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Originally Posted by OceansEve View Post

What's the deal with that?? We need some babies to start dropping! It would help the rest of us with our boredom!

I volunteer!  Mine needs to show up on the 20th, and by needs, I mean, I'll be all too happy if that happens but my hopes are starting to fail.


In the interim, I am taking a day off.  DD is sick and I am too, so today my only to do list is eat, play, love.  And maintain the house at some kind of level of not filthy :)  I'm keeping her tissues in the garbage and now I'm off to tidy up the kitchen from lunch, but no other projects are getting done today.   zero.  

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Originally Posted by kateaton View Post

I have the same situation.  My mw told me last tuesday that she was leaving for vacation to disney world on friday and wouldn't be back to attend births until the 18th.  I was so annoyed.  She had these plans for 6 months and told me 3 days before she was leaving.  So now I will have to have a mw I never met (along with my other familiar mw) if I go into labor before the 18th- which I seriously hope I will!

 Whoa! That would make me extremely pissed. angry.gif Truly.


Part of why I am so incredibly upset by this prospect is that the ENTIRE reason we had *two* UC's after our first was that my wonderful mw's assistant was on vacation and so another mw (with her own practice) came to assist and was totally horrible and ruined my daughters' birth. I ended up tearing severely and she made some entirely inappropriate, demeaning and just evil comments. Even my mw was upset with her. I just don't like this potential situation one bit. It almost makes me want to *not* call my midwives when I go into labor if it's after Wednesday midnight.


Fortunately, I have a mw appt tomorrow morning, and if I don't go into labor tonight, I will be discussing the possibility that I may not call them for the birth. I am super upset right now that the baby hasn't come, and I know part of it is hormones, and being "overdue", but I am absolutely terrified of some rogue person at my birth. I don't care if *they* think I will like this other mw, I have never met her and have not gotten a feel for her vibe. I already banned my mw's student from attending my birth because we don't mesh. At this point though, I'd rather have her there than someone I've never met.


I do know this: if the midwives get in my way at all, I will never, ever have another attended birth again in my life. Unless I have a serious health problem of course. But in the event of another normal pregnancy, NO WAY.


Originally Posted by OceansEve View Post

hug2.gif Wash your bed sheets too, maybe that will get your water to break in the middle of the night. I'm trying out that theory tonight lol.gif


Possible TMI: This kid is being such a little pain :p I bent over had an AWFUL pain in my cervix and then by anus began to...well.... tickle? I guess would be the best description?? I've never felt anything like that! So strange!!


If only my dryer was working I would! It's too cold to hang stuff outside, nothing will dry. My sweet mom has been picking up my wet laundry every day for 3 weeks and drying it at her place. smile.gif Besides, my water has never broken until I was pushing! I have this crazy fantasy that every time I go to poop, maybe I've really been in labor all day and not known it, and that feeling to poop is actually the baby coming out. ROTFLMAO.gif That would *never* happen to me though!


It sounds like your baby is on some nerve! Maybe the baby bypassed the nerve that was giving you all that pain and has moved down to a nerve that tickles? Ahhh, these babies!


Originally Posted by fayebond View Post

In the interim, I am taking a day off.  DD is sick and I am too, so today my only to do list is eat, play, love.  And maintain the house at some kind of level of not filthy :)  I'm keeping her tissues in the garbage and now I'm off to tidy up the kitchen from lunch, but no other projects are getting done today.   zero.  


Aw, I hope you girls feel better! hug2.gif

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I hope you ladies that are having provider problems end up pleasantly surprised. My OB for DD2 told me at my 38 week appt that she would be moving the day before my due date and would no longer be in office a couple days before that. Then I had her at 39 weeks. My OB was supposed to be the on call one when I went in, instead she was busy with moving stuff and got another OB to fill in. I ended up hitting it off really well with that OB and she has been my provider through DD3's and this pregnancy. So you never know! Maybe you will like the fill in more?



faye - I hope you and DD are feelng better :(

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Seriously?? The bank lost our deposit from yesterday. The cash part was there last night, this morning nothing, not the cash or the check. I don't need this stress right now....

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Originally Posted by OceansEve View Post

Seriously?? The bank lost our deposit from yesterday. The cash part was there last night, this morning nothing, not the cash or the check. I don't need this stress right now....

that really stinks!  I hope you can get it sorted out quickly and easily!



So my stretch and membrane sweep from yesterday morning did absolutely nothing!!  Not a single cramp or bit of mucus/show at all.  I have been having frequent bowel movements (starting yesterday morning before sweep) but I have nothing that feels like labor is coming.  I'm pretty bummed.

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Wow, seems like quite a few provider issues and stresses going on here! Sure hope things get sorted out before LOs arrive!


Well, since the weekend I've been sleeping so much better at night and it sure helps during the day. I'm back to feeling like I CAN handle being pregnant for another week or two. Not that I want to be! But I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that this little boy is hanging out and growing until at least next week.


Other than that, I've gotten back to being fairly busy and have something fun planned each day. No big projects left (that I want to do!) around the house so things are more calm. Which means nothing new to report or share with you all.... Right now I'm letting DS watch PBS and I'm eating a donut and blueberries for my mid morning snack. Cause the BABY needs a donut. winky.gif

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Aww, Thymemama, that's hard.  My MW is being great but I can tell she's very busy.  They actually had me meet a fourth MW last week, who is handling my appointment today because everyone else is booked.  I like them all, but its disconcerting not knowing who is going to be here. I'm still happy with them, though, because all four are very hands off and willing to wait in another room while I birth, and check in on me when its needed.  The new NW actually said that her job is to stay in the background so that when the baby is here we look around and go, midwives, umm, they must have been here, everything is cleaned up!   Hope everyone else gets their provider situations sorted to their liking on the big day!


My mom is out of town for the week.  Even though I want to have the baby on a certain day next week, I really wouldn't mind if I went into labor now.  Then she could show up and have nothing left ot worry about.  She's such a dear, I think the most worst part is seeing her all stressed out about me!   

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Maybe something is happening today??  I've been having slight spotting and very uncomfortable cramping all day.  The cramping has not increased but it hasn't stopped either.  It comes and goes in waves.  We'll see what tonight brings.  I pray this baby comes soon.  My platelets have been low and I just found out that they've gone even lower to 104,000.  My mw said that if they go below 100 I won't be able to birth at the birth center (she's concerned about hemorraging).   

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Then I hope this is it so you can stay at the birth center. I had show the day before giving birth with both of my last two. Fingers crossed for you!

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Kateaton, I hope this is it for you too! 


I really thought last night was going to be it.  Solid, every 3 min ctx from 1pm to 9pm...then petered out.  Then up again at 3am with 70sec ctx that hurt...and petered out.  Decided DH should go out this morning (it's opening day of gun season here) and he just called and said he's dragging one out already!  Yay!  So glad that was the right decision, but REALLY wishing some more ctx would start up again anyway!  Maybe while we're cutting up the deer!  Or maybe I should go down and help him haul it out of the woods, that would be sure to do something!  :P


Ooooh, I think I feel something, I'm going to go out and walk around for the next fifteen hours!!


Good luck everyone who's left, and congratulations to everyone who's not!

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Every cntx I'm just like, is this it?  Is this it?  Is it finally it?  I keep getting them while on the toilet, which is kinda a good sign (breaking water over the "throne" would make for easy cleanup) but annoying too.  Someone needs to invent a belly button ripeness indicator, that tells you when you have 24 hours until labor starts.  

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I'm 40w3d today...I know as a FTM mom I could easily go to 41-42 weeks, so that's not my problem. My problem is that something IS happening, it just won't go anywhere! I have been having contractions for 3 days...they will come fairly steady, ranging from mild to painful enough that I have to stop and breathe through them, usually for an hour, two, maybe even three. Then they just stop. I wake up in the middle of the night to pee and will be in the middle of a contraction so painful I have to wait to get up, but then nothing else happens. I've been losing my mucus plug for three days and have been having bloody show since the middle of the night on the 14th. All day yesterday I had to wear a pad and had bloody mucus when I wiped, but...nothing. Yesterday morning I actually went in to see if my water had broke because I had a very large gush of mucusy, bloody fluids (went down both legs and to the floor), and the midwife said she thought it was just pooled up mucus from the night. She said if my water had broken, it would have been a "very large gush, down both legs to my feet"...I told her that's exactly what it was which is why I had come in.


Anyway...I'm just tired of the contractions starting up, wondering if this is it, going to bed to get a bit more rest before it happens, and then waking up the next morning still very pregnant. It's wearing my body out!


I'm going to work on some positioning/spinning babies stuff today. I know baby is head down (confirmed by U/S yesterday when I thought my water broke), and her head is VERY low (I've tried checking dilation and can't reach my cervix but baby's head is RIGHT there), but I was reading that a flexed chin or another slightly "off" position can cause prodromal labor/contractions coming and going like this. 


I HAVE felt from the beginning that she'll come on a rainy day, and it's going to be rainy for the next 4 days, so maybe that will be true wink1.gif

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Originally Posted by fayebond View Post

Every cntx I'm just like, is this it?  Is this it?  Is it finally it?  I keep getting them while on the toilet, which is kinda a good sign (breaking water over the "throne" would make for easy cleanup) but annoying too.  Someone needs to invent a belly button ripeness indicator, that tells you when you have 24 hours until labor starts.  


Oh my, if you could invent that you would definitely be a millionaire!!  


I feel like any other time of year wouldn't matter so much-- I was very patient with my older kids who went way past their due dates in August and October.  But I'd rather not have a birthday right at Thanksgiving time to deal with for the next 16 years or so!  Oh well, guess I should have thought of that back in February.


Glad to hear there are others in this situation, though it doesn't make it any easier.  Now back out to walk some more!  

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I thought that's what the belly button poking out ment lol.gif If you are an outy to begin with then you have a defective doneness meter :p


ananas - I lost the bulk of my plug a week before DD2 came. Then it backed off for a day or two, then started again on christmas day, then my water broke in the middle of the night christmas night a week after I lost the bulk of my plug.  It's frustrating! I hope it's soon for you!


I am tired of the painful ctx too. I started having more yesterday so I thought I'd push on her head again like I did tuesday (which made her float back up and the ctx stop completely. It was wonderful!), but her head didn't move..... I guess she's engaged finally. So good sign, but that means I'm stuck with these on and off ctx from here out I guess.


I'd like to have her before the 21st so we don't have to mess with when her bday would fall on thanksgiving. Oh well. I still think it'll be next saturday.

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Ocean'seve- I think it's hilarious you pushed her back up and got some relief. Made me smile!


Ananas- Hope you've had some progress with labor and those contractions!


Wendelberry- Well, my nearly 13 yo nephew was born on Thanksgiving Day 13 years ago, my FIL's birthday is the 22nd, and BIL's birthday was today. Didn't think this kid would be "late" so I never thought we'd be awaiting him come Thanksgiving week but we are! And a Thanksgiving birthday is kinda annoying for my nephew but he gets his "with friends" birthday parties a week or two before his actual birthdate and then family celebrates his birthday on Thanksgiving or on the Saturday or Sunday following it. Not awful. But now my kid will be smooshed in with 3 other close relative's birthdays!


41w1d today! That means there's a huge chance he'll come in the next week. I'm setting it at an 80% chance he'll be here by Thanksgiving. Right?!?!?!


Did have contractions and crampiness this morning for a few hours which was very exciting! Then we left to go to DH's parent's house for birthday celebrations and things petered out. Crossing my fingers that things will restart tonight or tomorrow! Bring on the pain!!


DS fell asleep early tonight so DH and I get a quiet evening off! If I didn't feel like an exhausted swamped whale I'd suggest a few romantic labor starters to DH but um, nah. Easier not to at 41 weeks pregnant!! orngbiggrin.gif

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Never thought you'd be wishing for pain so badly, right? lol


Is anyone else just plain not sleeping?? I am waking up between 1-3 in the morning and not sleeping until 5-6. This is almost an every night thing now. If it's  not ctx then it's heart burn or just hip pain. I'm not sure how much longer I can put up with this.

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I am there with you OceansEve.  I have not been sleeping well either for all the reasons you mentioned and the vivid dreams that I am in labor.  I woke up last night sure my water had broken.  I have had zero signs of anything happening so I am trying accept that I could be this uncomfortable for another week or so.  I was soooo hoping that this baby would decide to be at least on time.  I thought maybe I would catch a break since my other two were a week over due. 


At least I can tell myself this is the very last time I will have to do this.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about that when it got down to the wire but I actually feel relieved and ready to be done.  I think when I finally do go into labor "This is the last time I have to do this."  will be my mantra. 


Hopefully we will all be holding our LO's in the next few days!

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Originally Posted by Simonsez2u View Post


Hopefully we will all be holding our LO's in the next few days!


I agree! Sleeping will hopefully improve when our babies arrive! Even though we'll be waking and feeding them all night I can't help but think it'll be better!


Today we decorated the Christmas tree and went for a long hike in the woods behind our house. Having a few contractions but nothing real at all. Starting to wonder if my body remembers HOW to go into labor....

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Really thought I was in labor last night. They got to 3 minutes apart, but then every 20-30 minutes there would be a 9 minute seperation, then right back to three. This went on for about 6 hours! ARGH!! I was 95% convinced that was it, but nope. *sigh* I finally went to sleep around midnight and woke up for every ctx to tell DH to time it  lol.gif I probably could have slept through to morning, but instead the cat knocked a carton of eggs off the counter at 3:30 in the morning..... Seriously??



We were going to decorate our tree last night, but butchering our turkey took longer than expected. Hopefully we'll get to decorating tonight.

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DH just announced I'll be going into labor tonight. He has a 6th sense about things that hits him every so often and he is usually right so we'll see how this cookie crumbles. I admit to being a bit skeptical just because I'm still in that "I'm going to be pregnant forever" mindset but we shall see…

OceansEve I hope tonight is the night for you! Sounds like you may get more sleep with a newborn than you are now orngbiggrin.gif congrats all you mamas who have delivered! Maybe I'll be joining you in the world of leaky boobs and night sweats soon
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