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Shanti and Lisa, grouphug.gif and goodvibes.gif and fingersx.gif that everyone is better very, very soon. hug.gif

Mel, love the swim report. thumb.gif

Sparkle: Go Study lol.gif

Holly: wave.gif

MommaJB, Okay, so THAT'S how you do it. Homeschool + Public School. I'd love a really long convo with you one day... caffix.gif

Workout Related: So I lifted weights differently yesterday based on a picture I saw on Real Simple and pinned. It's basically lunge while curling; backwards lunge (new to me) while extending triceps; and then I added my on: squat while shoulder pressing. My booty is so sore! This morning: 6 sun salutations. Not sure what else I can work in so no let it be written or let it be done for today. smile.gif

ETA: Shanti, do you think pictures of your knitting from friends would help?
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I've been reading and following along but it's still tough to remember everyone and what they've been up to by the end.

I love "so let it be written, so let it be done". I guess that's part of the reason why I've wanted to join this group. Getting my runs in has been difficult lately. I've got 2 little ones and their dad and I have been co-parenting so we spend half the week at my house with him visiting each day and then the kids and I spend half the week at his place, overnight and all. It just makes everything more difficult. The constant packing, getting good food on the table, getting my runs in.
And although I try to avoid the news because bad news really affects me, I still hear about this biker who was hit by a car and that runner who was assaulted on a trail. It scares me and once it gets dark out I really don't want to be out there alone. Which adds to my runs being hard to do because sometimes the first chance I get is in the evening and it's dark here by 5 now. Enough complaining. I know I need to just figure out a solution and accept that I'll have to put in extra work to get my runs in.
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real~Thinking good thoughts for all. hug.gif

mel38~WTG on master's! I've had thoughts about joining a master's group for years, but between money, childcare, and finding one that fits in my schedule, it just hasn't happened. I suspect that it's one of those things that is going to HAVE to happen if I want to do IM one of these days, but I'll worry about that when the time comes, I guess.

shanti~I hadn't updated my resume in over 10 years when I needed to update it to get my CNA job a year and a half ago. It was a pain, not just to try to focus it towards a nursing-type job rather than on my previous career, but just all the formatting and stuff. Use your home-based stuff to highlight your skills, I wouldn't see that as a detraction at all! And I love the idea of maybe bringing a knitting "portfolio" to an interview.

DS is feeling totally fine, if a little tired, so back to school he went this morning. I knew he was fine when he was totally driving me crazy while eating breakfast and getting ready for school!

I am irked.gif at my HOA at the moment, since I just got a nastygram from them about my satellite dish. I had to move it because a tree had grown enough in the last 9 years since it was originally installed that it was almost completely blocking it. So it had to go from a somewhat hidden spot on the side of my balcony to the front of the balcony. The HOA is warning me now that I'm in violation not only because I didn't ask approval for the move rolleyes.gif (didn't think I really needed to because all I did was move it around the corner) but also because instead of being installed on the inside of the metal railing, it is now installed on the outside of the metal railing. rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif Seriously, do they not have better things to do with their time? I'm going to ask XH tonight when he stops by what his opinion on it is (since he was the original installer and dealt with the HOA on this whole deal in the first place). I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to point out that every single balcony that has a window box hanging off of it is in violation of their "nothing outside the balcony in the common elements" rule. Did I mention rolleyes.gif?

In other news, I bought a groupon a while back for laser hair removal because it was a screaming good deal and I have been really sick of tweezing my face...well, I got talked into adding another area for the same price today and yeeowch does my bikini line hurt right now! redface.gif

rr~Track this morning. I headed straight over after dropping DS at school, so I was there early and got a nice long 2+ mile warm-up in. The workout was 8 x 400 with 100 recoveries. They weren't super fast, but they were consistent, at least. None of my slow peeps were there, so it was just me bringing up the rear...
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real, I hope your niece is well on her way to recovery. Healing vibes to Shanti's family too.


My youngest is finally on the mend after another day on the couch- no fever since early this morning. Hooray for health! My cell phone has also recovered from letting a sick kiddo play with it yesterday and an accidental dip in the toilet.


Mel, enjoy your masters swim session. I swam with masters very briefly while I was in university, and it was such a great experience.


Shanti, good luck with the job interview. How perfect. I think a simple resume outlining your work at home plus cafe stuff that highlights your knitting/yarn craft abilities plus customer service would be perfect. If you already have an interview they'll probably rely more on that than on the resume.


lofty, I"m loving the written and done. I need some more exercise affirmations- aside from a couple of pull ups and pushups I've been slothly lately (or is it a dongo lol.gif ?)


Tonight I'm going to a visiting scholar lecture at the college, then two days of teaching, a trip to Victoria after class on Friday evening for step-MIL's memorial service on Saturday. Sunday night is a fiddle concert and the beginning of the Christmas season insanity. Must exercise...

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I am pulling myself out of dongo-dom myself. Sometimes it hurts, but today I was pleasantly surprised that after half an hour on the elliptical yesterday (don't laugh), I only needed an hour and a cup of coffee, not a handful of vit I.
UAE National Day weekend is on. Dh and I were walking out of the building and an Emirati lady was out handing out sweets. The streets are full of displays, bouncy houses, sound stages, camels, tents...three nights of fireworks.
Kids and I had a hser party today, and school will get very relaxed over the next twomonths. Hoping to work out 4x weekly through winter. Felt SO good to work out hard for once.
Real, I hope things improve soon for your niece. There is some weird virus on the Arabian Peninsula. God forbid.
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Boot camp, Day 2!!! Oh, the pain! But it feels so great to be "back".

Jooj - enjoy all the festivities this weekend.

Real - I hope they can discover what is making your niece so sick.

Shanti - I hope you get the job! It sounds perfect for you.

RR - boot camp

NRR - my Dad was admitted to the hospital again last night with congestive heart failure. He already has 2 newish valves and a pacemaker. Not sure what else can be done to improve the efficiency of his heart. Waiting to hear if the fluid in his lungs cleared with meds overnight, or if a thoracentisis is necessary.
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JayGee, I hope your dad's lungs clear. Congrats on being back at bootcamp.

Jo, the holiday sounds lovely and your fall/winter routine seems to be falling into place quite nicely.

I'm going to miss bootcamp tomorrow with the trip for the memorial. Will bring my running gear and hope for an escape from family obligations for a quick run. Or a long run (wishful thinking)
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Ack. I'd just written out personals and the message disappeared.


Shanti goodvibes.gif for health and a good interview.

JayGee-- goodvibes.gif for your Dad.

MelW--glad everyone is feeling better.

ehbien--committing to an alternative plan is best, though not watching the news helps. I ran outside in the dark a bunch last year, but between coyotes and heinous murders and random crazies, there's just no way this year. Then again, today's alternative plan included running on the treadmill at the gym. While I was doing that, the news came on and even though I didn't have the headphones plugged in, it included news about a 13yo who's been missing for over a week and a story about how my city council decided to rename the park where she disappeared the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park. I'd already heard about the decision but hadn't expected to see a story about it tonight. So, fighting back tears and having forgotten to pretreat with my inhaler, I decided 2.25 was good enough and went home.

wave.gif to everyone else!

Quick update on my niece: they decided to put in a chest tube to drain the fluid, so they admitted her to the hospital this morning. Placing the chest tube went well and DH saw her before heading home (his building is practically next door to Children's Hospital). He said she looked good and though still a bit sleepy from the procedure acted like she was doing quite well. The doctor was asking a ton of questions about what she might have been exposed to, but hopefully they'll be able to figure out that part soon. They told them she'll be there for a minimum of four days. No word yet on how they're going to make this work, though it sounds like BIL is just going to take off work for the rest of the week. (That's a crisis waiting to happen in itself: he has no vacation time or sick time, so this is lost money...on top of all sorts of additional health expenses.) The baby remains healthy, though needs to be on oxygen for a least another week. His due date was just a couple of days ago though, so no big deal. Today both of them were with my niece while my parents watched the baby. My sister headed home mid-afternoon; BIL was planning to stay overnight each night so she can be home nursing the baby. Depending on how things work out, I might go over there on Saturday and take care of Baby C for a while so my parents can go home and take care of things there. They live more than an hour away, so it's a bit of a trek when they go. DH will stop in at the hospital tomorrow to give them a break. And hopefully they'll figure this out and she'll go home quickly and maybe that can be the end of the health crises for 2012???
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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post

KnitterMama wave.gif I understand burnout. I burned out a few years back and now just try to keep them fun. Are you in the Syracuse area?

I am, sorta ... we're about half an hour south - more in the Ithaca area, though I have commuted and worked in Syracuse at St Joe's.  :)   The half marathon I was talking about actually starts at Onondaga Lake Park.  

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Just got a robo call from my kids' school.  One of the school's greatest teachers died last night. We have no other info.  She was 40-ish, and her facebook page shows two grade school aged kids.   candle.gif


I've been trying to run.  It's hard when there's no one standing at the corner waiting for me.  I have done more yoga, though it's pathetic. 


Real, I hope your sister's family can be on the mend rapidly, ditch the O2, and start life together as a healthy family.  What a nightmare.  I hope your sister can begin to accept help from those wishing to give it.


JayGee, healing vibes to your dad.

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Jaygee and Real - goodvibes.gif for health/healing in your families

Geo - candle.gif So sad

RR: weight circuit yesterday, maybe a jog with the dogs today. Funny thing about the new dog (Hazel); as mellow as she is, she is not a running dog. Ive never had a non-running dog. It feels sad to take just one out for a run, but she sure doesnt like to jog much even on the walks I take her on. Weird. She's half border collie for christ's sake lol.gif

NRR: One more week of school joy.gif
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Geo - very, very sad.

Sparkle - sorry your pup isn't a runner.

Real - your sister's kids are in my prayers today.

MelW - hope you get your run in.

RR - 3 miles, only 2 very short (less than a minute) walk breaks! Yay me!

NRR - Dad was released from the hospital with a brand new script for Lasix (?) to keep the fluid from accumulating in his lungs. He sang on the phone to me, without coughing LOL! Big weekend ahead with decorating the house for Christmas at the top of the list.
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I am sorry Geo. candle.gif  A young, beloved teacher at my kids' school died suddenly last year and it was so hard. The teachers were trying to deal with their own grief as well as carrying on with their jobs and helping the kids too. It is so sad.

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Thanks.  I knew something was up because the aides weren't in their usual spots at the start of the day, and I saw the 2nd grade team in one of the rooms crying and hugging.   Still trying to figure out what happened.  The vague nature of the announcement and the fact that it's now up on local news sites with the same vague info, is making me think dark, dark thoughts.  In the last 3 years, this school and has dealt with 2 student deaths that made national news, the death of a parent -- also in the national spotlight --  and now this.  The guy is going to start fearing each school year. 

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I'm not sad about her not being able to run b/c I cant either lol.gif It's just weird, different.

In any case, we (me and dogs) went for an epic hike/jog today that included about 5-6 thousand ft. of elevation gain in 6 miles (i.e. trail starts at 6,000 and ends at 12,000ft over 6 miles). I walked fast and jogged some up, then jogged most, walked some down. I wasnt sure what I would be doing so I wore some seriously old sweats (a gift from my first boyfriend ... wait for it ... 25 years ago lol.gif), a beat up poly-pro and my super excellent lightweight Monte Belle down jacket, and my running shoes wink1.gif. I was sweating buckets on the way up, but was perfect on the way down. I think it was 12 miles - I'm going to check my hiking guide - and took 3 hours. My body is toast. The dogs did great. Hazel definitely liked it better as we got higher and it got colder. There was a spring running too, about 4 miles up, that gave her a boost. The trail tops out on the "crest trail" which runs north/south. You come out of the woods onto the ridge, and the sky opens up and you have a 300 degree view of the city and mesa beyond. It was pretty awesome. I was hell bent on getting to the crest, come what may nut.gif Im glad it showed up when it did lol.gif
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That sounds spectacular, Sparkle!

Run this morning, full on influenza tonight. Amazing how it hits you....
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JayGee - Hope it goes as fast as it came! 


Geo - Very sad. 


Real - Prayers coming for your niece and nephew.


Sparkle - Hiking like that sounds as good as running!


Sorry for such brief personals, the longer ones are in my brain but no time for typing.  This whole having a job thing certainly alters your availability online huh?  But I'm loving it and it was super nice to get a paycheck today.  joy.gif 

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Briefly stopping in while in the road to Austin.

Geo, candle.gif poor ds.

Shanti, fingersx.gif for job interview

JG, ugh hope the flu leaves quickly goodvibes.gif

Sparkle, that run sounded fun! I wonder if Pyrenees run much. headscratch.gif Mine loves to run tho I can't let him run right beside me or he might "herd" me which makes me fall.

Real, goodvibes.gif for baby and grouphug.gif for family

Jooj, fun holiday weekend! The mojo comes...the mojo goes. Doing something is something. Sometimes my 30-min runs are mostly walks but shrug.gif I'm not going to feel bad about it bc at least in out. Looking forward to an update, ahem. wink1.gif

More to say but it's kinda hard to type on the phone. Hoping to get in one run around Town Lake - my fave! Big par-tay tonight with friends from the old 'hood and my Tri-mamas. joy.gif Run mañana post-recovery. lol.gif
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Been MIA for a while.  So, just checking in.  I've been having a hard time keeping up with work and exercise, although, I've been getting in a couple of runs a week in. 


I don't think Pyrs are really running dogs.  My parents own one (this is their 3rd), and they are mostly couch potatoes, with short bursts of energy.  My mom has them for the fiber.


I don't have much for you all.  But, I am thinking of all of you!!!!

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Geo--that's awful. candle.gif

Another quick update: they're getting a ton of gunk out with the chest tube. It's nasty stuff, so first they put some medicine in that breaks it up and four hours later they suction stuff out. The good news is that the bacteria in the stuff was dead when they tested it, so the second round of abx did the trick. She's still sick simply because this stuff is stuck in her right lung. The chest tube is miserable so there's that, but hopefully she'll be rid of it soon.

Baby is great. I went to my sister's house to take care of the baby for a while today, so I got my baby fix. Like most newborns, he just wants to eat, sleep, poop and not be gassy. Just like it should be! smile.gif
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