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I hope your DH is right! :)

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My DH predicted that nov 19 will be our big day! But so far no luck greensad.gif
Its still 5 more hrs for nov 19th to end and i am still hopeful !!

Fingers crossed smile.gif
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Even if it's not your big *birth* day it could still very well be *labor* day! smile.gif I'm feeling a bit like a watched pot. He's looking at me like a tide of amniotic fluid will burst from me at any moment. It's unnerving! I fully intend to play this up and get a back and foot rub with some acupressure though. Mwahaha
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I can't sleep either.  Just nerves. Trying not to think about going into labor today, which I so want to do and so don't really want to do (do I want to be in pain for hours, no, but do I want to be pregnant forever, also no).

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I am not looking forward to labor either but I am so over being pregnant.  I am sleep deprived and bummed that this baby is overdue.  My sister has driven four hours to be labor support but with no sign of labor I think she may have to leave before this LO shows up.  If she goes home I will only have my DH who I just don't think will be the greatest labor support person.  He has a phobia about needles/blood and gets faint just thinking about them. 


If I go into labor on Thanksgiving my regular doctor will not be available and I will get some lady I have never met.  If I don't go into labor by mid week of next week my OB is talking c-section because he does not like to let women with previous c-sections go over 41 weeks (I will be 41 weeks 3 days by then).  I drove myself crazy last pregnancy praying and seriously stressing about delivering before my deadline (which I did).   I just can not do it this time. Instead I am just getting aggravated and thinking "whatever."  I just don't think I can fight it this time.

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Originally Posted by Simonsez2u View Post

I am not looking forward to labor either but I am so over being pregnant.  


Having woken up, I feel the same way! Amazing what sleep does for you.  It was three am my time when I posted about not wanting to go into labor, and I'd been awake all night.  Its getting harder and harder to sleep, and the longer it takes, the worse my mood gets.  Anyone else ever felt like being pregnant forever would be just fine if only you could (fill in the blank, in my case, get some sleep).  DH is getting kinda sadly good at being a shoulder to cry on in the middle of the night.  


Had my first round of early labor this week.  Four hours of intense ctnx and then, nothing.  I felt kinda relieved, like, okay, my body DOES know how to go into labor, we can do this whole VBAC thing.  And, the baby has dropped as a result, I was 37cm last week and at the next appointment I measured 35 cm,  my MW suspects the baby is about 3 cm further down.  I'm so happy to hear that, although obviously cuteness needs to show the same normal good growth next week.  If we all make it to next week, which I hope not.  I vote cuteness just shows that sweet face tonight, and we all forget the whole Thanksgiving plan thing and just be done with being pregnant.  I have nothing to complain about, I'm 38 weeks, but really, I just want to meet the baby already.  Just quit the break dance auditions and come out here!

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OB appt today. 38+5. I am at 2cm and 20%. Only reason I had her check me is because my cervix has gone back up to a posterior position. There is no hope of me reaching it around my belly now and DH kept bugging me after the close ctx I had sunday night.  Apparently they did some work. *sigh* PLEASE get out kid!

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I had an OB appt today and about the same results as you. I let him sweep/stretch the membranes in hopes of speeding things up. I'm tired of bedrest!
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I hope the stretch and sweep makes progress for you. My OB told me whenever I decided I wanted help to just let her know, but she was happy to wait it out like I keep saying. I think if I get to 41 weeks I may falter on that plan!

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I had yet another person suggest EPO to me so I thought, WTH, why not. I inserted one cap a few hours ago. Umm..... I think I lost some plug. That or it was the remains of the capsule..... I have another capsule sitting in a glass of water right now so I can compare what it looks like dissolved to what I passed. Hm... I may be a believe in EPO after this. What I passed seemed at first glance to be more massive than what a capsule would leave behind..... I dunno, but I'll update once I decide what I think it was!

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Fingers crossed for you! If it works for you I might give it a shot after the holiday smile.gif I want turkey tomorrow so I'm hoping baby stays put for at least one more day. Are you taking it orally as well?
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I did take it orally today too. I took it orally for the last few weeks with my last kiddo. I just happened to come across the bottle on friday while getting another thing out of my stash of supplements for a friend. It expires next month so I thought I might as well use it. I didn't have much luck with it orally last time so I hadn't given it much thought this time. I kept saying I was going to try it vaginally last time, but never got around to it.

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Definitely NOT the capsule that I passed. The capsule disintigrated, when I tried to pick up what was left of it out of the glass it fell apart between my fingers. What I passed was similar to a HUGE booger, I touched it and it retained it's structure. Just like what I remember bits of my plug being like in previous births, only this didn't have any blood tint to it more clearish yellowish which is why I wasn't sure if it was what I thought it was.

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Oceanseve, I hear you.  I've been leaking bits of big booger-like things for awhile, I have hope that it means my labor will go really quick and smoothly (dry down there I am not).  It went on for a bit before my first round of labor and now its started again this week.  :) :) :)  Ive still got plenty of time but I'd reallu like to meet this little cute one.  We'll see how he/she is growing Monday at my next appointment, I hope to measure at least 36 cm.

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Never thought I would say this but I am kinda jealous of you ladies passing "booger-like" things.  I'm 41 weeks and I've got nothing going on...nada.  If it doesn't happen this weekend I dread going to my appointment Monday to have the c-section talk. 


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  We are going to get a tree today so that is exciting.  I'm also going to do "Elf on the Shelf" this year.  This will be our first year doing it and I think the kids are going to love it!

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The elf on the shelf is a lot of fun! We did it last year and I remembered to get them (we have an OLD creepier version that DH grew up with as well as the new one) out yesterday! YEAH!!! About half the days I do the more creative stuff (bathing in marshmallows, turning the milk green or blue) and the other half it's more of a hide and seek game :)

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Dang, I really do feel for you ladies who are still pregnant. It's SUCH a hard thing to be waiting and waiting. I never knew how hard it was with DS1 since he came early but this time, hoooooooly crap was the 1.5 weeks past DS2's due date a challenge. Every day the waiting and wondering and discomfort just wear on me. Not to mention the broken sleep each night! Hang in there though! We're rooting for you all and hoping labor starts soon!!

AFM- sitting here in our room in the NICU, nursing little Everett and wishing we were at home so we could co sleep wink1.gif It would be so much easier to scoot him to the sidecarred crib or curl up and cuddle him to sleep. Can't wait until Monday when we go home. Of course we're loving every second we have with Everett while simultaneously struggling to stay awake wink1.gif
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I'm so glad to know that Everett is doing well! You and your family are in my thoughts!

Alright mamas, I'm now officially 2 days overdue. I'm trying to be at peace with it and know my little guy will come when he's ready, but I have to admit I'm nervous about going into labor on my own! I've been induced in the past for being over due (1 week) and I can't shake the impression my previous OB gave me of my body being broken, not knowing how to start labor on its own. I will do everything possible to avoid induction this time around but I'm definately getting anxious! I've been passing mucus plug since last Sunday so I'm taking that as a good sign. I know it's completely different for every mama, but any experiences about when you started losing your plug & how long after that labor started would be appreciated!

Hopefully all these babies drop before the month is out!
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tm0sweet I began losing my mucus plug 6 days before her birth with my last little one .  I am 41 weeks +1 day and I am nervous as well.  There is just no indication what-so-ever that this LO is even considering coming out.  I had a VBAC with my last and totally stressed about giving birth before my OB's deadline (she was 6 days overdue).  He absolutely would not let me go to 42 weeks and said the same this time.  I am really getting depressed as Monday draws near.  He is going to schedule a c-section for mid week if I have not gone into labor by then.  I'm trying to tell myself that if that is what happens then so be it, the important thing is that he is born healthy.  As each day passes with no sign I feel more defeated that this will end up in a c-sectiongreensad.gif.

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Simon - you can still say no to a c/s. No matter how bad the OB wants to schedule you. I wouldn't cave to the bully personally.


sweet - W/ DD2 I lost what seemed like my whole plug a week before my water broke and she was born 39 hours after that. HTH.


Walked for two hours yesterday, finally got intense ctx ten minutes apart for a few hours, was so tired I fell asleep and they kept waking me up. Then about 5:30 this morning they spaced out and went sparatic again..... grrrrr......

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