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Fly by on my way out to run. Don't get mad but it is a chilly 60F out and I am going to run at the beach at sunset after dropping middle daughter off at a slumber party. I have done my 6 hours at swim meet this morning. Plenty of good coffee but still whose idea of a good time is 7:30 warm up on Saturday? I was told by everyone it was in a very not nice part of town but I thought it was cute and relatively clean. Some signs of poverty but I felt safe in the daylight.
Plady, I cannot wait to meet up here! I am worried won't measure up to anything but having something to look forward to in February is more awesome than I have words for. Please pm me details so I can put it on the calendar. I will respond with address and phone number. joy.gif
I need to find a gym so I can lift heavy again. I need it.
I should have many more updates but no time.
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Lofty" missing you. Actually thinking about you today.
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Originally Posted by bec View Post

Yep, I know the self-recrimination well!  It's been something of a lifelong struggle to internalize that poor food choices do not actually reflect on my quality of a human being or my self worth.

This is powerful. I'm glad your husband is home. Enjoy your co-parenting and the dead sea mud!


JayGee, I hope you survived the b-day party and the sick DD. 


real, I'm joining the chorus on you should totally do the run.


eh bien, I have a friend who uses a hemp protein powder in smoothies and it was pretty undetectable. I've heard bad review of hemp taste, so it may have been all the other delicious stuff he covered it up with. I use Heartland Gold Brown Rice Protein Powder for my allergic daughter because it's just brown rice and stevia. I've heard there's an unsweetened version that's just brown rice and I'll try that next time because I find it a little bit too sweet when I'm making mostly fruit smoothies. 


Shanti, the more smoothie recipes I read the more I think you should be blogging them. Photos of the ingredients plus recipes. You could get a cookbook deal.  I hope that your craft fair was successful.


NRR- The kids grandma (FIL's partner- I guess technically husband's step-mother, though only in adulthood) passed away early Thursday morning. My oldest is struggling with it, especially in the evenings as she gets tired. FIL is coming to visit tomorrow for a few days, and we'll take the kids to Victoria for a casual tea/celebration with her friends and family in a couple of weeks. I'm grateful that we took them down last month to say goodbye and trying to find the right support for my daughter as she deals with the first death that she has really, truly understood. 


Cough-related- It's been almost four weeks since I've been healthy. I've never felt awful, but this cough and sinus stuff just won't stop. I'm thinking that it coincides too much with the restoration from our flood to ignore. Tomorrow's to-do list has buying an air filter on it.


RR- Climbing wall for the first time this fall. My youngest daughter was amaaaazing in how much higher she can get from last year. And my arms and butt are sore :)

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loftmama, you must have felt the vibes. Like kerc, I was wondering about you. Was planning to look for you on FB, and even thought, I wonder if she pulled a plug on that. Anyway, glad to know all is well with you. Especially trying to channel your peaceful homeschooling mama wisdom as I try bringing the kids back up to speed after last year's dismal progress. blowkiss.gif


Nic and Shanti, hug2.gif. I wish I could offer more than hugs. And cyber hugs at that.


On the junk and food and junky feeling, yeah, I feel it. I am really struggling with it suddenly, and it's all I can do to resist the urge to just throw everything out, purge the cupboards and start over. Of course, that would end badly, as dh lives on bread. Part of it is lack of organization, and the rest is just, like Plady put it, path of least resistance. Can I get a chicken shawarma without bread? Yes, somehow. Will it cause a disruption and annoy people? Yes. Does that really matter? Probably not. So I need to get over myself and move on.


And in the world of school and catching up, I feel like ds's pokiness, in conjunction with dh's inability to respect the boundaries around schoolwork, could be our undoing. It takes ds hours to plug through work, and dh doesn't seem to get that, if we're OK taking two weeks off to travel, and then going light another week as we et over jetlag and settle in, then it has to come out of some sort of free time account at some point. That point is now, and it will mean long days and evening lessons until we are caught up. I would rather be lounging on the beach during the day and strolling the Corniche at night, but I can't until we've done the work. All dh has to do is stay out of the way, not interrupt, and back me up when I need it. irked.gif On the bright side, he has a busy week ahead.


RR: have been heading out and strolling every chance I get. Plan is to go out this afternoon and do some reading in the sunshine, and later in the evening, to take a walk and get some upper body work in. Also to go buy some produce, which has become more physical now that I am living in an urban center.

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Hi mamas!


Welcome back, Lofty! Missing you. blowkiss.gif


Mel, sorry to hear about your family's loss. I hope you get healthy again soon also. Do you think you should have your place tested for mold? That can cause a terrible reaction.


I had a great run today. This week was dismal with only 13 miles total, but I guess some weeks are just like that. Running is my body's canary in the coal mine - when something is off with my diet (i.e. I ate something with undetected gluten or dairy in it) my body just goes completely wonky and my digestive system makes it impossible to run well if at all. TMI alert: I get this thing where I literally can't control uhh..what might come out when I didn't think I had to go to the bathroom. (sorry). And then I start bleeding. It's disgusting and painful and really awful to be out running when that happens. So clearly something crept in last week and it was Not. Good.


Anyway. I am trying to find my center again. I apologize for my ups and downs. I think winter is hard for me under the best of circumstances but when things are also challenging at home, it's doubly difficult. 


Off to the school where I work's open house...going to give a presentation. Up side...I look good. orngtongue.gif Down side - I lose half my Sunday. Oh well. Maybe I'll tell dh I'm going to be later than I thought and squeak in a few minutes of solo shopping for black shoes and brown boots....

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Nic - That does sound awful!  I'm sorry you have to deal with that.  I was reminded yet again last night while at a friend's for dinner, how hard it is to avoid grain.  I didn't even try last night but if I had a reaction like yours I would of course and it just never ends does it?  Have a good time with the presentation and of course it is going to be an extra long day (for boots and shoes)!


Jo - Is there any place like a library study room where ds could be confined and dh wouldn't go?  That scenario would drive me quickly to the point of supreme bitchiness.


Lofty - blowkiss.gif


MelW - My condolences mama, I'm glad you all got to say goodbye.  And fingers crossed that if you do find a mold issue it's just a small, easily eradicated spot.  Enjoy your eggs!


JayGee - How did the sleep over go? 


Shanti - I'm so impressed with the variety of ingredients in your smoothies!  Just having those on hand indicates an enviable level of organization!

RR:  Nada.  Today is the first full dress rehearsal.  I had been rather anxious about the costumes but at this point I figure they'll be fine.  I'm still worried about Macbeth's diction though, apparently I'm the only person who can understand anything he says.  I had a feeling that might be the case since I've more or less memorized the whole script.  What to do???

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Jooj, funny I just posted on my blog about why I pulled the Facebook plug. Miss you and wondering so much what you're up to. Subbed to Old Mucker and looking forward to catching up with you.

Plady, Macbeth... Wow, wish I could mine your brain.

Kerc, have been channeling you, too.

Mel hug.gif So sorry.

Shanti, notes.gif

Tjsmama, still can't believe what a disappointment NY was. Still, you're an inspiration to me and how you do it and how well you handle it.

Nicka, how are you?

Mommajb, remind me where you are.

RR: Sporadic as usual. Run/Walk about 3 times a week. Usually I do some weights at night alternating with yoga on other nights but for the last 2 weeks I've taken a hiatus from almost everything. Added 10 lbs last winter, dropped 20 of it this spring/summer but put 10 back on and would really like to lose that 10 for good. I'd like to not be resigned to a healthy medium... Fortunately the weather is perfect for us and the boys are anxious to ride their bikes so this compels me to actually get the run/walk in. Am making goals...

Still behind and still reading... kissy.gif
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Nic, do you know how one goes about testing for mold? We're on the "wet coast" so it's pretty ubiquitous. I've lived in places with mold problems before as a renter, and the general strategy is bleach, dehumidification as as much ventilation as possible. All of which we do already because of allergy issues. Our house in only 5 years old, so I'm sure they didn't stir up asbestos or anything, but now I'm starting to doubt the readings that said the hallway carpet that got wet was adequately dried out. The other possibility is that the new flooring/molding is off-gassing somehow. My current strategy is running the fans and dehumidifier more diligently than usual, lots of damp dusting and vacuuming (hepa vacuum) and new filters for the hepa air filter. We're used to dust/mold allergies here and are well equipped for it. Usually I don't get sick, though. My bet is a combination of wet weather, extra dust/chemicals from renovation and a couple of viruses doing fall rounds. This seems less overwhelming than the whole house being a health hazard.


I hope the presentation went well, Nic. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to run again.


Plady, I hope that Macbeth's diction improves. I'll bet that most of the audience probably knows the story and a lot of the script even if he's not totally clear.


jo, I hope your ds can get caught up soon with your dh's respect and support. It must be frustrating in your small apartment.


NRR- FIL is here and really grateful for the kids as a distraction. My husband is home.


RR- Hoping for a run tomorrow. If nothing else, it seems to clear my sinuses a bit. Today I have all kinds of strange sore spots from climbing. It's an amazing sport for finding muscles that I forgot I had....

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lofty~Welcome back!

melw~I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

nic~Hope you get your system cleared out and get back to normal soon!

mel38~Can you add the Galloping Gobbler 8 miler to the race list for me for Thanksgiving Day? blowkiss.gif

I ran the Race for Fetal Hope 5k this morning. The institute that oversees the unit where I work, as well as the high risk L&D and the NICU and L&D at Children's Hospital was one of the main sponsors, so we got free entry through them. Which was pretty much the only reason I signed up for the race, since why else would you sign up for a 5k the week after a marathon? orngtongue.gif Of course, I didn't actually run a marathon, which made it slightly easier to run a 5k. There were about 6 coworkers who did the race (including my boss, although she walked), so that was a lot of fun...not just to have friends there, but also to get to hang out outside of work a little. Of course, I totally ditched them when the gun went off. bag.gif I feel kind of guilty about it now, but I didn't realize that one of my coworkers thought we were going to run together the whole time and I totally got claustrophobic in the chaos of the start and took off just to get out of the masses. Oops. I was kind of hoping to get under 30 minutes, but just figured I would run hard and see what happened. I ended up with a 29:07 (Garmin time, official results aren't up yet), so I'm pretty darn happy with that.
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These smoothies are helping right now the way running used to and I wish it still was. Even with the inhalers right now it is so bad that I get out of breath just going up and down the stairs so exercise is all yoga done right here at home with my inhaler within reach because sometimes just bending over and standing back up is a problem. How weird is that? All the good stuff in my smoothies is making me feel great otherwise. I just finished today's and I feel as refreshed as if I had done something more than just sit here and read the news online!


today - 



sunflower seeds

pumpkin seeds







coconut water


I am not super organized, I just have a big freezer. I froze loads of berries and peaches this summer and I buy frozen mangoes and cherries whenever they go on sale. I buy seeds at the bulk food store and keep them in jars in my cupboard and buy coconut milk and almond milk by the case at Costco.


I have a blog I haven't done anything with in ages. Do any of you have any favourite food blogs I could check out? My blog exposure is limited - the only three I read are Jo's, the Yarn Harlot and Rolling Around In My Head.


Lots to do this week. Some things came up last week and slowed down my school progress so now I have to make up for lost time. I have some important things to sort out that I can't go in to here and that is keeping me up at night. Things will get better eventually, right?


Jo - it was great to see your blog again. I still miss your farm blog! 


tjsmama - great time on that run!

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swim before work this morning. yay!

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I met with a new group of 3 other women to run the trails at a local park this morning.  Amazingly, I ran around 4 miles in the woods.  My knee felt pretty yucky toward the end, but it's fine now.  I think it's more a matter of being totally and completely out of shape than anything else!  I am pretty sure that is the farthest I have run in at least a year.  We plan on meeting at the park to run the trails every Monday morning orngbiggrin.gif.


kerc ~ thumb.gif on the swim


MelW ~ sorry for your family's loss and hope your FIL is doing okay under the circumstances.


Plady ~ break a leg!!!!


jooj ~ I also enjoyed catching up on your blog


Shanti ~ I read some paleo food blogs, my favorite is NomNomPaleo.


tjsmama ~ great pics on FB from NYC!  The Clositers is one of my all time favorite museums.


lofty ~ good to see you again!  And thanks for linking the Well Trained Mind stuff in your blog.  I lost myself in reading about Classical education for about 2 hours last night....


RR ~ 4 miles on trails


NRR ~ Birthday party, done!  Swim meet, done! Sadly, our favorite babysitters' father died suddenly of a heart attack on Saturday.  We are so heartbroken for their family.  He was only in his early 50s. DH and I will go to the funeral tomorrow.

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Super first-time meeting with the homeschool group today at a beach on another corner of the city. My kids made some new friends, I met more moms (including a couple right in our neighborhood), and then we had to walk part of the way home before we finally caught a cab. Yep, city living is going to be good for me. I'm far from going out running, but my legs are feeling the mileage of the past week. thumb.gif

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That's great jooj. It sounds like things are off to a good start in the new city.
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Kerc, yay for getting in a swim! thumb.gif

Jooj, Wow - Homeschooling? Girl, you sure can roll with life's learning curves! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

Shanti, I wish I knew a good food blogs. Well, I see them but don't really follow them. I am so not a foodie. But I like your smoothie lists - inspirational. I need to remember to resume my coconut oil consumption.

Tjsmama - hah, sounds like something I'd do. Glad you got in a good run - and great time!

JG, oops - 2 hours reading classical?

Not much exercise for me today. We took off the last 2 weeks of school and I had to kick booty to get us all back in gear. Tomorrow, though, I'm looking forward to a run while the boys bike.
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jaygee~Hooray for new trail running friends! joy.gif

jo~I'm so glad you're getting settled in so well.

My official race time was 29:09. Not too shabby. And to boot, I was 16th in my age group (out of 200+!). Crazy! Clearly, not too many fast F30-39 at this race. orngtongue.gif Well, that and it was a Girls on the Run race, so probably the women who WERE faster than me were running with the girls instead of actually going fast. orngbiggrin.gif

I made the mistake of waiting one day too long to buy my plane tickets for Christmas, and instead of going down like I hoped they would, they went up over $50/leg. irked.gif Why, oh why, did I not just buy them last week? Ugh. That translates to mucho dinero out of my pocket. Yuck.

rr~Oh, the joys of NOT actively training for anything! DS was off school today, so we went to spin class at the Y. The instructor was injured, so she was just teaching and not actually riding, which, of course, translated into a MUCH harder class for us. Hmm...
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I have a very sick little dog here right now  mecry.gifI love this dog more than any pet I have ever had and I am so worried about her. Fever, started by not jumping onto furniture late yesterday, then unable to manage stairs, perked up a little, then unable to lie down and is clearly in pain. She has been awake all night, sitting up and giving me that look only a hurting dog can give. Am off to call the vet and get her in right away. I just want to make it all better!

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Shanti - hoping your dog is okay. Please update when you get home from the vet.
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Oh, Shanti.  I hope your little fur-baby comes through. 


RR: I made it to boot camp this morning!!!! 

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mecry.gif We just came back from the vet. Her back legs are paralyzed, she only has the smallest amount of feeling and tone in her back end including her tail. They said one option was to take her to the city where they could do an MRI and back surgery but that would cost ~$5000 and we can't afford that and h said so right away. They are keeping her to try medical treatment but the prognosis isn't very hopeful. H asked for a quote on that and agreed to try it for a couple of days but he is ready to euthanize her now. He is sad too. I am devastated. I love this dog more than any pet I have ever had and the kids ADORE her. This is too much on top of everything else.

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