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Sphinxy, Lucille, Coquelicot  and Oregon Welcome!! I hope your time here is short winky.gif It is amazing how connections through shared experiences like this are so reassuring. Sphinxy Your temps sounds promising!! Keep us posted.

I am still waiting. I did break down and test again this morning, 10 DPO, BFN greensad.gif I am completely obsessed. I feel so weird and different but I know I convince myself of this every month. Sigh. Fingers crossed. . .



Sending good vibes to you all!! goodvibes.gif

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Thanks, Sparkle - yes, it IS reassuring! May I ask how long you've been TTC? I"m sorry about your BFNs, but hoping it's just too early...
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Sphinxy This is the 4th month of officially TTC, carefully charting symptoms and using OPKs, but it has really been 6+ months of my obsessing and many more months before that of my not trying to avoid pregnancy. I have by no means been here long compared to others. I am frustrated though and starting to get discouraged as I am 36 and I feel a real rush to conceive quickly, before my time runs out, whether that is just perceived or real. I have a DD who is 9 years old and very anxious for a sibling. I too am hoping I've just been testing too early. I should know by the end of the weekend; I expect AF Sunday or Monday, my cycle was a tad wonky last month, though I'm usually 28 days like clockwork!


I would highly recommend the Saner TTC Thread http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1365778/a-saner-ttc-hunters-moon

I so appreciate the support there as well as the relaxed low key vibe.


Fingers crossed for you for a very happy Thanksgiving!!

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A few months ago I had a late period (thought I might be pregnant, I wasnt) and then for the last 2 months I have had period ever two weeks! My fiance and I decided to actually try to get pregnant but I have no idea when i ovulate. My last period started the 26th of october and we tried a few days after and just again on the 9th. I guess we shall see. I have a feeling i wont be just because it seems like I have the worst luck getting what I want. (i've never even won a game of bingo!) Well on to waiting....

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So glad I thought to come on here and see if there was a TWW thread! I'm only 2dpo, and I'm going insane! We use a donor, and the timing wasn't awesome on this cycle, and it was our first round for this prospective babe, so odds are not stacked in our favour, but I'm *hopeful* anyway. We've done insems three times, and wound up with two pregnancies, so I'm hoping my luck will hold! I have NO idea how I'm going to get through the next 10-14days. I already want to test, which is totally ridiculous, I know. 

Emmysue - that sounds frustrating! Are you familiar with "Taking Charge of your Fertility"? 

Good luck to all! 

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SParkle, hang in there! Did you test today?

I have been at the hospital the past two days with my bestie who had to have a hysterectomy. She had such invasive, prolific fibroids that her uterus was 20 times the size of a normal one--incredible. She's now in the labor and delivery unit recovering so I have seen many newborn beautiful babies with their happy families. I thought it might have been torture but it was delicious.

I am still having lots of lower uterine cramping. The cramps are similar but distinct from menstrual cramps. So. I am feeling pretty good about our chances of conceiving this month. Still. I am trying to. Remain. Calm. And measured.
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Starfish Not yet, but I am anxious to, I'd like to POAS constantly!! I feel like I'm just sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, waiting to know 2whistle.gif Some mild cramping Monday and yesterday (I don't typically cramp before AF arrives) and an awful lot of CM for approaching the end of my cycle. Thanks for the support.


Fx for you, sounds promising! When do you plan to test?

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I actually poas earlier today which was ridiculous because I am not even a week past ovulation. The cramping in the front is now accompanied by a weird sharp ache in my back on the left side. I have no idea if that's a sign or not but I have read where some women do get this in the very early pregnancy.
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We are now officially in the the 2ww.....I don't have a great feeling about this month which is totally bumming me out....We have to take the next 2 months off because we will be traveling next September right in the middle of the month....and with my age, I feel like our chances are slipping away, and if I keep typing I am going to start to cry.....good luck on the 2ww everyone!!

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sparkle - Thinking of you and hoping you got your BFP today!


mirpmama - Good luck this cycle! From what I have seen on different threads, it does seem as though sometimes the cycles when women think they are out are exactly the ones that wind up working instead!


starfish - Fingers crossed that these are all good signs!

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Well ladies, my time here was shorter than I thought.  I got my BFP yesterday at 11DPO!  (You can see my introduction in this thread). My symptoms: my boobs felt like they were filling up with milk, sharp, random twinges and cramps in stomach, moodiness.... I hope you all get your BFP's soon too! Stay positive!

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Congrats, Oregon! thumb.gif

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jumpers.gif YEAH Oregon!!! Congrats on the BFP jumpers.gif

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Oregon! Congrats!!! I am thrilled for you and your family! Woo hoooooo!
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Congrats Oregon!!!!

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Congratulations oregon!  joy.gifenergy.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifenergy.gifbiggrinbounce.gif

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So happy for you, Oregon! 11 dpo.... Wow! I'm jealous ;-)

AFM-Had ovary throbbing/twinges yesterday over the course of about 2 hours, and my cm was still white last night, but so much it was ridiculous. So I told DH, we are doing this. He said he'd taken melatonin. I said I don't care! You WILL scr*w with me. Rofl!!!! Ewcm this morning!
My problem is never getting pregnant, tho.... Just staying pregnant.... We'll see, I guess, and I'll know in a few days.

Good luck to all of us
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Hi all. I'm brand new here! Can anyone direct me to where I can find the definition of all these awesome acronyms? smile.gif
Anyways, we are on our very first month TTC. It happened very fast with our DD (now 16 months) so I am cautiously optimistic. Currently on day 16 of my cycle. I had some very distinct ovary pain a few days ago. Started cramping yesterday. Not sure what any of that means! Crossing my fingers!

Congrats Oregon!! joy.gif
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Welcome.gif MamaMash!  Here is an exhaustive list of acronyms Here are a couple to get you started.  AFM-As for me, BFP-Big Fat Positive, EWCM-Egg white cervical mucus, DPO-days past ovulation.  Good luck to you!

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Thanks so much!!
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