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Geo, I am guessing that she is preserving the g'parent relationship for her children? How awesome that you are willing to be emotional support or buffer for C. Dh rides along when he can't run to help me get out the door lately. I am guessing that won't work for you for reasons of child care?

Lofty, there is no more important stuff to talk about on this thread. I am gad the run helped and wish you were still planning the T-Day of your dreams.

I've lost the battle and maybe won the war? We are simplifying dinner down to normal sizes but serving a stuffed turkey breast we bought along with a tofurkey. Sushi at Todai will also happen. Ds1 is vegetarian and has a rather small palate so in the interest of family we are going for sushi another time.

Ice skating again yesterday and today along with a run this morning. My feet are toast. My skates are my pre-pregnancy size so half a dozen pregnancies later they do not fit but there is no way I can spend the money on another pair and I cannot bring myself to use the rentals (very different blade). I did a few spins for the girls and they are mesmerized telling my parents that I must be the best skater ever. LOL Imagine if I wasn't afraid of landing (or not landing) a jump! They have never been interested before but are finally letting me teach them a few things on the ice and I am having so much fun with their homeschool group. Yesterday I got everyone off the wall and moving with some confidence. It feels good to have something to share.

I just found out that Sammy Hagar is playing at the school auction this spring. I wonder what to make of that? Dh's response was that he told them to get Duran Duran. eyesroll.gif
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I'm doing MUCH better as of yesterday, but the weekend was true h***. There was brief consideration of a psychiatric unit, and Im not kidding. Turned out I had a case of serotonin syndrome - an actual condition involving serotonin overload that includes shaking, vomiting/diarrhea, hallucinations, muscle rigidity, anxiety, etc etc. I took a half of an ssri to counter-act the drop in progesterone that I blamed for my catatonic state, and Id forgotten about the 5-htp Ive been taking disappointed.gif I will say that the ssri seemed to have the desired effect, once the head-trip from the serotonin wore of Sunday noon. But yesterday I could feel the switch flip. I think Im on the estrogen upswing and just didnt get my period this month. weird. and yes I will be more cautious about self-diagnosing and medicating in future, but as Ive had so little luck with mainstream docs on most fronts, and so much on my own, well, I guess this was a "learning experience"

I am considering what to do in the meantime. I will look into a health-care partner to figure out the best course, because this month was untenable.

Thank G-d things turned around when they did b/c I have a paper due tomorrow, and 16 people coming for thanksgiving (this weekend I was gonna call everyone and cancel, and tell my prof. to just give me whatever grade I would get without turning anything else in). Whew!!

Lofty - That is a huge disappointment, especially as I imagine you build up the vacation as a release valve for all the work you are doing, and then when it falls through, the pressure feels too much. Im glad the run helped, and that you are able to salvage some kind of trip

JG - 8 minutes - woot! broc1.gif It will be a thrill to hear about you in a 5k

Geo - Congrats on the perfect results!! 3 weeks - you can do it!!

Kerc - glad life is good orngbiggrin.gif

Melw - that run does sound fun. I hope you are able to figure something out with the congestion/potential mold. Have fun at the conference

Real - sorry for the drama lately. You got great advice from everyone - Im glad it helped

RR: bwa ha ha ha. Maybe tomorrow?

NRR: see above wink1.gif

Back to the paper...
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Sparkle, I am thankful you're feeling better now, but I'm still concerned. I forgot about 5HTP...I had tried that in my pre-doctor-visit phase myself, and had a bad, bad episode of s. syndrome too. I stopped taking the stuff, figuring something in my constitution was too sensitive for it. Anyway, I do hope you see a doc. GP maybe, but what about an excellent female OBGYN? Also, the ssri may have to do with the switch flip...just sayin...but anyway, I hope clouds part soon and it begins to make sense again. Hugs.


lofty and Plady, wish I were joining you! Lofty, I understand the sadness of not getting the plan you'd hoped for--believe me--but good on you for recognizing that the plan is bigger than any one of us.


mommajb, the new, modified plan sounds OK too, and I hope you get joyful help in the kitchen/table setting, and that the day is relaxed.


Hollysmom, the Magic Bullet is kinda cool (a friend has it) but it takes a lot of storage space in the cupboards. winky.gif


RR: I ran! Very little and very slowly, but I added some running into my walk this morning. I guess I was inspired by the kids. They both played so hard on the playground at the homeschooler park day Monday that they were sore yesterday. So this morning I went out walking and ran about half of the time on the boardwalk. Also walked a stretch of sand and did a couple bench dips. Felt good to be moving out there.

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Woo-Hoo! broc1.gif Hello AF

I *knew* it. I mean I felt like something was happening since Monday mentally and otherwise but this whole cycle has been so flippin weird, I didnt want to make predictions

anyway. Happy orngbiggrin.gif

Oh, and more response to my Thanksgiving offer. There will now be 22 people. lol.gif Gulp

Plady - the pictures are to-die-for cute! Congratulations. Im sorry about the lack of conversation potential with dh. I wonder if his mood is being affected by the change of seasons? What did you think of the movie? We saw it on our date night last week. I thought I wasnt really interested in Daniel Craig, but hm, he's actually not hard to look at for 2 hours lol.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Woo-Hoo!  broc1.gifHello AF

lol. only at a parenting message board do we see this statement.






My week in a nutshell:

  • my dh has been particularly attentive and kind.
  • my kids have been unusually distant.
  • background: my inlaws want to come visit at christmas. do I invite them, do i not? Talk it over with several friends. decide to invite them. before I can even send the email MIL invites themselves.
  • remember the advice of my dear friends: run a lot, sleep in, plan to serve meh foods to get through the week with the inlaws.
  • work. blahblah.gif
  • swim 2 mornings. for whatever reason the night before both mornings I've been unable to sleep well. And then coffee isn't doing it for me either. but I manage to get out the door, with 3 lunches packed, clothes to wear to work and my swimsuit on. Yay me.broc1.gif
  • negotiate with friends re: who is making the gravy. Decide ultimately to roast turkey and run it up to said friends' still in the pan so they can navigate GF gravy for the party.
  • more work.
  • planning on zero shopping between now and tuesday. including food.
  • planning to watch the charlie brown thanksgiving tonight AND the parades tomorrow.
  • turkey trot tomorrow.



mommajb: ice skating? is that a former life? FUN! 


geofizz: your dh is definitely a keeper. And I'm so happy other families also take one for the team and do that kind of things for friends.



All the rest of you all:   hola.gif Nice to see you.

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kerc--that's a quite a week, though it looks like mostly in a good way. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

sparkle--yay indeed!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating!

RR: None. Will run tomorrow.

NRR: Still doing Thanksgiving dinner, though it looks like only my parents are coming. Or maybe just Dad. My niece, who came down with croup last Thursday had it turn into pneumonia. They've been keeping her completely away from the baby, and that has to continue for another 72ish hours. In theory, that would mean my sister could bring the baby for Thanksgiving and leave her husband with the sick kid, but that won't happen.

We have two plans:
1. When we bring Thanksgiving food to my sister's fam, we will first hand them our camera and video camera, demand they take 5 pictures of the baby and a minute of video, and then they will get their food. We won't enter the house or breathe anywhere inside, but we want pictures. Maybe we'll get to see the baby in January.

2. We're instituting a drinking game for Thanksgiving. Every time someone says something that defies medical science, disparages hospitals, complains about schools or gets paranoid about health insurance, we'll take a drink. Drinks can be alcohol, water, tea, coffee, whatever, but it's a good way to occupy our mouths for a minute before responding, right?

It was inspired after my mother referred to a lockdown drill as a "lock them in the closet" drill. She and my sister are convinced that my niece not only had croup but also caught some second unidentified sickness that really caused the pneumonia and specifically, that she caught it on Thursday during the lockdown drill in which the kindergartners gathered, as my mother characterized it, "in a broom closet." Never mind that the 25-ish kindergartners in her class won't fit in a broom closet. Never mind that the virus that causes croup is one of the most common causes of pneumonia. Never mind that the kindergartners are the ones that are done with the drill first because it's scary and they're little.

And certainly never mind the fact that if any district was going to practice lockdown drills, it should be ours because oh, let's see, there's Columbine and there was that shooting at Deer Creek three years ago and more recently, police arrested a 20-year-old guy who was planning to shoot as many people as he could during a Halloween event at the high school in Jessica Ridgeway's neighborhood. He'd stolen a rifle, tried to buy ammunition and apparently already had some, but then told his therapist of his plans during a counseling session. The Secret Service has him now, becauseafter he was done at the high school he planned to lie low until the next day when President Obama was going to visit Colorado. (He didn't have anything against the president, incidentally. He just wanted to be notorious.)

Anyhow, if our drinking game works, we'll both have time to breathe rather than instantly react to outrageous comments. Feel free to borrow it if necessary, and good luck to everyone else dealing with family this weekend! goodvibes.gif
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

2. We're instituting a drinking game for Thanksgiving. Every time someone says something that defies medical science, disparages hospitals, complains about schools or gets paranoid about health insurance, we'll take a drink. Drinks can be alcohol, water, tea, coffee, whatever, but it's a good way to occupy our mouths for a minute before responding, right?
It was inspired after my mother referred to a lockdown drill as a "lock them in the closet" drill. 

ROTFLMAO.gifLock them in the closet drill. Good luck to you, Lisa!


We are having dinner with a couple families tonight out in the 'burbs. At least two of the moms are MDC mamas, and the kids have an assortment of playmates within the bunch. I am making a salad with fruit and gorgonzola and bringing nuts (on the side for a mild allergy case). Tomorrow we are having dinner with dh's director's family and a few other people (I think). I am bringing pumpkin custard, pumpkin cake and the mashed potatoes. Cake is baked and custard is still in the oven. 


Dd is back to an easy school schedule now that she is all caught up. She is listening to the next book club selection (I will be doing this too, I think) in her spare time, and has taken up Legos with more gusto than before. Ds is inching ever closer to caught up, and seems to really enjoy 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Yesterday, we three took a bike ride down the Corniche track during the day (very little traffic) and walked to the family park at night. I'm sore from our pathetic little bike ride, but I did make it out for a walk this morning (no running today), and I am sure I will get out again tomorrow. Dh may have to travel for a couple of days, and I feel like we're in a place where we're ready for that. We have a homeschooler fall party next week, and, mercifully, I am in charge of apple bobbing.


I think my life just finally completed the total 180 from where it was two years ago. Yes, yes, it has.

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Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful to be a part of this ongoing conversation. I do think many of you know how much support I find here and I hope you do also. Dingos have been s great over the years through good times and the more difficult. I like plady's geographic accounting while running. Not a day goes by that I don't think about a half dozen dingos: for strength, sending mental vibes of strength, in solidarity, and my favorite What would dingos do? (WWDD) There is so much us v. them in the world and this is a place where so much of that is overcome for me. If the dingo commune ever became real I hope it would be just as supportive and united.

It will be a very low key celebration here (thankfully). Our feast is right sized and prepared by Trader Joe plus a couple of favorites. I do miss having my family around but one of the benefits is that they are not around. orngbiggrin.gif I will get out for a run at some point today. After another day skating the will not be in minimal shoes as I need some cushion! I am loving the ice time but the sore spots are so familiar. Yes, I have a former life as a competitive figure skater. Not excellent but it is how I spent junior high. In high school I cut back to mostly hanging around hockey players. During college I coached a bit and worked at a rink. The ice rink and frozen lake are both comfortable places for me.

jo, it does sound like you have hit a sweet spot all around.
real, I hope the day is not disappointing. Your sister will come around but you may need something other than herbal tea for that drinking game.
kerc, your life, or at least your take on it, does sound so balanced and great lately. Enjoy that! I wonder if you are just so excited to be back in the pool that you can't sleep the night before. It is a comfortable home for you but then there is probably so many other memories attached to early morning swims.
sparkle, I am so sad you ever feel as poorly as you report but joy.gif that it is over for another month. I am trying to learn and apply so talk it out here all you want in my opinion.
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Happy Thanksgiving Dingos!


Real - I love your drinking game!  I'll put that one in the reserve bag o' tricks. 


Mommajb - I think you should start manifesting a new pair of skates that fits you.  I was never good at any tricks but I skated a lot as a kid.  I rarely have the chance to do it now but every time I have it's like it unlocks this happy secret place.  Is the ice skating in SD around all winter?  I'd love to do that as part of a dingo meet-up!  Ice skating then sushi? Heaven!


Jo - Love it! (okay, I maybe squinched up my face a little thinking about how pumpkins happen to be in AD, but I get it).


Happy T Day to all, I'm grateful daily for my Dingoes and will be thinking of those of you trotting as I go to my bonus boxing class in 10 minutes.

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Ditto what Mamajb said so well

NRR: Turkey is cooking slow - well 8 hours for 18 pounds; temp. depending on when exactly I need to pull it out to put all the other stuff in yikes.gif I'm a skosh stressed about timing it all, as the turkey barely fit in my oven! so everything else needs to wait. I'm sure once I start drinking (is it noon yet) I wont care anymore lol.gif

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I too cherish the outlet I find here, and the depth and breadth of experience and wisdom
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Best 5k since babies arrived 10+ years ago. Yay.

Happy thanksgiving.
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Thread Starter 

Happy Thanksgiving, Dingos.


I am thankful for all of you and that's the truth. love.gif


Had a PR this morning on a 5K: 26:3X (can't remember the exact seconds). I'm pretty sure it was a PR, if not it was off by 10 seconds. Last 5K was just about a year ago and I think it was 26:43 so this was under.


Having a rough day here with dh. Not very surprising I guess, but depressing anyway. Doing my best to maintain serenity and grace for my kids' Thanksgiving.


Love you.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all American Dingoes!  love.gif


dd2 has been home most of the week with the flu and now I have it too. Am trying not to get too stressed about not being able to work on my studies but it isn't really working. I don't have the energy or attention span to study but wanted to be further ahead than I am right now. I will still finish everything ahead of time, just hate taking time off. I forgot how awful the flu feels. I have been blending lemon, cinnamon honey, ginger and mint with water to drink. Not sure if it is making any difference but it can't hurt, right?


I need to go back to the yahoo group and re-read all of your messages from a few months ago. I think I might be more ready to accept all you had to say now greensad.gif


dd2 had a birthday this week and we now have 3 teens in the house. Still trying to get my head around that!

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Shanti & Nic -- goodvibes.gif

Rough day here with DH too. Didn't get out for the run I desperately needed. Will head to the TM after posting.

Got to see the baby for a couple of minutes today. Sister didn't seem happy about it, just said "he's upstairs" when we came in with all the Thanksgiving dishes. Anyhow, he's cute, and just hit the 5 lbs mark. (We did not get close enough to breathe on him or touch him, just because there's no use stirring the pot.)
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oh Real, he's so precious. It must be very hard to have to keep your distance. is cruel too harsh? I hope you got your run

Nic and Shanti - greensad.gif I'm sorry

NRR: winding down from 22 people for t-giving. big success, but have so many left-overs its not workable. would it be too insulting to give a person asking for spare change a whole pie? Im thinking I might drive around tomorrow and look for someone (not really, but maybe redface.gif)

off to bed....
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Happy day-after Thanksgiving! 


Nic ~ congrats on the PR!


sparkle ~ I'm pretty sure a pie would be appreciated winky.gif. Glad AF arrived, but sorry about all the drama leading up to her arrival.  Scary.


Real ~ he's so tiny and sweet.  I'm glad your sister let you see him, even if just for a minute.


kerc ~ congrats on your awesome 5K too!  Enjoy that snow!


Shanti ~ feel better soon.  I will pray you find some clarity for yourself going forward.


jooj ~ so happy to hear that your new home feels so much more "like home" and that the kids are settling in well with schoolwork.


RR ~ I bailed on the Turkey Trot.  My hips hurt and my leg hurt when I got up, and I just got so anxious even thinking about a race.  I don't think I am ready yet.  I did go for a 2 1/2 mile walk though.


NRR ~ Thanksgiving went nicely.  Not too much to mess up when you're only feeding the same 5 people you feed every night!  In chatting with DH over dishes, I discovered that his family never got together with others for Thanksgiving, which may explain some of his reticence to invite friends for the holiday.  Today we're heading out for a family adventure at a state park, and then out to dinner on the way home.  I want to be as far away as possible from rampant consumerism on Black Friday.  A hike in the woods will be much better for my soul.

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Happy Morning After Dingos!


Sparkle - 22!  Whew!  I'm sure a pie would be appreciated.  I hope you can find the right combo of tricks to combat the Pre-AF awfulness this month (and ever after). 

Kerc - joy.gif


Nic - Yay for the PR!  Boo for dh.  hug2.gif Hope there was some more light to your day.


Real - Cute baby, I'm sorry it's been so rough recently.  hug2.gif for you too.


Shanti - Keep us posted mama, we're always here for you. grouphug.gif


JayGee - Yes, today is definitely one day I'm happy to live a ferry ride away from the nearest mall or big box store. It's good to make it geographically irrelevant. 


I'm getting ready to go to work (!joy.gif!).  Any other year (or job?) and I'd be bummed to be going in on a holiday weekend but I'm just so glad to finally be starting.  The kids aren't as pleased but hopefully they'll both sleep for another hour or two and then find some friends who can come over and help them stay distracted. 

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Hooray for good races, kerc and nic! hug.gif to shanti and real and anyone else who needs one right now. I am checking in from Ohio. wave.gif It's been a crazy busy week. I worked Sun/Mon/Tues nights, stayed up after work on Wednesday to try in vain to get on an earlier flight, got three hours sleep before leaving for the airport, then no sleep on the plane, got to my parents' house and to bed around midnight only to get up at 5:30 to go meet my stepsister in law and her daughter for a race yesterday morning. Then it was back to their house for Thanksgiving dinner, after which I nearly fell asleep standing up. bag.gif I finally had a full night's sleep last night but am still feeling pretty wiped out, especially after another few hours in the car today driving to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving # 2. One more day here, then we head back home, where thankfully I have a couple of days mostly off to recover before I have to go back to work.

rr~Yesterday's race was super fun! When I heard that my stepSIL and her daughter (who is only a few years younger than me) were running a race on Thanksgiving, I immediately wanted to join...this was my first chance ever to run a race while I was home for a visit. There were two choices, a four miler and an eight miler, and they were running the 8, so I figured why not? After all, I was supposed to run a marathon two weeks ago, so 8 miles should be no big deal, right? Then I realized what the sleep situation going into the race would be. Ouch. I figured that on a good day, right now I could probably run 9:45ish pace for 8 miles, but who knows with that little sleep. The 4 miler is pretty huge (they kept bragging that it was the 9th biggest 4 mile race in the country or something? which was funny because I think the Denver turkey trot 4 miler is 3 times as big!), but the 8 mile race was new this year and they capped it around 250 people. It was a point-to-point race, and they had trollies (!) to transport us from the finish line/start of the 4 miler to the start line. It was COLD when we got out there, so we huddled around and tried to keep warm. I had a great conversation in line for the port-o-potties about peeing on the bike in triathlons. orngtongue.gif They delayed the start a few minutes to give people a little more time at the potties (there were only 2), which was good because I was still in line, and bad because it was COLD. smile.gif The race started with hardly any fanfare, just a ready, set, go...no gun or anything. There were no timing mats at the start, which was slightly annoying because even in a race that small, it made about 9 seconds difference in my time. The race ran the first four miles or so along a towpath trail and everyone got spread out pretty quickly. It was foggy yesterday morning, which made for an interesting run. It was really pretty and peaceful, though, and nicely flat. After the first four miles, we entered a cemetery and did a big loop and the hills started. Not huge hills, but the majority of them were in the last two miles, and they were steep. Short, but steep! I was managing to hit 10's or better up to this point, but I wasn't sure I would be able to hold it through the hills since I do not run hills. The beauty of hills, though, is that what goes up must come down, so 10:45 going up meant 9:15 coming down. orngbiggrin.gif The last two miles were tough...not only were there hills, but we merged in with the 4 milers, and they had only started about 10 minutes behind us, which meant that we were merging in with the walkers. Who were lovely, but clueless and taking up the entire width of the path so we had to dodge them. Especially annoying on an uphill! At this point, I saw the two mile mark for them, looked at my Garmin, and thought "uh oh." At the two mile mark, I was at 6.5ish on my Garmin. Um, either the mile markers are way off, the four mile course is short, or the 8 mile course is way long...guess which one it was? Good thing that I didn't have any kick left, because I would have DIED had I tried to kick and hold it at 7.75. My Garmin said 8.37 miles total...stepSIL's said 8.47! I finished and was totally thrilled with my time...except that it wasn't under 1:20, but it would have been had the course actually been 8 miles long! Official time was 1:23:44, Garmin time was 1:23:35. According to my Garmin, I ran 9:59 pace...not too shabby! It was a great race...nice course, a little challenging, nice tech tee, and cheap ($25!) entry fee...a great way to start my Thanksgiving!
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TJSmom, Great race report, Mama! I honestly don't know how you do it!

Sparkle, so glad AF finally made it here. thumb.gif Yes, only on an MDC board. rolleyes.gif 22 people!!!! I did that once, right after my 12yo was born. Haven't done it since. bow.gif

Mommjb, First - You skated competitively? Cool! jaw2.gif Second, I do think it's never too late for a belated birthday present and new skates would fit that bil, imo. smile.gif

Plady, wait what job? headscratch.gif How did the community Thanksgiving go? I think it sounded so lovely - brought to mind the original Thanksgiving meal.

Real, sweet picture. I'd be going crazy, too. So glad you got to see hi for a second. Love the drinking game idea. Hope the rest of the day went well.

JG, Sorry that run didn't happen but probably wise of you to listen to your body. A hike in the woods sounds like a much better idea!

Kerc, WTG on that post-baby PR! Woot-woot! thumbsup.gif

Shanti & Nicka, hug.gif

1jooj, wow! That is a 180! Love how settled and simple it seems to be for you. I look forward to hearing more. Pumpkin custard? yummy.gif

RR: Just finished a wonderful run with my 8yo. The boys have been biking with me which is pretty fun plus distracting. Today, my 8yo wanted to switch and run while I biked. So we did this off and on. Then he wanted to race me. So we picked trees to do sprints. It was so much fun. He hates it when other people lose (we're working on this) and really wants to be challenged. He excels in so much that he has begun to do something small to deliberately lose. It irks me to no end. So I raced as hard as I could and it was fun to see him push himself to almost keep up with me. (I hope he didn't "let" his 45yo mom beat him bc I thought I was flying. bag.gif )

TRR: Dh bumped into his old RP whom he had not seen in YEARS and with whom he ran many marathons. Well, he challenged him to the brand new Turkey Trot 10K. He didn't take the challenge bc it's in his nature to reject a challenge (I'm just the opposite.) until someone remarked "He won't do it." biglaugh.gif That did it. The certainty that BB from B would not run pushed him to sign up. ($45!) and he pulled out a 8:28mm. I was so proud of him. Our runs consist of short dirt road runs with kids. He got 6th in his age group and it was a great turnout with music, emcees, etc. I was jealous but not enough to run it instead of him. (last minute notice/ childcare issue - will be worked out next time.) Then we went on to have a wonderful relaxing day with his Mom and her cousins. I had never eaten her T-giving meal since we have always had it at a buffet-style family reunion location and it was Seriously Fabulous. It was my first time to see my mil in action like that but it was gourmet for 12 and it was that good. I washed dishes and drank wine. I'm still sad that I missed my family's TG but the pace and the expense was really just right for us. Although I shouldn't have felt bad for dh's extensive traveling after all, since someone reserved a private jet and he flew instead. I was a little steamed for a bit that I was the one making a sacrifice but in the end it was all good. And since he is re-starting his career, these contacts are muy importante.
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We got a dog luxlove.gif (happy mostly b/c, 24 hours in, things are going - knock wood - really well, after an initial ~8 hours of me panicking that I'd made a mistake and we should take her back).

So y'all know Ive been looking for months. I peruse pet finders now and then, and yesterday was one of those days. On the first page were two beautiful dogs, obviously related, though 2 years apart, and as soon as Dh woke up (post night shift sleep) I rushed him into the car "just to look". The dogs were at separate facilities for adoption fairs (holiday season I imagine), so we drove across creation to get to the first one, and ... she had just been adopted. They told us of another sibling 4 blocks away, and we got there ... just as someone else was filling out the paperwork. The third one was back across creation, and we managed to get a hold of them by phone and they said they would hold her until we got there.

She is very sweet, gentle, beautiful, and mellow. She's a 3 year old border collie (wait!) and great pyrenees mix. The pyrenees totally subdues the collie, but she has some collie spunk and intellect. She's very mellow so far - makes Daisy look like a mexican jumping bean. She slept on the floor next to my bed all night, sprawled out in the yard all day (she loves being outside in the cold), except for the hike and walk we took her on. Her name was Cedar (given by the Humane society, as part of the group of dogs she was brought in with named Leaf, Maple, Dogwood, etc.) but we have named her Hazel.

I freaked out last night that we had made a big mistake b/c she has peed on the floor a few times (reminding me of just how much work this will be) but moreso b/c she had no interest in hanging out with us, and she attracts Daisy to be out in the yard with her, so then we have no dog in the house to cuddle redface.gif Today I read up on pyrenees and that's how they roll; "serious" "devoted" "affectionate" "great with kids"; and that's how she has been so far. once I could see her for who she is, I really started to love how calm and mature she is.

Anyway, I know Im crazy. I cant seem to pass up adding a new layer of challenge to my life just as I get in a groove disappointed.gif But I'm feeling pretty happy about it tonight. We'll see what happens once she gets used to us and starts exhibiting her "ticks". Meanwhile, she sprawled on the floor next to the dining-room table as we ate dinner, and rolled on her back when the kids lay down on the floor next to her luxlove.gif Oh, and she's not huge; 55 lbs. but could stand to gain 10 (came from a "hoarding situation" = a house with 27 dogs greensad.gif including the ones who got adopted before we showed up.

RR: hoping for the inaugural gym day tomorrow. Its been over a month. Then to the dog park

NRR: need to keep my eyes on the prize. 2 weeks left of school...
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