wait to read about how these babies all decide to make their entrances. Glad I still have nearly 2 whole months to go though!


Oh my gosh, I love all these lists! I have so much nesting energy going on right now. By that, of course, I mean I feel like doing, doing, doing but my body says, no! lol


I haven't made a list yet - probably because I'm worried about the length it would be. My short list? Everything! We haven't prepped the diapers or brought the bassinet over from my mom's. We just acquired some baby clothes but they're all 6-12 months. Still, they need to be laundered and put.......well, somewhere.


Okay, I'll get on the ball soon and make a list. Right after I take a nap.

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12) Familiarize myself with how my breast pump works



I recommend doing this at a time when it might not be inconvenient to start laboring. Because when I "familiarized myself" with my pump while pg with DS1, I started labor less than 2 hours later. ;)

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I recommend doing this at a time when it might not be inconvenient to start laboring. Because when I "familiarized myself" with my pump while pg with DS1, I started labor less than 2 hours later. ;)

yes. I can definitely say that nipple stimulation in late pregnancy is no joke as far as bringing on contractions. I am still nursing my 3y3m DD and I have been having LOTS of really decent ones. 

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I will put my to-do list together tomorrow, I'm having my baby shower today so I'll know what I still need after that.

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I will put my to-do list together tomorrow, I'm having my baby shower today so I'll know what I still need after that.
Ditto! Baby shower today! Then to rewrite list smile.gif
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I am kind of panicking about my to-do list.


The really short version:


  • DH needs to make it so we have a shower that drains.  I expect this to take most of our spare time this week. (He's working on it, but of course it's taking 3x as long as he thought it would.  It always does.)
  • When birth-kit arrives, put it and other stuff I have around house in a safe place so DD doesn't play camping trip, boat, or other creative game with it
  • But now I need to buy: AA and D batteries, 2 waterproof shower curtains, rubbing alcohol, newborn disposable diapers, anti-bacterial wipes
  • Get boy baby clothes from my brother, launder them and girl clothes and smallest diapers and lots of bedding/towels and put them someplace safe, too
  • Figure out how to get new baby on health insurance when s/he is born and do anything I have to do about that I think I don't have to do anything about this until after the birth
  • Finish absolutely must do before baby to-do list at work (this is the easy part)
  • Make panel to make my coat a maternity/babywearing coat


More stuff I hope I have time to do:


  • Do belly cast - never have done one for myself, would really like to this time!
  • Install carseat (did this during labor with DD, so I know it doesn't have to sit in there for weeks . . .)
  • Do a *little* more winter clothes shopping for me and the kids
  • Christmas presents and cards (this probably won't all get done, but I hope I can do some of it)
  • Get a dryer
  • Rotate my kids' toys so they have new and entertaining things to play with
  • Prep some math/reading lesson stuff for my kids to make getting some official 'homeschool' days in easier when we have a new baby in the house
  • Get DD started on a particular vaccine series we want her to have but which is complicated to deal with
  • make some herbal post-partum sitz bath mixture


Esp, you made me laugh out loud!


Now, if we can just all stop being grumpy at each other long enough to do that belly cast . . . 

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