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November TWW Thread

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This is a place for everyone in the TWW!  Come in and say hello, get some support, ask some questions.  Then come back and let us celebrate your success or give you hugs and encouragement.



Good luck and dust.gif to all!  Let's make some summer babies!




HPT accuracy DPO 
10 dpo : 35% 
11 dpo : 51% 
12 dpo : 62% 
13 dpo : 68% 
14 dpo : 74% 
15 dpo : 80% 
16 dpo : 88% 
17 dpo : 92% 

18 dpo : 99%



Beautiful BFP's  pos.gif joy.gif

oregon2010 pos.gifcandle.gif

MyKidKissTrees pos.gif

starfish11 pos.gif

quantumleap pos.gif




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I am in my tww.   aaahh.  12 DPO.  Had a temp dip this morning and am worried I am out. 

I hope that like to my chart works.     

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and so many congratulations on your BFP!

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Thank you!!

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Thanks for starting a new thread Pokey - hope you are feeling well!!! We will start the BD this week....due to ovulate around day 18, today is day 12.....I was thinking day 12, 14, 16,17,18 and 20...does that sound like a good plan? I have ovulated a bit early before, and as late as 20 or 22, but 18 seems to be the norm lately.....

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Good luck everyone!

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Any word, TillyBarry?


How is everyone else doing?

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Hi Pokey!! The suspense of this TWW is really getting to me. I am 7 DPO today. I've been experiencing pelvic pressure/fullness since last Sunday, 1 DPO, so I know it is not implantation related. It is just so strange! I have never felt this before. I know some women experience post-ovulatory cramping but I have not. SO, while the first week of the TWW I am usually able to embrace a zen-like calm, this time 'round, not so much. Instead I've been on hyper-aware/alert/diligent on symptom spotting duty, not so zen at all nut.gif Fingers crossed. We shall see!

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I am there, too. Have had some twinges and flutters as well as cramping. I am also incredibly tired. Like can barely move tired. Part of that is this sinus thing but I get these about twice a year and this is more tired than I normally am.

Oh! And I have had the sharp, quick vaginal pains i had with both of my previous pregnancies.
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I should O sometime between Monday and Wednesday...I'm already nervous about this month. Lol. AF came right on time this month with me really knowing in my gut I wasn't preg, so I wasn't surprised at all.

Speaking of gut feelings, I'm beginning to scare myself ...I feel like a prophetess lately...weird!
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Hi all, I'm with you on this journey ! This is our 7th cycle TTC.


O was November 7th for me (day 14). So far, not much to say ...


Good luck everyone !

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So glad for this supportive community!! Fingers crossed starfish, joyfammama, coquelicot!!


AFM, I broke down and tested this morning, 8 DPO, BFN greensad.gif I know it is really early but I was hoping... I had wildly vivid dreams last night, two about testing. In both I got  BFPs. This morning as I went to read my results I thought I saw two lines for a second and was so, so excited. I then realized it was a reflection and that it was indeed negative. I am so overcome with tearfulness. I am so weepy!!


Wishing you all lots of baby dust!! dust.gif

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I've done that before too, both the testing early and the hallucinating 2 lines. It's so hard.

Hang in there !!

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Absolutely, HANG IN THERE!  It's a maddening two weeks, though, that's for sure.


yesterday was our DD's 4 birthday party.  Such a lovely creature.  All throughout the party I kept thinking: oh my gosh, I could be growing another one of HER inside of me right now!  I would just love if that were true.  DH is home with our two today and apparently DD is NOT being her normal ethereal self ;)  Just a cranky four-year old with delusions of grandeur after being treated like the star all day :) 

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BTW, I started cramping intently a few hours ago and I realize that I am about five days past ovulation...so now I am completely consumed with the thought that a little bean might be implanting. 

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I would love to join in this thread! Its great to find a community online of women who are trying to achieve the same goal and who are like-minded :) I have missed the forums on here--although I was never a regular posted, I used to find such valuable insight.  A brief intro: It's been a crazy year--my husband is in grad school and works full time so I am trying to balance it all.  We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who has been such a delight to parent but recently is showing some fun, new and challenging behaviors;). She attends Montessori school 3 days a week and I get to be with her the other 2. We finally feel "ready" and excited to add to our family.  We are on our 3rd cycle of trying.  Would love for this to be our month--I am kinda anxious for it to happen because I do not want a much bigger gap between our kiddos but I know I can't control this process.  We are doing a lot of traveling for the holidays and I was VERY sick during my last pregnancy so I wonder how the next one will go. I also think about the birth because our plan was to have a birthing center, unmedicated birth and I ended up having HBP at 36 week and it never came down. Tried EVERYTHING. Ended up in the hospital and with a c-section.  I was crushed at first because as a doula, I have seen so many beautiful births and hoped that for me as well.  But of course I was relieved to have a healthy baby.  I hope to have a healthier and better experience the 2nd (and most likely time). 


I am 9DPO.  This is my first full month of charting and I used OPK's.

Is there a way to add Fertility Friend charts?


I hope you all get pregnant soon :)

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Hi There - I've been hanging out mostly on the Queer Conceptions thread, but there's no one over there in the TWW with me right now so I came in search of some company! Currently 5DPO, and this is our second month trying. Feeling some twinges and (sorta) cramps these last couple days, but then again I felt that last month and it was nothing, so who knows! If I wait the whole thing out I'll be testing on Thanksgiving, but last month I tested a few days early so I guess I'm leaving that possibility open...


Sparkle - i am with you on the vivid dreams about testing! it's haunting me...

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Hi Sphinxy and Oregon! Welcome!

Oregon, my DS is 2.5 and currently throwing some loops at us, too. Fun, eh? I hope you get the pregnancy and birth you envision this time around.

Sphinxy, best of luck, mama. I am sorry about your disappointment so far greensad.gif
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Hi everyone,


Really glad to have found this thread. I have a four year old daughter too and am thinking the same thoughts too Starfish11. I had an early but short AF last month and I thought I was preg! but I did a blood test and it was negative. I was asked to wait until the end of this month to see what happens. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Baby dust to all!!!

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thanks, starfish! good luck to you, too! my bbt hit a record high this morning, 6dpo. i'm hoping it's a good sign...
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