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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

greensad.gif. School levy lost. We live in this crazy town because they consistently pass the levy. Taking bets. What will happen first? Increase class size? Cut art and music? Cut gifted and special ed?

greensad.gif Very disappointing.

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Geo - greensad.gif I am so sorry. 


1jooj - good to see you back hug.gif  I can't wait to hear more as you settle in!



Today's smoothie tastes especially decadent and yummy - I am going to have to make this one again:

chia seeds

flax seeds



dark cocoa

a pinch of organic sugar


almond milk


Very rich and satisfying - tastes like it should be bad for me but how can it be with all that stuff in it? I am finding the hormonal swings a lot less since I have been consuming lots of flax and chia. I normally put 1 tbsp. flax and 2 tbsp. chia in every smoothie. The sugar in this one is just enough to bring out the sweetness instead of the tart and bitter tastes. I found a local spot where I can buy organic sugar in bulk for cheaper than regular sugar per kg from the store. Yes, I could get the regular sugar even cheaper in bulk but I find I am much more conservative in using it when it is organic!


I am easing back into being grain free and not just gluten free and I feel the difference already. I think grain is worse for me than dairy. Has anyone else found that?

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greensad.gif Sorry Geo. My expectation would be class size first, then arts, and hopefully then another cycle to vote.


RR: Pathetic but it happened. Took the kids to the beach (omg I am ashamed at how close we live to the beach). It has showers, lifeguards, loungers, cabanas, jetski rentals (and a cordoned off area for them and they are policed by actual cops), children's play areas and snack shops (coffee at the beach, yup). Also an entrance fee, but jeez, for $6 a day for me and the 2 kids, I'll be all right doing that a couple days a week. So what I mean is, I walked on the beach. 

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Yeah, I'm thinking that the population least likely to attend school board meetings is going to get the cuts.

If they increase class sizes, I'm going to call the fire department about room capacities. Some of the 3-5 classrooms are that small.

Lisa, how did you guys do?

In other news, DD's IS and homeroom teacher are making noises: she might end with the intensive intervention soon. It's a three year program, and DD might finish in a little less than 100 days of intervention (she's 80% through in 45 days, having started at the bottom). This frees up a lot of time. Her homeroom teacher (also science) also suggested DD will have little use for 6th grade science. Something to ponder there...

Jooj, the beach setup sounds fantastic. How are the kids adjusting to school routines?
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Her homeroom teacher (also science) also suggested DD will have little use for 6th grade science. Something to ponder there...

And this is a surprise? She has a phd scientist for a mother and an engineer for a father. 


By that I mean the "normal" stuff in your life is so very different than the normal. Last night for instance, we didn't just watch election returns with our 10 yr old. We had her follow along on a map and add up the number of electoral votes. (remember we live in the central time zone, so we can see lots of the east coast and still hit the sack by 8:30).


On the other hand, I can't "do" hair to save my life. Erin needs to cultivate a friend who can teach her that. Or else she might just suffer through high school like I did.

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Good morning Dingos!


Geo- Sorry to hear about the levy.  I agree, the squeaky wheel will get whatever grease there is to get.


Real - Fingers crossed for your victory.


Jo  - despite the tight quarters, Abu Dhabi already sounds like a better spot.  That beach sounds sweet!


Shanti - Those smoothies sound delish!  You've got me thinking about bringing in some extras to add into my post-boxing protein shakes.


Just checking in as a place holder.  It's a busy busy week.  DH's electioneering was very successful and his candidates both won.  A charter amendment also passed however that means that they will need to run again in a few months which is a pain but it also means continued employment for DH so that's exciting for him.  My play is coming along nicely.  Last night we added some sound effects to a sword fight and the sounds didn't quite match up to what was happening onstage and the audience (myself included) laughed so hard we were all in tears.  Now to figure out how to keep that comic timing and yet choreograph it all for safety.  All in all I'm having a ball with this production.  I love my cast, and they are having a good time too so it no matter how it all turns out I think it's a success.

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Heh. I knew DD doesn't need another survey course, but to be suggested by a teacher is encouraging. I wouldn't push it with the intervention services, math acceleration, and social struggles, but if the school will open the door for us, we'd happily walk through.

7th grade science meets 8th period in DD's 7th period math room. Evidently she schooled some 7th grader on her minerals, correcting her fluorite vs quartz ID.

No, this is not a typical household around here. For starters, we vote to pay for the schooling of everyone in the community. irked.gif:
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I'm sorry about your levy, geo. greensad.gif

On a happier note, real's passed! joy.gif As did ours, but ours was never really in doubt. We're weird like that here in the city of Denver proper...we vote to raise our taxes on a fairly regular basis. We also passed a measure to improve police and fire services. Then again, we're also the ones who voted to legalize marijuana last night. shrug.gif

I'm back home finally and settling in. Although there really isn't any time to settle in since I start 3 nights in a row of work tonight. Oh well. I truly had a lovely weekend in NYC, marathon or not. There was Broadway, there was eating, there was a little sightseeing, a little shopping, and a whole lot of soaking up the atmosphere. I may go broke trying to get back next year, but I'll be there!!

rr~Track this morning. It should have been easy since I did NOT run a marathon this weekend, but it never really is, is it? We did partner relays, 8 x 400. I'll be honest, I didn't kill myself on it, and only partly since I forgot my inhaler. bag.gif

I weighed myself this morning (2 days late) for our Biggest Loser contest, and I was amazingly down 1.4 pounds from last week, even with all the eating and NOT running this weekend. I'll take it! So far, I'm down almost 7 pounds. I can almost entirely attribute it to Invisalign...I can't tell you how many times I wanted to grab a hot dog or stop in a bakery or a coffee shop this weekend, but I didn't because it would have been too much of a PITA to try to brush my teeth after! redface.gif
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YAY REAL!!!!!  Good job, Lisa! 


I've spent my day in a useless spiral of reading state science standards, investigating the EXPLORE test, and trying to see if there's any data supporting long-term success for kids whose reading remediation is so quick. 

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Thread Starter 

Hi everyone.


Sorry about the levy, Geo. That sucks. irked.gif  People claim they deplore the state of American society, the lack of 'capable' workers, etc. and the general lack of quality in the education system and then they fail to support that system. Gah. Don't even get me started.


Glad you had a good trip, Gaye!


Welcome, eh bien!


Welcome to your new digs, Jo. I loved the photos on fb and would like to hear more about your amazing trip(s)!


So...hanging in here. I decided to organize a coat/blanket drive through my community here in town and also through the community in the school I teach (different cities) to send to NY. Friends of mine in the Far Rockaway, Long Beach/Five Towns, and Staten Island areas are still without power or basic infrastructure resources (clean water, garbage pickup, etc.) and probably won't have any of that until at least Thanksgiving. It's very, very cold here and it snowed today. So I am doing what very little I can, and I am coordinating with another woman who is doing a similar drive and taking a truck down to NY this weekend. It's been a bit busy with that going on.


Otherwise I seem to be feeling the need to hibernate. I was supposed to go visit my family in NJ this weekend because we can't do Thanksgiving, and I don't want to go. A) They still don't have access to gas (all the stations are either closed or rationed); and B) I kind of just don't want to travel and deal with everyone, much as I love them. Does that make sense or does it sound positively awful of me? Sigh.


RR: Sporadic, but there. It was cold this morning. Whew. cold.gif The wind went right through my tights and froze my hoo-ha. blush.gif It didn't help that I had a stomach attack mid-run and had to walk home for fear of literally losing my....well, you know...if I kept running. Cold weather running can be great but it is fraught with challenges, like what precisely will be the absolute right combination of layers/tech items to wear. I am not yet skilled at this.


Ok, off to finish up the soup and biscuit dinner.

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Geo--I'm so sorry about your school mill and bond. There should be more than enough federal mandates protecting special ed (some under NCLB), so it can't really be cut. Class size or electives. Go to your board meetings, write letters, give input. Our list of projected cuts were part of a larger budget summit that involved parents, community members, teachers and administrators. The proposed cuts--and the ones we've implemented over the last two years, including a 3 percent pay cut for all school employees, were all things that came out of those hard discussions.

Shanti--your smoothie accountability sounds wonderful. I seem to be battling some yeasties, which reminds me that I overindulged on Halloween candy--not by that much, but at a time when stress was running high and I should have known better. Hope it makes you feel better!

Plady--yay for your DH and for how the play is going!

1jooj--glad you're settling in. Hope those shelves are built quickly!

kerc--it's so true. We're not "normal."

I saw a tweet from someone saying they aren't watching the election returns with the kids because it's too hard to explain. We, on the other hand, brought our kids to the 3A 3B results gathering and on the way home had a discussion about election projections and percentages (aka, how we could say the mill and bond had passed even though all the votes hadn't been counted). And for that matter, I took the bus from after I finished teaching to the restaurant in Lakewood, even if it was the sketchy 16 that runs along Colfax.

Here we're still joy.gif. I'd just walked into the "party room" when a big yell went up. DH told me the first returns had come in, and a few minutes later it became clear that the percentages were big enough that it was definite. That was amazing. Actual, it's all been pretty amazing. The opposition tried to claim that it was just because we outspent them. Um, no. It's because many of us have put in hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours and worked our tails off for this. Then again, some of our best have been kept underground (like a certain DH who teaches stats, ran many numbers for my articles and created most of our infographics). Anyhow, it was a happy evening. One of the best parts was watching our superintendent beaming with joy, especially after the whole nonsense with our rogue board member agreeing with a far-right wing talk show host suggesting she be shot. R also got to meet the superintendent, which was funny because she knew who R was, but R did not realize she was the superintendent.

We colored a quick thank you sign this morning to tape to the campaign sign on our fence next to our open space trail.

Now a brief respite and back to battle. There's a pro-voucher/anti-funding group that's expanded into our district, and three school board seats up for grabs next fall.

And as tjsmama pointed out, yep, we also legalized pot. I've never tried it and feel no need to now either, but I still find the whole thing pretty funny. And Colorado did well: nearly all of our school ballot issues passed this year. That wasn't the case in 2008, so this was great news for many, many kids.

Hoping to get out for a quick bike ride now.
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joy.gifReal. Congrats on all of your hard work being a success!


Geo, that sucks. I hope that the science skip is a good fit for your DD. I admire all of your hard work in finding the right resources for her success.


Nic, the cold weather running sounds miserable. I hope your friends and family have power and heat soon. Not wanting to travel right now seems very sane and reasonable, but I'm not sure your family will see it that way....


tjsmama, congrats on the weight loss.


Plady, the play sounds wonderful. I'm glad it's so fulfilling.


kerc, I think we all have the areas that our kids will need to seek out other mentors. May my children never come to me for make-up advice. I know blush and have mastered mascara only in my 30s. And lip balm. Eyeliner is far beyond me...


Today has been an errand-y productive day. Roast in the crock pot, trips to the college, pharmacy, lab, dump and I even tidied the house and washed my car inside & out. All with the youngest in tow! My older daughter and friends will arrive home at any moment to trash the house, I'm sure!

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Real ~ joy.gif so very, very happy for you and your school district!  You really worked hard on this issue and have much to be proud of. What a fantastic thing for your children to see as well.


Nic ~ your coat/blanket drive is a wonderful idea.  I hope it goes well.  I spoke with my Mom today and my aunt and uncle in NJ are also still without power.  As for what to wear to run in the cold, I always liked long underwear under loose running pants when the temps went into the 20s or below.  Hope you figure it out.  Nothing worse than a cold tush!


I guess we are not "typical" either, as we let DS stay up late to color in his US map and tally electoral votes as the returns came in last night too.  The kid has a good grasp on the electoral college. Certainly better than I did at age 11.


Our voting didn't turn out the way we had hoped on a few local/state issues. Tell me if this sounds like "corrupt Illinois politics" to you?  We had an amendment on the ballot to require 3/5 vote to make any changes to the state pension fund. Currently, the state government keeps voting increases to pension payments, in spite of the fact that Illinois cannot afford the current pension obligations it has. But, the amendmant failed, because a) the wording on the ballot was ridiculously complicated and b) leaving it blank was considered a "NO" vote!!!!!  Ridiculous.


Maybe I'll move to Colorado. And start a marijuana farm twins.gif!

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I'm very happy for all who had success last night joy.gif It's really nice to see traditionally conservative areas support funding/electing things we care about ... except when they dont greensad.gif Sorry Geo

Jo - It does sound better. And you remind me of myself the first 6 mos. in the new house, feeling bag.gif about how privileged it is, but now I'm enjoying my hot-tub lol.gifbag.gif

Shanti - well done on the self-care smoothies! I hope other areas are working themselves out

Nic - crap.gif on the rocky run. I hope your friends get power soon!!

Plady - that is so funny about the sound

RR: bike intervals 1 hour, run/walk 25 minutes. Felt good, but also like Ive been sitting and sleeping for a week ... oh, wait; I have ...

NRR: Aah, the progesterone drop happened last night.

In other news, I'm so irritated by DD1. How much help/support should I be giving her to get homework done!? She either/both forgot and waited until the last minute to write a (weekly assignment) essay due Friday, so now, (wed. night) she has not even started. They are assigned every Friday, so she has a week. I'm inclined to help her be meta-cognitive about it ("what do you need to do first ... second" etc) but nothing else, and if she doesnt finish, so be it. But she is going to freak out! And she has been going pretty non-stop lately, with things scheduled EVERY day. In any case, she will skip climbing practice tomorrow, and lose out on a slumber party Saturday night. So do I monitor her progress every week; check in every Friday to find out what the prompt is, designate work times every day (we dont have a set homework schedule b/c she doesnt have set homework except for this), or just let her do it? Neither seems right....
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wave.gif Jo!!! Already getting settled, wow! That location sounds awesome.


Congratulations, Lisa! Great work on a job well done! thumbsup.gif


Wow, Gaye, 7 lbs!?! That is awesome! Hm, maybe *not* running a marathon is the trick, seeing as how I am up 4 lbs from pre-marathon (no, Halloween had nothing to do with it wink1.gif). Glad you are back home and that you had such a once-in-a-lifetime experience in NY. And I don't blame you for wanting to do it again! Are they guaranteeing entry next year?


Nic, you guys have snow already I see? Wow, things sound downright chilly there. I don't blame you for not wanting to go there, it sounds kind of risky to me, what with the rationing and all.


Shanti yummy.gif keep posting those! They sound amazing.


Plady biglaugh.gifThat does sound hilarious! I love theater - wish I could see your production. You make it sound so fun!

Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

In other news, I'm so irritated by DD1. How much help/support should I be giving her to get homework done!? She either/both forgot and waited until the last minute to write a (weekly assignment) essay due Friday, so now, (wed. night) she has not even started. They are assigned every Friday, so she has a week. I'm inclined to help her be meta-cognitive about it ("what do you need to do first ... second" etc) but nothing else, and if she doesnt finish, so be it. But she is going to freak out! And she has been going pretty non-stop lately, with things scheduled EVERY day. In any case, she will skip climbing practice tomorrow, and lose out on a slumber party Saturday night. So do I monitor her progress every week; check in every Friday to find out what the prompt is, designate work times every day (we dont have a set homework schedule b/c she doesnt have set homework except for this), or just let her do it? Neither seems right....

I forget how old your DD is... 11-ish? I had that in my head for some reason. I like your idea with the meta-cognitive stuff (thanks for that handy-dandy term!) and just generally helping *her* get the project going. Because my DD is also inclined to freak out when things don't get done, I sometimes brainstorm with her on how we could get a few extra minutes or an hour out of a day. For example, she had to get up really early this morning to finish some reading that she hadn't gotten done the day before. Mornings are nice because there are no siblings to bother you duck.gifShe liked it so much, she asked me to wake her extra early tomorrow again. Is the writing project so big that she has to skip out on practice tomorrow?


Experiment for dinner tonight, resulting in DS almost crying. Green things (veggies) in his noodles and then he bit into a chunk of garlic, poor guy. If only we could eat mac and cheese 7 days a week, he would be happy.


RR: Ran 3 nice miles with our puppy/dog today - this was her first ever run, and she did great. She is almost 6 months old now. After that, I went for a nice swim workout. Ah, now to fend off the nightly craving for ice cream...

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Kristina - That amendment question was very confusing, and I was also afraid to leave it blank, as that actually constitutes a vote!  Yes, Illinois politics at its finest!

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JayGee & bec--no, I don't think it sounds corrupt, at least from the five minutes of article browsing I just did. It sounds like it was badly worded--which happens. We've had some of those here, and if the idea is good, everyone goes back to the drawing board and it appears on the ballot with much-improved language the next year. It's also a bit odd. Changes to Social Security do not require a 3/5 vote. Also, lowering pension benefits did not require a 3/5 vote, which brings me to my next point.

If anything is corrupt, it's that I'd bet money to push this forward came from national sources who are attacking public-employee retirement plans all over the country. People try to spin this as local--which isn't to say that there aren't real issues at the local level--but it's part of a larger effort. What they're trying to do I'm not sure, though I've seen the suggestion here in Colorado that the retirement plan be turned into a 401k-type plan instead. The problem is that they spin it as a "pension" (suggesting that it's in addition to Social Security benefits) when in Illinois and in Colorado, the retirement plan is a "substitute for Social Security" -- instead of, not in addition.

The state pension plan was one of the major issues we were fighting to get the mill and bond passed. The opposition kept arguing that most of the money would go to the pension fund (the teachers!) instead of going to avoid instruction cuts. I wrote about it in several venues and combated their pension-plan lies at every school board public comment too. That's not to say that there aren't real issues surrounding the plans, but they won't be solved by the amendment.
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Illinois now has a lively history of bankrupting the pension funds and then telling the folks that were planning their retirement on it, "Oh well."  I really feel for government workers in this state.  Politics give me a headache!


RR: I skipped tri class last night to be home with my kids.  I feel like they have seen very little of me in the past couple of weeks.  And with their father being overseas, it has been kind of a rough road!  Needless to say, there hasn't been much exercise since Sunday.  I would very much like to get out for a run today.  Hopefully, I can even do it without it raining on me!


NRR: DH comes home tomorrow!!!!!!  With him having been gone for 3 out of the last 4 weeks, I am so ready to have a husband again!

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I really like that it is light early in the morning now. I don't mind the dark in the late afternoon as much as I mind it in the morning. I had the early car pool drive this morning and it was already light when I picked the kids up instead of still dark when I got them to school 45 minutes later!


This morning - 

chia seeds

flax seeds






coconut water


and a little leftover sweet potato and almond stew for breakfast. I have a bushel of peaches in my freezer so I should really get to using those. I am thinking they would be especially good with ginger. What else?


I am in way over my head with things to accomplish today but will try to get out for a walk at some point. A little yoga may be as much movement as I get, apart from housework.


Mel - poor little guy. And my dd loves early mornings too. Now that both siblings leave for school an hour earlier than she does, it is her favourite time of day. 

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Shanti - yum! Ginger peach sounds delish! I am loving the light mornings too.

Real - I guess I am a little jaded by Illinois politics. always looking for corruption!

Geo - I read an article about your bond that failed. And wanted to reach into the computer and strangle some of the closed-minded, self- centered commenters. Sounded the the same guys who were sitting behind me at the school funding meeting we had he last month.

Bec- staying home from tri sounds like it was a good choice. Enjoy having your DH home again!

RR - DH made me go to the Y last night after dinner, so I waked for 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the black-eyed peas we had for dinner made my belly bloat up like crazy. The kids kept asking to see my "bean baby"!

NRR - parent-teacher conferences tonight. And library. And PT. And pain management. And watching my neighbor's 4 kids after school while she goes to her conferences. Gotta go!
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