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Real - I'm so glad you finally got some baby time!  I know the family dynamics have been rough on you lately.


Geo - I'm so sorry about the teacher.  How awful.

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Real - you might want to have them consider probiotics for awhile after this is done. Glad things are progressing.

Bec and Lofty - yeah, she is mellow alright. Perfectly fine with me. I just thought she might have a little more pep with the border collie in her, but whatev. She's awesome. Hung out with the boys all night (see below) and they loved her luxlove.gif Bec - what do mean by the fiber?

RR: Nothing planned for this weekend as I am hosting my Ds' 8th birthday slumber party (first of his life)

NRR: Um, yeah, 5 8-year-old boys are WAY different than 10 10-year-old girls dizzy.gif More energy obviously, but the decibel level - Oy - and the emotional drama! Multiple crying fits. And finish the night off with their commitment to stay up all night, and you have me running interference until 3am!! And let me tell you, I was telling them to shut it and go to sleep starting at 11p (not in those words, of course). Finally at 3, I pulled DS aside and said we would not be able to do this again (and at that point, some spit might have been flying lol.gif), and they all went to sleep after that.

Of course, being the set-your-watch-by-me sleeper that I am, I woke promptly at 6 hammer.gif The boys are still sleeping of course. Meanwhile, DD1 had 2 friends stay over as well, and they were a non-issue. Bleh. No more sleep-overs for awhile
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Real, You held the baby! I hope things settle down for your sister soon. Her family has been through the wringer.
Geo, How awful.
Sparkle, you are a better mom that I. A slumber party for those boys? I can't handle more than two hours of so many things...
Shanti, how is the application?
JayGee, Are there updates on your Dad?
jo, did your children like the air shows? Fleet week here was loud but every time we heard a plane we would run outside to watch. For me it is incredible to watch them come into formation before they even get to the fancier flying.

Everybody's trees and festivities are so pretty on facebook. We will get there. A friend delivered a gingerbread house it (aka a bunch of candy) that needs finishing. At 9pm last night I refused to make more frosting but we will finish today. Then to pick out a tree. I quilted a new tree skirt during a fit of anxiety this fall and I would like to use it. I had some trouble in a couple of spots (when I should have been sleeping) but I am hoping that once it is on the floor nobody will care.

We have been skating and to Fiddler on the Roof (twice). Alice says the parents are an easier audience than the assembled middle school. Go figure. Today is a run and a cross country end of season party. And the gingerbread house. And more I am sure -but I went to bed before everyone was home last night and do not know what all is in store for me.
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Real, I am glad you got to hold the baby, and even more glad that it seems the abx worked. Hoping that healing moves right along, and everyone is soon healthy and rested.


Geo, candle.gif


bec, I giggled at the idea of dog fiber. 


Long weekend is over. My kids were pretty thrilled by the air shows. They did the show yesterday and today, and I only grabbed a bit of it, from the apartment balcony. Yesterday it was overhead as we biked along the Corniche, and it was pretty awesome. The fireworks yesterday were meh, but tonight's were amazing. We walked out among the crowds and cars tonight too, and the kids joined in the silly stringing and foam fights. I hate that kind of thing, and I am not feeling very well, but I put up with an hour or so. Dd was a mess by the time we got home, and she was happy for a hot bath. She has a cold, too.


Back to the books tomorrow, and maybe we'll hit park day. I have to make some decisions about a field trip coming up (to Dubai, I don't have a car, blah blah blah). Winter break starts in just three weeks, and our plan is to school through it in a relaxed way. Also lots of afternoons at the pool. It actually rained yesterday and the day before, and it's been cool (like long sleeves at night). Sun should be back out tomorrow, and highs will be back toward 80.


RR: My goal is to continue with weekday morning walks, to work out at the gym 3-4 days a week, and to try to swim a little with the kids after workouts. Enjoying being active again. Spent way too long out of practice.


Actually starting to think I need summer vacation to be a lot shorter next year. I know no one at home will be too pleased with the idea, but until we have a home there (or somewhere), three months is more than enough, I think. Guess that is a sign that we are settling into this place way better than we did in Dubai.

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Jooj - I love that you are so much happier there than in Dubai.

Mommajb - I can certainly see your DDs viewpoint regarding audiences. Enjoy your decorating and gingerbread house making!

Sparkle - you are a bold, bold Mama! I can't even imagine a sleepover for that many 8 year old BOYS!

Bec - my brain went "huh?" At the dog fiber too, then I remembered that your Mom is a fiber artist!

Real - so happy you got to hold the baby and that your niece is getting better. Glad your sister is letting you help.

Plady - yay for paychecks!

RR - too sick to do much...

NRR - feeling crappy still. The fever comes and goes and I feel better, but then worse again. Yesterday I drove my DD to a birthday party and our van totally died on the way home. I managed to limp it into the nearest parking lot, called DH to come get me, and it will be towed to the repair shop tomorrow. I hope it's an easy and inexpensive fix,but I am not optimistic. Car repair bills were not on my Christmas list.... Or my kids'.
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