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I am 41 weeks +2 days today. This is my first Pregnancy. The MW doesnt want me to go over till 42 week so she has scheduled my induction for tomorrow. At my last visit on 11/21 she said my cervix was still closed. So i am scheduled for a cytotec pre-induction tonight. As much as i wanted to go into labor on my own naturally, the midwife thinks it aint gonna happen soon greensad.gif

Up until 2 days ago there were no signs that i would deliver anytime soon. But i lost some mucus plug yesterday and then today around 3 am when i got up to pee, i saw some blood on the tissue while wiping myself down there. Since 4 am i am having random labor ctx - a severe pain in my tail bone/lower back and then hardening of my uterus starting at the top and slowly descending to my lower ab. This is very diff than my usual false non-painful ctx which i have been having for past 3-4weeks.

I tried timing my ctx since morning and so far they are 6-8 mins far apart and lasting abt 2 mins. There is still no regular pattern greensad.gif
I am hoping my natural labor kicks in full swing before my scheduled induction for tomm. Fingers crossed!!
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PLEASE do some research into cytotec before using it :( It sounds like you're doing good on your own. Like I mentioned before you can always say NO!

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^ I was just about to say this. I can provide a link to a website that discusses this drug in a way that those of us without a medical degree can understand if you are interested. I also believe Mothering has an article on it as well.

I was successfully induced at 41+1 with an unfavorable cervix. I have a beautiful, healthy 2 year old as a result. In retrospect, I wish I had asked more questions, done my own research, and made sure I was giving my INFORMED consent before I was induced. It sounds like your body is doing exactly as it should, so hopefully your baby will be here before you even need to show up for your induction smile.gif
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Thanks OceansEve and tm0sweet!
Heres an update - i cancelled my scheduled induction for tonight. Visited the hospital on insistence from the MW. They did a BPP on the baby, which came out with a score of 10/10.
The baby moved fine and the non stress test also came out fine. My contractions were coming at 5-6 mins apart and bit intense as compared to today morning. The baby's heartrate was in high 150s during my contractions. MW did a cervical exam and said i was 70% effaced and discharging some reddish brown mucus. Overall seemed like my body was progressing well for natural labor and there wasnt any need for cytotec or pitocin to move things along.

There was only one thing the MW was worried abt - my amniotic fluid index was 5.93
The normal range is 5 to 25. I was out all day yest and did not drink enough fluids all day yest and today i was so focused on ctx monitoring that again today i didnt drink enough fluids. I feel so stupid for not drinking enough fluids greensad.gif the MW explained that if fluid remains low then it could be risky for the baby resulting in cord accidents.

My ctx are still at 5-6 mins apart. I hope my labor kicks in tonight while i am home. If not then my MW doesnt want me to wait any later than 8am tomorrow morning for an induction. I really hope tonight my baby decides to come out on his own !
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Wantabeanbrat- seriously hope your babe keeps up the hard work and comes soon! Sounds like you are progressing well on your own already! Trust yourself and hold off on the induction if you feel you should. Babies come when they are ready, especially first babes. Let that kiddo cook as long as it needs! Fwiw, waiting until 41w3d was rough for me so I know how it feels to wish your babe would come faster than the "late" moment they choose smile.gif

Glad to hear some of you are losing mucus plugs! I kept waiting for mine to appear in the toilet with both pregnancies but apparently I skip that and go straight to my water breaking. wink1.gif Good sign that things are moving on the right track though.

Seems like we have a lot of overdue/very ready mamas around still! Come soon sweet babies!!
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beanbrat - hey 5 is still normal and it's very possible if you go in again the fluid will be unchanged. I would insist on checking again in a couple of days personally to have another number to compare to. If it's obviously going down then I would feel concerned, but if it's constant I would let my body continue on it's own. It sounds like your body is going at it's own pace and there's nothing wrong with that! :) chug some water and listen to your instincts!



This is the longest I have EVER been pregnant. 39+3. That's what I get for opening my mouth a few weeks ago and saying no one in my family hits their due date....... should have kept my mouth shut.......


Update an hour later:

Well, while I've been sitting here for the last mmmm hour and a half, playing on the computer I've had these small cramp like ctx start creeping up on me...... hmmmm..... they seem vaguely familiar....... Not terribly painful. I told DH last night I thought her head had dropped more. I stood up to leave the bathroom and had to suddenly fall into a squatting position over the floor because I felt a sudden pressure drop that hurt a lot. Not long after that the ctx I had last night disappeared. I would be oh so grateful if you would come today kid. PLEASE.


Update two hours later:

It's funny as many awful, painful ctx I've had over the last 4 weeks, I feel these now going..... oh yeah..... why didn't I remember this is what they feel like. They are 8 minutes apart, but not lasting too terribly long. They aren't incredibly painful yet. I had been focusing on the back and pelvis pain I'd been having with the other ctx and remembering THAT part of labor which comes a little further down the line. These ctx are far more internal feeling if that makes sense. Instead of feeling my whole uterus flex these originate with my cervix and work their way up and around. at least that's the best way I can describe it. How could I have forgotten??


If I turn out to be wrong and I am not officially in labor I will be so upset, but I'm not too worried about that being the case. I think now it's just a question of how long will this labor be...... famous last words I know, but I really think this is it.

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Yay! Birthing vibes to ya lady! Good luck orngbiggrin.gif
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Oceanseve, this baby needs to quit teasing you and come on out!!! smile.gif Hope this is it for you!!
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Good Luck Oceanseve I hope this is it for you.  AFM I am a week +2 over due and sitting in the hospital not because of labor but because I got awful stomach bug last night and felt so weak I had to go to the ER.  I am receiving fluids and they are monitoring baby.  I can go home once I get hydrated and if I can hold something down so I am waiting for lunch.  I have a feeling this one will decide to come today but now I hope not.  I am terribly weak and did not sleep at all last night.  I really can not see myself powering through hard core contractions right now.  I am trying to tell myself that that is okay and I will just do what I can do and see what happens.  I am not opposed to an epidural if it comes to that but I was hoping to have a similar experience much like I had with my daughter.  I guess we will see!   I am so frustrated with being over due, and now this that at this point I just want my baby!

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Still pregnant here...40 and 5. First baby. Looks like its going to be a December baby! Send me good labor vibes, ladies! I think it will easily be another 5 days or so...maybe longer? (Although I hope not!) Waiting is hard!!!

Who else is still waiting?
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Originally Posted by STLmama225 View Post

Still pregnant here...40 and 5. First baby. Looks like its going to be a December baby! Send me good labor vibes, ladies! I think it will easily be another 5 days or so...maybe longer? (Although I hope not!) Waiting is hard!!!
Who else is still waiting?


I can totally feel you on the waiting.  I was due on the 16th by my calculations and the 19th according to my OB's.  I just gave birth on the 28th!  It was tough especially since I had no signs of any progression until the day before.  Just try and stay busy.  Good luck and I hope it is sooner for you rather than later!

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