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UTI :(

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Good Morning!  I'm pretty sure I have a UTI :(  Are cranberry pills safe to take during pregnancy?  Any other good remedies I can try?  I hate being on antibiotics (I always end up with a yeast infection and GI issues) so I thought I'd at least try the natural remedies first.
Thanks ladies!

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I have a long history of getting kidney infections out of nowhere (I currently have one) and I can tell you that cranberry pills don't work at all. What you need to 100% pure cranberry juice, not from concentrate.


I'm not sure about natural cures for UTIs since, as I said, mine always jump to my kidneys before I even know they're there so medication is really my only option, but my advice is not to mess around or wait too long to start medicating. Unless someone shares some experience with a natural remedy that they know from experience definitely works in the next day or two, I would recommend biting the bullet and taking the penicillin. Kidney infections during pregnancy, if left untreated, have been associated with lower birth weights and preterm labour.

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I've had success treating a uti with Cranactin pills but I've also read that it's not safe during pregnancy. Don't know why that is.
I'd call a midwife or naturopath and ask.
But, yeah, treat it soon so it doesn't get worse.
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i've never tried pills, but second the 100% cranberry juice.  i've used it over the years to catch UTIs quickly and solve it cleanly.  and since it's a whole food, and not a pill, i have done it when pregnant in the past.


now i preemptively consume loads of probiotics, kombucha, fermented veggies, etc and haven't had problems for years.  but i used to get irritations on the way to UTI's frequently enough to know to start the cranberry and get it kicked out in less than 24 hours.

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Thanks ladies- I got two big bottles of cranberry juice (no ingredient other than "cranberries).  If it's not better by Monday I'll go see my midwife.

Have a great weekend!

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Ouch! Hope it clears up for you. I find probiotics and loads of vit C to be helpful when I get them.

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I'll give the probiotics a try too!  I ended up seeing my midwife yesterday.  She was going to call in a prescription for something to my Pharmacy.  Turns out she didn't, so I guess I'm doing natural treatments, at least over the weekend, whether I want to or not.

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YES, there is an EXCELLENT natural method, way better than cranberry juice. I suffered from a persistent UTI for years, so I'm a bit of an expert.  


According to my naturopathic doctor, most UTI's are from e-coli from the rectum, and can be easily knocked out with D-Mannose, which is just a sugar, that makes the surface of the UT "slippery," so the e-coli can't hold on. It works!  My naturopath had me take it I think 6x/day until painful symptoms disappeared, and then 3x/day afterwards for 2-3 days. 




And for comfort if you're hurting, just drink a ton of water, or any fluid, right away. The more fluid moving through you, the more comfortable you'll be, until the treatment kicks in.  Won't take long.  


I've also given  this to my 3 year old daughter without hesitation, when I suspected a UTI, since they can be so painful and also dangerous with kidney infections. It's a good remedy to have in your home medicine kit!   

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I had one a couple weeks ago and took super cranactin and extra probiotics