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lol...I do request a lot of favors from my son (nearly 4) with regards to the lower shelves! lol BUT, I also figured out that if I squat...like totally birthy woman squat like the baby is coming out right this minute squat!...then I can reach the bottom shelves and it's actually really easy...just looks bizarre I'm sure! I try to pretend it's exercise! I also drop to my knees quite a lot. 

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Yeah I squat or just hold onto her head when I bend over. I still manage most things wearing her.


Anyone try a baby k'tan? It looks like the holds and fabric are like a moby but it's loops so you don't have this long fabric to wrap or drag on the ground. Looks awesome for easily popping baby in from the car seat. I hate using the moby when I'm out bc I hate dealing with the dragging on the ground. Even the ergo is a bit annoying bc I have to lay the insert on the front seat and then get her situated from there. 




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I started thinking about my dilemma and realized there are several issues that make the issue so complicated.  Number one-- I am 6'0" tall, so I have to go really far when I am squatting or bending over.  Every time I bend over, he acts like he is going to wake up or he fusses (not sure why).  Finally, I am still in maternity pants since I have 25 lbs to lose...so, every time I bend over, my pants fall down and the ergo rides up.  It's seriously...so annoying.  It's the little things that drive me CRAZY.


I put the carseat on the cart today-- as much as I HATE to keep him in it-- and it was a much better experience.  Added plus, he didn't wake up when I took him out of the ergo and then into the carseat. So, no screaming on the car ride home.  Ohhhh....my babies are so needy...but I love it!

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Silly - the pants falling down is so annoying!!

The carseat is a necessary evil sometimes. I do feel bad for the babies that are in way too much and left to cry themselves to sleep in purposely (not b/c mama couldn't get them out, but to "train" them) BUT I have a much different view on them when I see it has a good purpose for me and him.  He can get a good sleep, instead of being woken up to transfer (especially for those quick trips - like into DS1's school for pick up) Also he can stay warm and dry on those yucky days (I have to stand outside to get him in the carrier) and the seat stays warm. I can also carry everything I need into the house - we don't park anywhere near where we live (underground parking) and it would be a disaster if I had to transfer him every time. Sometimes DS doesn't want to be worn (doesn't like the constricted feeling) so I have to listen to his needs too and know that sometimes he really is okay in the seat. 

If it means you can get grocery shopping done in half the time, more comfortably and he's happier I think it's okay!

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Spring- I totally agree!!!!  Target is a pain though bc the carseat doesnt fit well.  Trader Joe carts are perfect!!  LOL about the pants falling down.  20 lbs to go now....  :/


Preg and vegan-- I do squat to unload the dishwasher and washing machine...it's quite a workout.  LOL  I'm usually alone at the store bc my older 2 are in school...but when they go, they definitly help!!

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Spring and Hibiscus- my little guy is the same when he wakes up in the wrap he screams and stops as soon as I pull his head out. I have tried to nurse in my wrap and it was a disaster. Between the milk dripping out of his mouth and the erp-ige (baby puke) he deposited down my side under my shirt before I could pull him out to burp I was a mes. I think the wrap nursing will wait until he is a bit older and I have more patience and practice ie. I am not sitting in the car in a parking lot while my hubby runs in to get something youtubing how to do it.


After reading there is a BWI I was excited until I found out there is not one ANYWHERE in my state :/  I only have a Sleepy Wrap, but am thinking of buying an Ergo after all the luck you ladies are having with it.

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