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Hemma Lucia is here!

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Our little sweet daughter joined us yesterday at 9:17 am via a perfect gentle caesaeren birth. She was nursing happily within 10 minutes and we are all doing well!  She weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and measured 20.5 inches at 39 weeks.  Hemma is beautiful and born with a vey full head of light colored hair.  She is nursing eagerly and I am hoping the milk will come in sooner than later...

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Congrats! Make sure to share some pics when you get the time! :)

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Congratulations!  I love the name, where does it come from?  I'm so glad you had a good birth and little Hemma sounds darling!

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Congratulations!!! Enjoy cuddling your new baby!!

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Congratulations and welcome little Hemma.  Glad to hear you are both doing well.  I hope you heal quickly.

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Congratulations! Glad everything went well joy.gif

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yay! Another baby here!

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Congratulations!!!  What a great name and hope you are healing well and up & about soon!  

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Congrats!  What a beautiful name!

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That's really great you were nursing that fast! She's a nice size little girl! I can't wait to see pics - enjoy your dear little girl!

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Congratulations!!  Happy snuggling!!

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luxlove.gif Hooray! Congrats and welcome little Hemma! love.gif Can't wait to see some pics (hint)! Hope you're feeling well and enjoying your babymoon!!! joy.gif

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Here she is! And one with big brother. He has been super sweet with her - I'm seeing a whole new side of him! Her name is an older Austrian name (where I"m from). Thanks Mama's and I wish everyone still waiting a great birth and a healthy LO!!!! Can't wait to chat about colic and diaper stains.... blowkiss.gif

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Yay! Pictures! energy.gif Awwwww, she is *very* beautiful! love.gif Love all the hair! My DD was born with a ton of dark hair, so I'm partial. lol.gif Your son is handsome too! Just look at those big blue eyes! orngbiggrin.gif

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What lovely pics of them both!  ROTFLMAO.gif 

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COngratulations!! Your babes are beautiful!

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Oh how lovely! You have some cuties on your hands. So glad all is going well so far! : )

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Welcome, Hemma! You make very cute babies!!
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