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Let's talk newborn diapers

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How have your experiences been with your newborn dipes? I have a bunch of dif kinds. My little one has thin legs. She's still only about 8.5 lbs. I find we are having a lot of pee and even poo accidents. usually it happens at night when she is sleeping on her side next to me - it all runs out. Not many of the dipes can get a great fit around her legs. I think the Lil Joeyz get the best fit around the leg but they are also the tiniest and probably hold the least. So at night I put her in an all in one but then put a wool soaker on top. Otherwise we are having to wash the sheets almost every day! It's extra fun when I wake up to a soaked nursing cami too. ;-)



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To be honest I was super disappointed in my diapers at first.. None of the covers I bought fit under her umbilical cord so we used fitted with no civets for the first two days.. But then she stared peeing more and we had to use disposables for 3 or 4 days until her stump fell off.. Otherwise it would get irritated and bleed greensad.gif now that her stump is gone I do love our kissaluv fitted diapers and both kinds of covers (we bought thirsties duo size one and blueberry mini coveralls) the newborn workhorse fitted diapers work ok but they aren't as absorbent as the kl's and the snaps are way harder to deal with. My husband will only use the Kl0's!

Cindy what kind of aio's do you have? My baby is gaining weight like crazy and I'd guess around the 8lb mark.. I put her in my bum genius one size last night and we didn't have any leaks and she slept so good in them! I would have never guessed they would work at this size, but they did!
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So far we're using prefolds and the workhorse diapers (we have the kind with no closure on them)  with extra small thristies covers and a few covers my mom made.  I'm not crazy about the ones my mom made, but the thirsties covers have worked well.  I folded the top above the hook and loop down a bit until her umbilical cord came off and we didn't have any issues with it irritating the cord stump.  She pees huge amounts and her diapers are really soaked, but so far only 2 leaky ones.


I'm so happy we've managed to use cloth since day 1.  I hated having to put DS in disposables for the first few weeks till he grew into his BG's.

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I may try one of our BG one size on her - but I think they're probably still way too big. I think I'm also going to try fitted with a thirsties cover, since we have them. Perhaps the thirsties cover will work better than using an AIO that doesn't fit as well around the legs. 



Forumonly: I have a ton of BG extra small, a bunch of old grovias, a few lil joeyz, a few monkeydoodlez, 1 thirsties AIO and 1 swaddlebees simplex. I think that's it. The rest of my stash is various fitteds. I do have prefolds from my first DD but have avoided using them.



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Hmmm...I hate my newborn Bumgenius...I swear they leak like crazy, but she's about outgrown them around the waist, so I guess it's just not getting a good fit around the thighs although again...it LOOKS like she's about outgrown that area as well. I actually stopped using them at night, and we're exclusively prefold right now. I have a newborn size Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, and that with a newborn prefold works better than anything else I've tried. Although, I have been sizing up to a Small Thirsty wrap these past two nights with no leaks as well. 


We've been doing EC here and there, and I've also noticed that if she's in a prefold and asleep, then she actually tends to stay dry, so it's actually rare that I need to change the prefold in the middle of the night. With the bumgenius though, I wake up in the morning, and she and I and the sheets are literally soaked in pee! ugg. I think since the wetness gets wicked away from her skin, she's not holding in her pee...so I'm not too sure if I like that. I also have a little Joey ? that I thought I'd love, but it totally doesn't fit...I just can't seem to get it snug enough, so it leaks even if she's on her back. 


Atia is about 9.5lb now and three weeks on Sat., and the Fuzzi Bunz sized small ( I have five) are just about ready to fit, but I'm still preferring the prefolds. At night or when we're out, she wears a cover, but during the day while inside, I like just laying a preemie prefold tri-folded in one of the wool covers I knit. Works SOOOO good, I can't wait to knit a million more. lol Gives her SUCH a slim little butt. 


During the day, I wouldn't mind using an AIO while out and about because this girl absolutely SCREAMS bloody murder is she feel pee against her skin...so it's annoying to change her every time she dribbles while I'm trying to do shopping or something. lol But, I'm not sure what to try since I think we're at the point where we're sizing out of the newborn stuff but not really fitting well in anything bigger. 




(In a preemie prefold tri-folded in a wool cover (newborn sized) that I knit.)1000

( Bummis Newborn wrap w/ a newborn sized prefold)



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Well, I've been MIA, lol.  I love talking cloth, so here I am!


Isaac is somewhere in between 10 and 12 lbs, lol.  we are out of the grovias (not impressed, just awkward dipes to me), the lil joeys (they were ok) and the bg xs (again not impressed...I only bought albert print and then got one as a freebie, and they are awkward too.  At first they are too tall and then they grow out of the waist super fast.  The height is perfect now, but the waist doesn't work and they are not absorbant.)  

We are almost out of the tots bots which I LOVE. And that will leave us with only nb simplex for aios.  I LOVE THEM!!!  They are so perfect.  I use them at night.  

While he hasn't outgrown the nb workhorses, he has totally outgrown the absorbancy, even with a doubler.  We are still using the xs sandys and have moved into the sm sandys.  I wouldl ove to size up in the workhorses as well.  

We are using infant pfs and I love them, too.

Really, though, I have had almost no leaks, and only one blowout, which was really just a bit out a leg when I was trying on the med simplex, which are still a tad big, lol.  

And because he was so long, I didn't have any problems with the cord except for xs bg, of course.  Hello, he was 10lbs, 14 oz at birth, and 22 inches--they ought to have fit under the cord, lol.  

Covers--I have lots and really only love the thirsties duos snaps.  the nb dappi were too tight on the legs, others are just a funky fit, the bummis super lite can leave red marks, but my two thristies duos are awesome.  I actually likethe rar nb cover too, but we are outgrowing it.  I keep meaining to try the flips on him, but haven't as yet.  DH has been trifolding in the thirsties.  

My babe is wearing 0-3 mos and gasp! even some 6 mos carters onesies.  I am sure he would fiti nto os...maybe I'll try a pocket tonight for fun.

Okay, I've written way too much, lol.  love me some cloth.

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So I've been trying fitteds and thirsties x-small covers at night. Save for the time my husband completely forgot to put on a cover (!!!), it's worked really well. We had one time where she felt a bit damp but I had been really lazy and hadn't changed her diaper in like 6 hours (couldn't drag myself out of bed and kept shoving a boob in her mouth whenever she stirred). But otherwise it's been good. I feel like the fitteds get soaked and are more wet against her skin than some of the AIOs but I'm sure that's not a huge deal.


Had a lovely diaper pee leak this afternoon while nursing - my shorts were all wet. Yuck!



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Well, I'm doing a combo of disposables and cloth - this little guy poops at least a little bit almost ever hour, so we go through a lot of diapers and when we're out or overnight disposables are just easier for my sanity with the poop. He also HATES a wet or poopy cloth diaper, but at least can tolerate a disposable in case I can't get to him right away.


The prefolds I have are good, but he is really heavy wetter so they don't last long. The Kissauluv's are also good. I'm disappointed in my Apple cheeks - they leak and never fit properly which is too bad b/c they seemed nice and trim. My fav's are the thirsties pocket one size - the snap to a great size and fit his bum really well and absorb a lot without keeping him wet. I've tried some of my BG and FB one size which are just still too big, even though those will probably be my fav's when they fit. 


Isn't waking up in a pee puddle or finding one on your lap so annoying!!

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Wow, I must be shot with luck, because diapering has been soooo easy.  I love it!  My new fave is a trifolded pf in a flip on the smallest setting...squishes down sooo well.  I think I'll preoload these for overnight.  we are cutting it close with eve nthe nb simplex for overnight at this point; sometimes I seriously forget to get up to change instead of just rollover and insert boob, lol.   It won't be long until we are out of nb cloth and he is only 3 weeks...sob.

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Newborn prefolds under newborn Bummis covers over here. The only leaks come from Piper being a heavy wetting baby & still sleeping a lot. I would call those user error, not product error. We snappi the prefold. The Super Brites have always fit under the cord stump & the Whisper Wraps have a fuller fit for bigger newborns. I just love these covers & have used them to diaper six newborns now, including one who was 5 lbs (we are foster parents). Never had a problem w/ the legs being too loose w/ the Super Brites. They are just a superior cover for those first two weeks. I have typically been able to get six weeks of usage out of our newborn prefolds and covers, then we move to smalls w/ infant prefolds. For night time, it depends on the baby, but I always start out using disposables. DD2 always had poop leaks, so I switched her to cloth fitteds under wool & changed her during the night. Piper practically sleeps thru the night & is swaddled, so she is in a sposie.

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We got our pics back from the nb photo session!  So here're a few diaper shots.700





and one more...



we had a hardtime getting the little laddie to sleep, lol...he wanted to be awake and dressed.=)

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cute pictures!!! Love how the fabric goes so well with his diaper color!


So, we've completely outgrown preemie prefolds...even trifolded under the wool cover when just hanging in the house is a no go now because it just can't absorb enough. It's hard to snappi the newborn size as well, so we're about to begin tri-folding those...although I really hate trifolding, so I'm holding off as long as I can. I'm planning on replacing the preemie prefolds with some GM workhorse fitteds because I want something slim that I can use without a snappi under her knit items. 


Beyond prefolds, we've outgrown the absorbency on the newborn bumgenius although I can still get them to fit (barely!). I've been using them for really short trips out...and under wool. The fuzzibunz small are fitting perfectly right now on the smallest setting, so that's exciting and they've become her night diaper although I think I need to get a second soaker for each because they are SOAKED by the time we wake in the morning (the soaker part) and she seems to be waking up a bit earlier fussing until I get the diaper off...so I think she's feeling the wet as well. I love the fuzzibunz SO much...I did last time too, so I'm thinking of picking up a few more at my local consignment shop (they always have a ton used). I'm also thinking we need another cover or two...so maybe two more thirsty covers because they also are still my favorites..I've NEVER had a leak with them.


Still planning to stay mostly prefolds with part time EC. 

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Dannic: I like the use of your wedding rings! Cute!


I ordered a bunch of small hemp doublers to use in my AIOs, since they still fit. We haven't had a leak in a few days. At night we've been doing the infant prefold and thirsties cover - sometimes a wool soaker over, but usually not. If DH changes a diaper at night he pretty much refuses to put on a prefold. The Muttaquin fitted don't leak - they are much thicker than a lot of my other ones. 


Aria has started pooping 1 or 2x/day. It's nice! But of course they are much bigger now! 



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oops. i posted 2 of one pic, lol...tired brain.

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