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Welcome, Mama Mash!

JFM, that's so funny! And I have definitely done the same thing to DH redface.gif

AFM, I am still symptom watching. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and was awake for about an hour due to cramping in my lower uterus. They were constant but not terribly painful, just present and uncomfortable Not coming in waves like my menstrual cramps do. Does that make sense? With AF I only cramp the few hours before I start so this feels a lot different to me and very positive. AND I threw up in the shower this morning. Something I did from four weeks until the babies were born with both DD and DS. Lucky me? smile.gif

Have a great Saturday!
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Starfish11 that all sounds very promising!! I see a BFP in your near future!

AFM I'm also still symptom watching. I am still having some cramping. I've been nauseated all day today, which I'm chalking up to constant post nasal drip. I did get nauseous very early on with my DD. So, who knows! We BD'ed CD8 10 12 13 14 16 and hopefully 18 just for good measure haha. I think I ovulated day 13-14, but I didn't do any tracking this cycle. Like I said I got a BFP the first time ever trying with my DD so I've never had to really track anything eyesroll.gif I'd love to keep it that way!
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I poas this morning and it's negative. I am 8-9 days past ovulation so I know it's still too early to admit defeat. With DD I only got a very faint line the day that my period was due so I always keep that in mind.

MamaMash! Excited for you, too! I hope you are crampy and nauseated ALL DAY--redface.gif
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We're at 9 DPO, first cycle of TTC since the VR.  I've only been keeping good track of the cycle for a couple months, so I'm hoping I'm not off.  (Symptom-wise, the calendar has been dead on, so I'm hopeful.)  I told myself at the beginning of the month I wouldn't POAS until at least day 10 to try to maybe, sorta keep myself from going crazy.  I'm feeling pretty anxious the last two days to get a test and do this thing.  I am no freakin' good with waiting.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much but in reality my thoughts are convinced we could be *that* lucky and the rest of me is trying to temper that with logic.  Symptom-wise, I've been having what I call "uterine whoopdedoos", have been really sensitive to smells and having a migraine every day for the last 3 days ... which could be good, but as we all know could also just be AF on her way.  


Yep, this is me...not going crazy at all...just hanging out, being patient. Yep.  

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I hear you, knittermama. I am 11DPO, took my first test yesterday and got a BFN. I knew there was a slim chance it would show up that early even if I am pregnant, but I just had to get the first one out of the way. Now I'm promising not to test more than every-other day, so tomorrow morning it is. Breathing and waiting, trying to distract myself...
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I mus be weird!? I refuse to poas unless AF is late! Haha I would go absolutely crazy if I let myself start poas early. eyesroll.gif
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Patience is a virtue I too lack during the TWW, it is SO hard!!


Sphinxy, rooting for you big time over here. Fx and sending lots of good vibes your way goodvibes.gif

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Patience and I have never been close confidantes.

MamaMash, that's such strength. I am doing my best to wait until my period is late to test again but that's five days away. Tempted to leave my tests at home when we leave for our trip on Tuesday.

KM, I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Do you feel like me in that if all of these odd hormonal things are just coincidence I am going to be so frustrated?

Sphynxy, I am glad to hear that it takes others 10+ days DPO to test positive, too. I am not a fan of it taking that long.

I read today that implantation just takes longer in some women.
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Feasibly, how soon can you actually have symptoms?? I feel like all of these things are in my head because there is no possible way I could be having symptoms already. Ugh. Frustrating! and I'm only on the first cycle. I have no reason to be frustrated already! Haha I guess this is where my impatience comes in since I can make myself wait to see if AF is late to test smile.gif
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It's different for everyone. The cramping I still have started about after I ovulated and now my nausea and just feeling "off" have been going for about three days.

And it's different for every pregnancy, too. I didn't realize that I was pregnant with DS until my period was three days late. You got nauseas early with DD, right? smile.gif when are you testing?
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Yes, I got nauseous very early with DD. I don't remember how early it was but I do remember thinking there is no way I could be feeling yucky from pregnancy already. I tested at about day 33 with my DD and then at six weeks on the dot I started vomiting multiple times a day and didn't stop until 15+ weeks. Haha oh the joys! smile.gif I don't plan to test unless AF is late. I've on on BCP for the last 9 months. And before that I had an iud, before that I was pregnant with DD the first month I was off BCP, and before that I was on BCP for over 2 years! So, I really have no idea what a normal cycle is for my body :/ I'm just aiming for early December. My AF started November 1. Are you holding strong and not testing until AF is late Starfish11?? :-)
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I know women who know as soon as they are starting to fertilize that little zygote, so I think it's entirely possible that you are experiencing symptoms :)


I did not test today.  Right now I am in a WTH waiting pattern.  I'm so distraught and confused.  Last night I had a dream that I went to the bathroom and there were streaks of blood on the toilet paper.  A few hours ago, it actually  happened!  But it was really weird.  Like three/four streaks of light pink blood embedded in very watery, very plentiful CM.  Of course, I immediately turned to google and am now wondering if it's the start of AF or implantation bleeding.  I am totally not sure.  It matches the description of implantation bleeding in color, consistency, and timing (9-10 days after ovulation and a couple of days before my expected period).  I'm also having these really odd uterine cramps.  They are not nearly as strong as my menstrual cramps are but feel more like Braxton-Hicks tightening and releasing.  It's been five hours since I got the blood smear and nothing since.  


I did not get implantation bleeding with either with DD or DS so I just don't know how plausible it is that I would get it this time, you know?  I guess I should know more in the next 24 hours.  


And of course when I told DH that I was disappointed that it probably did not happen this month and I think we should figure out how much longer we want to keep trying he says:  Honey, I have come to realize that I really want a third baby.  


Sheesh.  DS was a complete surprise but we tried for a few months for DD. I forgot that it can be so heart wrenching month after month.  

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Sounds like implantion bleeding to me!! I got very strange cramps when I was first pregnant with my DD. these all sound like very promising symptoms. Don't get discouraged starfish11!!
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Oh, I hope so! I am full of hope but steeled for AF. At least I get to have wine for Thanksgiving? smile.gif

Only a tiny speck since this morning. Cramping has remained the same, low and different from normal PMS Right now I need to get my act together and stop turning to google.

What's everyone else feeling today?

MamaMash, still nauseated?
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Hello Fellow TWWers.  OH MY.  Im at 11 DPO tomorrow... HCG - the last two days... but my period is already two days later than last month.  SO IM FREAKING OUT.  I just want to know!!  But I fear I will literally starting sewing onsies the next day once I find out and all other tasks will melt away.  bahaha.  

I was really hoping to give pos.gif as a gift to my MIL for Christmas though.  Shes traveling 10,000 miles to stay with us for a few months and I know she would just be SOO excited!!  

So... symptoms... well, none really.  its more what Im NOT feeling than what I am.  Im not feeling PMS-y at all.  Not swollen.  Not breaking out.  Not angry.  Not bloated.  Not craving sugar.  Not cramping.  SO excited!!!  And my 23  month old slept through the night without nursing for the first time last night?  WHAT?jaw.gif

But if I have to wait until DPO 14 to get a +  I swear... I might have a heart attack.  AH.  Why does 4 days seem like 4 years?  okay, meltdown over! biggrinbounce.gif

YAY Oregon!!!!!joy.gif

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Oh yay MyKidsKissTrees! I see a BFP in 4 days or less for you! So exciting!

Starfish11, yep still nauseated! It comes and goes. But, I just feel off. Quite of bit of creamy white CM. a bit of cramping. It's still super early though, so I'm trying to put all of this in the back of my mind and focus on other things! smile.gif
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I think I just got my first BFP joy.gif  its SUPER SUPER SUPER faint.  But Im calling it.  Pregnant!  who knows if it will stay that way, but right now, I'm going to say +!!!!!1000

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Sounds promising for a lot of us!! :-) I definitely know I am now. My main thing I know by is the sense of smell. Mine is sensitive anyway, but within 24-48 hrs after conception, I know whether I am or not. Nausea, tiredness, and insane bloating start immediately, but it's mostly the crazy nose. If I stop to close my eyes, I can identify every laundry detergent, body odor, cooking/food smell, perfume, and of course any dirty diapers in the entire room. But that's not very wise either, because then I have to throw up!! Rofl! I couldn't make it through either church service yesterday without getting up because I was smelling bad bad things. Metallic taste in my mouth too...

And my DFD's grandmother found head lice on her yesterday during her visit (seemed to be early in the grand scene of things, because there were only a few), so I have spent the ENTIRE evening yesterday and day today cleaning my entire house from top to bottom. I ended up with between 25 and 30 loads of laundry. And can't even use my drying racks, cuz drying them in the dryer is the whole point!!
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Yay!!! Congrats MyKidsKissTrees!!! And sounds like congrats for you too JoyfamMama!! joy.gif
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Awesome, you guys! Congratulations! 


I tested this morning, at 8dpo. I know, I know, not a brilliant plan. I was feeling so confident, but of course it was a bfn, and now I feel very un-confident. Bah. Patience is worth it, hey?

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