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Oh, Shanti, mama. I'm so very sorry. hug2.gif


She has had such a good life with you. She is spending all her days in love and light with a family who adores her. It does not make it any easier for you but maybe knowing her soul is happy could be a small comfort. Sending you love. 

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I'm sorry, Shantimama. I had my 2 cats put down this year. They were too old and their bodies were failing them. It's so hard. Wishing your family peace.
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Shanti, goodvibes.gif

Plady, yes to the DVD. smile.gif Thanks for the accolades but I stole that one from Susan Wise Bauer herself.

No run yesterday but awesome weights workout. Nothing today as it was our "in town" day when we drive an hour to the nearest city for music lessons, run errands and fit in whatever city loafing and loitering we can that will hold us over for 6 backwoods days. Run planned tomorrow - probably with kids and dog.

Hollysmom, I remember you. wave.gif I just logged on a few days ago for the first time in.... a year? How are you?
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Shanti, I'm so sorry. I hope you have a loving goodbye with your pup.


NRR- I've been MIA for a couple of days with busy work schedule- picked up an extra 12 hour day of insanity on Monday in an over-crowded, over-census hospital, followed by a (pre-booked) 12 hour night Tuesday. Today and tomorrow I'm teaching in the lab. 


RR- I managed to fit in a 6.5k run on Tuesday, but my pelvis/hip feels off. I'm working on daily yoga, and a trip to the chiro next week if I can squeeze one in.


I could use some dingo wisdom on a couple of counts:


1. One of my daughter's preschool classmates was diagnosed with leukemia this week. She's gone to Vancouver to Children's hospital, and has three years of chemo/treatment in store (for a 3 1/2 year old, it's a lifetime of chemo). She and my daughter were in preschool on the same days from January to August, but we switched days in September and they haven't been in the same class since. I haven't told my daughter about it. Grandma died from leukemia one week ago. We haven't played with this girl outside of preschool, though she was probably her closest preschool friend through the spring/summer. I don't think my daughter will notice that she is "missing" since she's not in the same class anymore. Is it reasonable to keep this "secret" and not tell my daughter? My thought is that unless she asks, I'm not saying anything.


2. I'm going to the provincial public health association conference next week. My main reason for attending is that it was suggested by the prof I spoke to from the MPH program I'll apply to for next year as a good place for networking. I'm an uncomfortable networker/schmoozer. I hope to connect with this prof and potentially others from the program (and hopefully increase my odds of being accepted). Should I email him this week to re-introduce myself? Just re-introduce at the conference? I had a couple of emails, and we talked on the phone in June. Any tips? I'm working on my confidence, and I bought a new dress :)

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shanti~I'm so sorry about your pup. Treasure your last day with her tomorrow. hug.gif

melw~I'd probably lean the same way about telling your DD. I know that at that age, DS was pretty clueless about the world around him most of the time and probably wouldn't have noticed. That said, if she asks, I don't think you have to link her illness as being leukemia/same thing that grandma just died from. Childhood leukemia is so curable, I would just treat it as "she's sick and she's gone away to get better". As for question number two, I think I would send an email, just saying that you're going to be at the conference and that you would love to meet in person while you're there (maybe suggest coffee or something, if you think that's appropriate).


So, apparently, all I need to get my speed back is to NOT be marathon training anymore? I busted out 4+ miles today at my old pace and actually felt like I was moving kind of slow. Not that I could have gone any faster, but it felt slow, if that makes any sense. A full minute plus faster than what I was struggling to maintain during marathon training. Weird. shrug.gif
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Oh, Shanti.  I'm so sorry, mama.  Boy, do I remember that pain well.  It's too young.  Even so, remember, she has had a blessed life filled with nothing but love and tenderness. 


Melw - Exactly what Gaye said. 


Hollysmom - wave.gif


No running today, but could I get Desert Classic Half Marathon added to the race list for February 2?  Thank you!!!

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This is hilarious:

It's an algorithm for Thanksgiving, called the Thanksgiving-erator where you choose which themed meal you want to prepare, and then click on the quote you most identify with. The quotes are hilarious ("starting up the the deep fryer makes me feel alive")

That's all I can manage for now. I'm so in the emotional quicksand ... well, nuff said guilty.gif
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I am reading along and I have comments to add but when I have time I am upstairs in bed and the computer is downstairs. I called ds1 on my cell phone to ask him to bring it to me but he didn't answer. eyesroll.gif I could use my phone to post but mdc mobile is not working well for me. The dingos will somehow have to live without my (relative) wisdom.

I could detail what has happened in the past three weeks but it is worse than a country song. In good news, we closed the sale of our home in Indiana last week.

Thanksgiving: I told them I will do as much for the holiday as they did for my birthday. My plan is to go out for sushi. This will actually be more than we did for my birthday because there was no dinner after I drove away crying when I realized they had really forgotten me. It is the thought that counts, you know?

RR: I am trying. I was running, even doing long runs but rather than cope by running I am coping by eating and not running. I registered for a half on Jan 20 at Disneyland. At this point I do not want to run it. My friends is flying in and wants me to leave my 9 yo with her her 10 yo in a hotel room while we run. I won't. I was bringing my 14 yo to watch them but then I realized I would have to pull her from school. Now I think I will go and not run. I am tiptoe-ing around her from 2000+ miles away as it her life is a also a soap opera right now.

I know I will come back and delete this later. I write it hoping I will feel better for dumping but I usually only feel more pathetic.
Yep. That is what happened.
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sparkle, thanks for the laugh. I'll toss you a ladder in your quicksand, if it helps. This is the hard part of the semester. Winter break is getting close enough to taste.


mommajb, big hugs. Congrats on the sale of your home, and I hope that the rest turns around for you soon. Sushi for thanksgiving sounds yummy to me!


It's Friday. I am ignoring all phone calls begging me to come in to the hospital this weekend, and will be cleaning up my yard and house and hanging out with my kids and NOT working until Monday. I have prep and some meetings on Monday, then 12 hour nights Mon/Tues before heading to Vancouver on Wednesday. But first, Friday night bootcamp. With a lingering cough and snuffle, but much better than the last four Fridays (can you believe it- sick for FIVE weeks, and made it to bootcamp all but one of them?!).

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Big hug, MommJB hug.gif Congrats on the sale of the house.
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mommajb-- hug.gif

shanti-- hug.gif

Nic-- also hug.gif. Meant to respond to your post elsewhere, but didn't. You're reasonable. smile.gif

tjsmama--I think marathon training just sucks everything out of you, especially if you have kids and a job and all.

MelW--I'd say nothing. Out of sight, out of mind....

RR: thought I'd run but didn't. Tomorrow.

NRR: my nephew came home from the hospital on Tuesday. He's on oxygen but seems to be doing well. However, my sister didn't bother to call and let me know (nor did my parents, who are still more or less living there to help out). Needless to say, we haven't been invited over to see the baby. eyesroll.gif I don't really know what to make of this and am trying not to make it a bigger deal than it feels. I saw him a week after he was born but not after because she gave off the very strong vibe that she didn't want company (as in, when I apologized for not having gone up in a few weeks she said "that's fine. I don't really want other people around him").

Maybe she's just overwhelmed. He's only nursing once a day and bottle-fed the rest of it because apparently it's still too tiring for him to nurse more than once. Next week they're going to start trying to nurse twice a day. Apparently she's bottle feeding anytime he feels hungry right now, so mom described it as a constant progression of pumping and bottles and sterilizing, combined with phone calls to straighten out insurance stuff.

And then there's the fuss over clothing for the child--an area in which she's always been crazy-picky and now has upped the ante. Suffice it to say that when I saw a super-cute newborn sleeper this week, I didn't buy it because she wouldn't like one of the following: the zipper, the size, the style, its existence. Our conversations have gone something like this: oh, he should fit in those couple of unisex preemie sleepers I had for the girls. Her: no, he's too big for preemie sizes. Me: really? wow, so he must be bigger than either of them were when I took them home? (my girls were both under 5 lbs.) Her: no, he's smaller than either of the girls. Me: so then he should fit in a preemie size. Her: no, my MIL bought a preemie sleeper and he's already grown out of it. banghead.gif For reference: he's about 4 lbs 13 oz right now, and somewhere between 15 and 17 inches long. In other words: YES HE FITS IN A PREEMIE SLEEPER--but if she didn't buy it, she doesn't like it.

It's hard for them, I know. I just miss my sister, would love to see the baby (neither the kids nor DH has even seen pictures of the baby, as they haven't bothered to share any other than the ones taken when he was a couple of hours old). I have watched their daughter multiple times during this period. We don't want to barge in and are trying to respect their space, but it's a little weird when the sister who previously called me every day hasn't talked to me in a week, presumably because they don't want us anywhere near the baby. It won't happen this weekend either because their oldest got sick on Friday so we don't need to share germs. Maybe we'll see him on Thanksgiving? (Mom was thinking no, because "he's on oxygen" to which I responded "it's not like we smoke here or something" but what do I know?)

DH is back from his trip, but he was in a mood just before he left. The night before was spent following me around telling me how mean and awful I am, combined with the usual nonsense about how he "knows" I'm depressed and he's so worried about my mental stability. Good times. Someone's clearly off his St. John's Wort. Why we have to do this every year, I have no idea.
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So sorry for your doggie, Shanti. greensad.gif

Hi Kristine! Let's hope we can get the girls writing again!

Mommajb, hurray for selling the house. Whew. Your wisdom is always appreciated. Hope you're feeling better today.

Back from 5 mile run. We ran out of time to get more miles in..Must regain some speed so the longer runs don't take forever.

It's been an intense week in my lab-- laser caught fire and is likely DOA, then I got a spectacular data set that matches exactly with what I'd predicted (which happens, like, never). I gave a talk in materials science and I'm likely to be made adjunct in the dept there. Kids are broadly fine. DS has taken to doing those puzzles in the newspaper where the rows, columns, and diagonals have to add up to the numbers beside each one. His skill with them is unnerving.
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Ok ladies, I regret deeply that I have talked more about endocrinology and mood than any woman should in her lifetime, but I figured out last night that I am indeed about 10 days post due for AF and it is grim. Im sleeping a lot, watching my body lose all its fitness, eating too much chocolate in an attempt to boost my mood through the day, crying at random, seething, crying some more, losing thoughts, and just so. sad. I have the resources to know what I could try to make myself feel better (ssri's to block the progesterone) but on one hand it feels like a big response to a missed period, and on the other, I have jolts of anxiety and deep sadness through the day that I have no idea why this happened (stress I'm guessing) and no idea how long it will last. When will I get my period? When will the estrogen come back. I cant stand the thought of feeling like this every day into an unforeseeable future. And I dont really know why Im telling you this. I think b/c Im so sad.
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Sparkle, I hope you can find a positive way to handle the swings.


Not Sudoko, these ones:


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Mommajb - Did the family repent their evil birthday-forgetfulness?  I would suddenly be able to remember all sorts of things to forget until their memory improved dramatically. hug.gif  And another thumbsup.gif on the sale and sushi.  Some of my favorite Thanksgivings were utterly turkey-and-trimmings free.  Maybe we could go to Todai together.  My girls are sushi nuts.


Sparkle  - hug.gif For you too.


Geo - Damn!  In a good way!


Shanti - Thinking of you today.


Real - I'm sorry your sister and H are acting up.  I certainly have no advice, my mom basically told me that she's been forbidden to pass along my brother's mailing address so I can't send him the presents I have for his boys (including the one due 12/21).


Here are some pix of Macbeth even though most of you may have already seen them on FB. 









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Thank you ladies. My family never did repent. They have moved on and I have not and I do not know how I will. It is turning into a bigger deal. We don't do big things but we do usually remember each other. greensad.gif

lofty, I too enjoy Susan Wise Bauer. I have a copy of her book from 1999 and it is falling apart. I refer too it very often, sometimes for motivation, sometimes for her answers, sometimes for notes I have made in it. We started out following her ideas closely and I have veered a bit over the years but I consider it my home base.

Shanti, I am sorry about your pup.

melw, it sounds like you also have a bit going on. I want to say out of sight out of mind but if you are even a little bit close the the family they might appreciate the friendship during this time.

Gaye, enjoy the returning speed!

sparkle, unfortunately I do know how you feel (except for the late part). I wish I had your knowledge about what to do about it. Reading about others people's lives... I I am feeling everything very intensely lately.

Plady, How did I not know about this place? I must check it out. You are doing amazing things with those kids and I am sure the theater is marvelous too.

Real, I wish your sister was turning to you for support instead of locking you out. I hope you know what there is to know about how her little one is doing and that she can recover her wits once again being the sister you miss. Your dh can shape up too. wink1.gif

Geo, no one other that you is better equipped to handle your children but why are you so surprised they are exceptional? I mean that in the best way possible.

Hi Holly'smom!

kerc, I think your girls are so lucky to be your girls. You have posted some sweet photos lately.

Nic, I am thinking of you lots lately. If you are ever looking for warmer temps without humidity you should consider a visit.

bec, you get so much done lately! Is the race the same one you ran with your friend last year?

Welcome.gif eh bien.

If you made it past all my little notes did anyone else see the story on how asthma is affected by a woman's cycle? Basically, it is worse in the last half of a cycle as is heat sensitivity which would make running more fun days 1 (or 2) through 14 assuming a 28 day cycle. It might help to explain a particularly tough run? Not a link to the research but.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20255966
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Just back from a sloppy run in the dark. STUPID of me to run at night during hunting season. nono.gif

Mommajb, I am personally so sad about your birthday being forgotten. In my own family, my feelings are usually hurt just bc historically I did not get anything except maybe a note and a chocolate bar and maybe something in the wine/food dept that dh wanted. (Once he wouldn't even go to lunch with me & the kids b/c he said he didn't like Mexican) However, that has changed a lot in the last few years as I have learned to "managed" my own birthday more. Not that I like it. Now I might mention a possible place to go for dinner or something I'd like if anyone's taking notes. At first I felt selfish doing this but not anymore. I certainly don't mean to imply that it's the right way or that you should do that, too, b/c that's not fun either - I just mean to empathize a bit. It's not okay to miss anyone's birthday in your immediate family. Not okay. I do hope, before long, your dh can see that...

Oh and thanks for the link. I occasionally have asthma flare ups and now I wonder if it's related. Of course, I can never remember how to count my cycle. Like... when is Day 1? rolleyes.gif

Plady, :heart the pictures! Please tell me which ones have your girls in them. I'm studying them and guessing. I am so amazed that you can pull off a production like that! bow.gif

I have a FB question. I dropped FB as an experiment about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I am thinking about re-joining it but here's what I can't figure out. If I click on my friends pictures on Pinterest, does that get posted on FB? I don't know why but I just feel so guarded lately. Really, neurotically guarded. I find myself paranoid about all my clicks. Not that I'm afraid of anything. I don't know how to put this. I guess I just feel like certain things are sacred. Like... there are groups of people with whom I have tons in common but I still wouldn't share EVERYTHING about me with them. There are conversations that belong here at MDC. There are other conversations that belong with my specific group of homeschool friends. And then there are those with whom I share a lot in common politically or educationally or spiritually. I'm sorry to be rambling. I like that those conversations belong to those groups of friends. And I guess, though I LOVED Facebook for so long, I guess the feeling that everything I click on gets posted has really, deeply disturbed me. And I'm still trying to figure it out. For instance, I just clicked on Kristin's pictures. Does anyone know if that went on FB? I just really don't need my mom or mil seeing every thing I like, nor do I want to know and see everything they like. Does that make any sense? If my paranoia is valid, then I feel like nothing is special. And like I'm barfing up my insides to be mined by marketing companies. If my paranoia is off base, good. It's just that I don't know for sure anymore. So I'd like to reactivate, but I don't want all my clicks, likes, comments available for everyone to see. Sorry to ramble on so much.... bag.gif

Geo, That is so cool! The test results, that is! Super cool! And your son, too! I can't remember how old he is but I remember when ds1 was doing Sudoku at what seemed like a very early age. I was impressed. He just had a number sense and he still does. Sounds like your boy does, too! thumb.gif

Sparkletruck, hope you get some answers soon. That particular state of limbo is so stressful and not fun.

Real, what a terrible situation with your sister. greensad.gif I just cannot imagine. hug.gif

Nic, how are things?

I pressured my dh into a T'giving trip and with the carrot being surfing/kite-surfing lessons. However, I have just learned that undertow (Atlantic side) is too strong for inexperienced surfers. (Jacksonville - We were planning lessons and renting wetsuits) No real question here: just that I am feeling really bad about putting our family out lots in fuel funds for a 13-hr drive for about 3-4 days. Can't afford Disney or Universal, etc. Looks like we'll spend a day in St. Augustine which should be pretty cool from a historic perspective. I don't know. I feel like the universe is questioning my wisdom on this one but I also don't feel like I know how to not go. It's all planned. Dear Universe...

Mel, hope you're feeling well!
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So, what does it mean if I have a mirena and don't really have a cycle? Anything? Or that in theory I shouldn't have any of these issues because my hormones are theoretically at the same level all the time? (I should probably know this, given my job, but bag.gif)

mommajb~I'm sorry your birthday was forgotten. I can sort of relate, given that my kid is still a little too young to really do much for my birthday and that I don't have anyone special in my life to make a big deal out of it. The first couple of years after XH and I split, my mom would send flowers (from DS) or some such, but she didn't even call on my birthday this year (although I did eventually get a card). Not that it's in any way as bad as your situation, but I can relate to how crappy it makes you feel. I wish we were closer, I would take you out for a belated birthday sushi dinner extravaganza!! hug.gif

real~Sorry your sister is being so weird. And that DH is being a doofus. I hope they both shape up pronto.

geo~Congratulations on your data set! And on DS being a numbers whiz!

lofty~Nobody can see what you look at on Pinterest...the only thing that could potentially happen is if you repin something, it could post to your page, BUT all you have to do is make sure the box to post to FB is unchecked. For awhile, it was automatically checking that box for you, which was SUPER annoying, but they seem to have changed that now.

Here I sit on my couch, when I was supposed to be at work tonight for my first of four shifts in a row. It must be really quiet in the land of babies, because there are at least two of us on release tonight and I heard that there may be 3 or 4! I'll take it, especially since I was not even remotely excited about working four in a row. Now I'm just hoping not to get called in at 3 am or some such! rolleyes.gif And I should really be more productive with this extra time, but instead, I baked some pumpkin bread, played wii with DS, and am probably going to go to bed at 9:30. Oh well. There will be time for laundry tomorrow, right? I hope.

rr~Thanks to needing the nanny for a bridal shower this afternoon and for work tonight (before I got called off), I had no childcare for my morning workout. So we went to the Y so I could run on the dreadmill. It sucked, but I pulled off 6 miles in an hour. 6.02, to be exact, for a sub-10 (barely) pace. Sheesh. Here's me shaking my head at all the 12 min pace runs over the past 5 or so months... I'm running an 8 miler on Thanksgiving day, and 10 minute pace is seeming more and more like a realistic goal. Who knew?
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Mommajb - It's not okay to blow off a birthday.  I was pissed for months after I had a lame celebration for my birthday this year and next year I'll be planning my own party, no more hoping for miracles. But to just completely get nothing even lame is beyond the pale.   I think I'd go so far as to sit everyone down, throw a real fit (probably with tears because I'd be so hurt for real) and tell them they better get together and make it right.  It's not cool and if they get away with it and go on and pull that crap with their grown up partners they'll be doing real damage in those relationships as well.  I'm just so mad for you!  

Lofty - C is in the yellow skirt in the first pic, A is the littlest witch and the one posing rather dramatically. :)  That sucks about the kite surfing.  Maybe you could pick some theme to check out as you travel, good road food or funky old farm stands or somesuch to break up the driving?  Regardless, aren't you going to see your family too?  And it's nice to have a change of scene even if you don't get to go surfing.

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mommajb, your post and your tone make me wish we could just hang out. I have been through many forgotten birthdays (my own mother consistently gets the date wrong greensad.gif) and for whatever reason, the sting just doesn't relent. My kids have recently taken over the role of making it important. Now, if they could just remember the date. Congratulations on the sale of the house. I hope that it lightens your load and helps you look forward. Like Plady said, I could think of a few things to forget. Turkey would be first, probably. Sushi sounds perfect. On the running/asthma thing, Days 1 and 2 are historically my Wonder Woman days, so that resonates with me.


Gaye, when I talked to the NP about my mirena and my cycle issues and hormone problems, she said she would be surprised if the hormone levels in the IUD would suppress ovulation. Maybe it did at the very start, but most of the time I could feel everything through a cycle, just never "got a period" until this year. At any rate, I have found myself on BCPs and an SSRI (though now I will wean off the SSRI) to combat exactly the stuff sparkle talks about. I feel the peaks and valleys just like that, and the valleys have seemed longer and deeper, with the peaks less and less.


That said, I wonder whether Vit D deficiency is another player in my personal saga. Two weeks in the UAE and a few hours in the sun, and things are really looking up. shrug.gif Of course, the time in the sunshine at the beach also includes very meditative quiet time with little but the sound of waves rolling in. Too many variables.


MelW, I would probably go info-lite about the friend--she is ill with something serious and needs to be gone for treatments. And we certainly hope she is feeling better soon. How's the breathing? On the schmoozing, I would probably send an e-mail just to feel out whether the other person will have some time to chat--even just grabbing a coffee or half an hour in a hotel lobby. The dress should also help. thumb.gif


real, I hope your sister comes out of the funk soon, and the family can get together. Happy that your little nephew is home. One always hopes that a hardship like that might right some perspectives (like the material stuff). It can be a disappointment when it doesn't. And as for dh, I hope he can shape up, or at least shut up. 


Plady, I love the pics! And I am just thrilled that you could take a pack of wild animals and put on Macbeth. So awesome.


Lofty, my FB concerns were more about the poisonous posts from people on my feed. I don't care about the likes so much. Also, I don't enable most stuff to post on my behalf. I don't know. Mostly I find myself irritated by posts and I find myself wishing I had not logged on. And that feeling should make me not log on, no?


We are officially two weeks here, and finally today, falling into a routine, I think. I got up early and went out for a 45-minute walk before the kids got up, which is really necessary for getting my mind right before jumping into lessons. Dd is all caught up again, ahead even, except for French. Ds should be caught up in another week. I feel like I keep saying that and it doesn't happen. But we have our workplace properly outfitted, and we also have the holiday on our side this week. We'll get there. Just have to get them to learn -ir and -re verb endings for the present tense.


RR: I am considering evening jogs. Something about my energy cycles has me wanting to be out every evening, running up and down the Corniche. I will give it a shot tonight, I think. Also, dh scored us fancy-pants hotel-club memberships for the private beach and health club, so I will be looking into yoga classes and whatever else they offer. Walking distance. I have a feeling that June will come much, much faster this year.


Also, dh has already begun talking about buying a house. Back home. I am not going to bring it up, but I sure don't hate the idea of it.

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