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Penis Infection

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My six year old son has some kind of penis infection. This is the first he has ever had, surprisingly (because he is always ALWAYS playing with it) his whole penis is pink and a little swollen. not just the tip like some others have said about their toddlers. So i kind of freaked out when i saw it. i was thinking about taking him to the doctor today, but then again, it sounds kind of scary. i was thinking maybe if i dripped a little silver water on the tip? Please help, anyone. Thank you.

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I'd take him to the doctor, as I have no idea how to remedy it.

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You may also want to ask this question of one of our experts in the Ask the Experts Forum.

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Could it be yeast related? My son (almost 5 now and uncut) has had two instances when his penis looked red and inflamed. Once when he was an infant, it was so inflamed that he couldn't pass urine. :( There were no other symptoms other than his penis looking red and inflamed and it came on fast. After the first time, I recognized the signs a little sooner and used monistat cream externally (although I suspect any natural anti-fungal remedy would have worked -- I just didn't have any on hand) and probiotics internally. Within a day it was resolved. Depending on his discomfort level, I might do cranberry, sitz baths with vinegar (good for neutralizing yeast in the urethra and foreskin) and probiotics internally for a day or so to see if there is a resolution. Good luck!!

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My son had this a couple of weeks ago. There was also white discharge. I took him to the doc and they gave him anti-fungal cream.

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