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Ugh, ctx, go away or shape up!

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I hate when it gets to this time, when the ctx start up and you're not quite sure if it's time or not.... so you time them..... you can pull your hair out timing them day after day just watching them space back out then start back up.


Anyway I just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else is feeling the frustration orngtongue.gif


Honestly I'm hoping these putter out, I'm not ready to have this kid yet! Stay in!  

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Oh boy do I hear you.  I didn't have hardly any BH with DD, or if I did they didn't hurt.  Now my sister can't get enough of touching my belly because its hard ALL THE TIME (or so it seems).  Its almost comical, but I don't mind the family oohing and aahing (its distracting, what can I say), even though that used to be my all time pet peeve.  Now my pet peeve is my own muscles, grrr.  But I got a massage the other day and wow did that help.  Not that they went away, its just less painful.  I now plan to hop around to another of the local massage brands and get the "first time deal" thing again, when the BH flares back up.

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I like it when they come and go like that-- I think about the effacing/dilating they're doing without hurting, and how that will make real labor shorter.  duck.gif But yeah, if I weren't planning a homebirth I'd be a lot more stressed about them, I suppose.  As it is I just worry that I'll mistake real labor, especially after all the 2-hr labors we've been hearing about, not have time to call the midwife to bring her pool, and miss my (probably) last chance at a waterbirth!

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haha I wouldn't mind if they did anything, but mine don't and they are painful. I go through all this for nothing, no progress at all :p I don't progress until it's full blown labor. My labors are long, the shortest was 27 hours and it was after weeks of this. I wasn't even a finger tip dilated until true labor started and it took over 12 hours to get to 1 cm :p

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I don't know the difference between Cx and Bx to be honest. I guess I haven't had any Cx yet and that's why. Lol Baby sure does a lot of cramming the cervix and cramping me, I get periodic back pain and now having Bx most of the day off and on. Today was actually not bad. My MW said even though I have 5 days till EDD, expect Thanksgiving. Lol

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As terrified as I am to finally be a parent to a separate little being, I'm SO DONE being pregnant I wanted him out weeks ago heh. The BHs I had before never hurt, but the prodromal contractions I've had off and on for the last two weeks are pretty nasty, and driving me insane. I'm not looking forward to them getting worse and having the kid and all but at least that means it will be OVER and I won't have to worry about whether or not I'll sleep each night, or wake up contracting for nothing.

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Same boat here! It doesn't help that I've been having these for about a month now. I'm just now full term and I already feel "late". I'm trying very hard to not feel broken or angry with my body, but now that ctx are waking me up at night I'm losing the ability to be rational. I'm taking comfort in the fact that the way they feel is definately changing. ie. not all just in my tummy but starting to feel them in my back like REAL labor ctx. I also realized last night I tend to clench my jaw through them,and I read somewhere (Ina May perhaps?) that keeping your mouth/jaw loose and relaxed helps to keeps the pelvic region loose and relaxed as well. So I've been making a conscious effort to relax my jaw through ctx in the hopes that they may achieve some dilation. I confess though, if DH comes home from work and asks, "are we having a baby today?" one more time I may punch him in the face! LOL
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This is my first pregnancy. Days??? I just started contractions (of some kind) today I really hope I'm not in for days of this!! :P I was trying to sleep when they slowed down but now they are more painful, not going to be able to sleep through anything like the last few, so it's back to timing.

If they don't get frequent enough, I'm still going in to hospital for my appt tomorrow morning (we are in an area where many still don't have power from hurricane) and bring our bags just in case.
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Koehn - I always have BH for months, with DD1 I always thought I was going into labor, last time I KNEW when I was in labor, this time I'm frustrated because I was having painful ctx that were very much like labor ctx, but turns out she was in a funky position, once she shifted they went away. Hey things can change in a heart beat! With my last DD I was a fingertip the week before, I knew I was in early labor when I went in for the following week's appt, she said I was at a one and expect for go for at least a few more days. I had her the next morning (with a little help from natural methods). Don't give up hope, surely you won't go that much longer!


kparker - I know it's a cruel irony that this is when you truly NEED sleep and there just no way that's going to happen :p I'm ready for this kid to be out, but at the same time I don't want an early bird, been there, done that, not fun.


sweet - HAHA It's frustrating isn't it? "Don't you think if we were having a baby I'd tell you?!?!" As if we're going to leave them out of the loop. I don't get it from DH, but friends and my mom ask. I figure they have to be doing something. Even if they aren't making great progress, at least like you said, you noticed you're clenching your jaw, so you can be prepared when labor starts to think about that and not do it. It's behavioral modification practice :p (I'm trying to find a silver lining here lol.gif)


Hijynx - yes, days and even weeks. Some people get progress, some people don't. No telling which you are unless you opt to be checked.



In the end it's not that big of a deal. You'll forget the inconvenience of these last few weeks when you're holding you babe :) I had a few doozy ctx last night. I grabbed DH's hair at one point and pulled on it :p He didn't care for that. Nothing regular, nothing timeable, just random ctxs eyesroll.gif My body is obnoxious.

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Yep, up all night from 2amish to about 9amish, super painful contractions every hour waking me up - then nada. Thanks kid! I wanted him born today too for a cool birthday (Guy Fawkes Day, my kid is Guy the Fifth, Nov 5th, etc) but seems like he wants to pick his OWN bday. The nerve!

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Agreed - the nerve! It would have been kinda neat to have a babe today, hadn't thought about that. Remember, remember the 5th of november? :)


Long as she holds out through tomorrow, I would rather not be stuck in a hospital and the only thing on tv is election results :p Anytime after that I'm cool :) Only had a few random ctx today, my cervix has progressed though since I checked it on friday. I'm beginning to think I just have a lazy cervix this time around (description of my own creation) since it normally does nothing till show time, maybe it's just not holding as well since it's my fourth. Who knows :p I'm really curious when she'll make her appearence.

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Okay, I jinxed myself talking like that...four days and what must be hundreds of Bx's later, I am SO tired of it!!  Right there feeling your frustration, OceansEve!!  Still counting on them doing some good, but I wish labor would just start already.  Or maybe wait until after my LLL meeting tonight, but I so don't want to keep wondering "is this it?" every half hour for the next few weeks, sadly likely though that is.

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Can I just complain for a minute? I'm getting tired of the nighttime contractions/BH/whatever they are. angry.gif Blah. Hate waking up every 30-60 minutes to a freaking tight belly, my back killing me, feet jammed up in my ribs, and my abdomen aching. Last night wasn't as bad, I got hour long chunks of sleep. But geez. 


And this morning when I asked DH how he was and how he'd slept last night and he said "Slow and tired" I couldn't help but laugh. It was mean of me but dang, he sleeps in the guest room now and doesn't wake up at all! DS wandered into my room once and I had to bring him back to his room to pat him back to sleep. But I was already awake from needing to pee so I guess it wasn't that inconvenient..... 


Glad you ladies understand :)

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lol The whole point of this thread is to complain! So please feel free to complain about anything and everything :) That was me last week every hour it was waking me up. I'm so glad this kid moved back up. I'm still having here and there ctx, but only a couple a night are waking me up now. Can you trade w/ DH and you sleep in the guest room? I've been on the couch for months, last night I tried sleeping in bed and found my hips hurt WAY too much. Back to the couch tonight!


ah wendel I'm sorry. Never fails right? Murphy's law. I got to know real ctx pretty well when in labor w/ DD3. I went back to read my old posts from DD3's DDC and I kept saying "I think this is it! I think this is it!" the last three or so weeks. Then when labor REALLY started I said "Oh yeah, that's what the real ones feel like" :p DH keeps asking me to time them and I've humored him a few times, but I know the real feeling ones aren't getting any closer than 20 minutes apart. I'm having tons of BH that are annoying, but when I get a serious one it reminds me not to count the BHs lol.gif


I cannot wait to see if I'm dilated at all on thursday in the OB's opinion. I think I have, pretty sure I have. I think last week did some work, but I've never felt a pregnant cervix before. I mean I've felt the bulbous part put not the os itself, it's always been too high in my previous pregnancies. Last week it came right on down. Can't wait to see if I'm right that I'm at a 2 or 3. I really think I am which is kind of exciting since that's not what I'm used to my body doing! I would love to have a short labor this time!

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And this morning when I asked DH how he was and how he'd slept last night and he said "Slow and tired" I couldn't help but laugh. It was mean of me but dang, he sleeps in the guest room now and doesn't wake up at all!


Glad you ladies understand :)


Yeah, you have to hate it when you're up every hour or so, either heaving your massive bulk over to the less sore side or getting up to go to the bathroom AGAIN, and he's snoring happily EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Then in the morning he's like, "I didn't sleep so well."  What WAS all that snoring about, then?!   Can you imagine how nice it would be to leave the pregnancy in your bedroom and go sleep in the guest room for a night?  :)

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haha, yes, detach the belly and hand it to DH. Here! Your turn!


I hide out on the couch cause DDs go straight to our bedroom if they wake up ;) DD3 is so used to me not being there now she didn't even come to my side last night she went straight to DH's side. That's a victory in my book!!

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You know, my MW said magnesium and drinking a big glass of water can help ease up the BHx. They won't do anything for real labor but it'll help ease the other stuff some. And a warm bath and a change of activity.


Tomorrow's my due date. I know what you mean about feeling late already. I was so sure I wouldn't go to term!

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Tomorrow's my due date. I know what you mean about feeling late already. I was so sure I wouldn't go to term!


Yeah, my EDD is Saturday and I never thought I'd get this far either. DS came at 38 weeks. This baby will NEVER come!!!! angry.gif And I'm only 39 weeks. I really need to quiet the complaining! winky.gif

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oo I think have have some magnesium pills.... anyone know if they are like iron and can cause constipation? I don't want that!


Awww hug2.gif to you ladies hitting 40 weeks. I think we all start wishing and hoping once we hit the "safe zone". "Anytime kid! Anytime!" No one really wants to hit 40 weeks and certainly doesn't want to go over! Hope they decide to make their appearence soon!

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oo I think have have some magnesium pills.... anyone know if they are like iron and can cause constipation? I don't want that!


magnesium does the opposite, and if you take too much you will get diarrhea.  So start with a low dose and see where your tolerance lies.

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