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Don't get discouraged Quantamleap! Just wait a few more days and test again. I hope you get your BFP!

AFM I think I am now officially 7DPO. Still nauseated so far today. I am still chalking up the nausea to constant post nasal drip (I should probably figure out what's going on with my sinuses :/). Trying to be patient and wait to see if AF is late before testing.
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I'll join in the 2WW finally! I'm 5DPO and I wil wait until 14DPO to test. Most cycles I have the willpower to make it smile.gif With my DS I got a BFN at 12DPO and BFP at 14DPO and reminding myself of that really helps me to not test early. Anyway, I plan to test on November 30th smile.gif

Good luck to everyone testing sooner!!
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Well I guess I should join this group. I had a Paragard IUD inserted in September and it fell out during sex blush.gif last Tuesday which I believe was also my ovulation date. We didn't know it fell out until after when I went to use the restroom. I can't believe he didn't feel it. Anyway, I believe my last cycle was Oct 28 or 29th. I know there is only a 5% chance of getting preggo on ovulation day, but that's still a lot. I wouldn't mind being preggo, but we just had a baby in April. I get extremely bad hyperemesis and have to go in for IV's everyday, I really don't know how I would do it with a baby who needs me all day.


So yeah... I'm still waiting. Hopefully not for long.


But if I am.... I'd love to have a girl (but would welcome a third boy).

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Welcome Countrybound. I'll be waiting to hear what happens with you. I've been there where I don't *really* want to be pregnant because of the timing, but then I kinda hope I am... Lol
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And welcome livingsky! My crazy phone doesn't do what I want it to half the time. Lol. It sounds like we are on the same DPO schedule :-)
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Ok, this might totally be TMI.. I checked my CM tonight just to see what's up. And my cervix feels very low, I can almost never feel it. Softish. And the back side almost feels disconnected. Good or bad sign? Or does it not relate?? Oh, and LOTS of creamy white CM. crossing my fingers these are a good signs! 8DPO tomorrow. Totally sorry for the TMI but I have no one else to ask except you awesome ladies smile.gif
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Hi everyone, how are you all doing today, any recent BFPs?  Congratulations to MyKidKissTrees, I wish you a very very dark BFP !


Welcome Countrybound and Livinskyblowkiss.gif, I have positive vibes this month for all of us.


MamaMash i think you are having good signals leading to a BFP. Just keep being positive.


AFM: I am going to follow in your shoes MamaMash and wait this one out. I will not try to symptom-spot because I get very very anxious when i do, and I hear its not very good for the little bean either. So am waiting.

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Hi Mamas-

I am in the car on my phone so am sorry that I can't "talk" to each of you. I am really excited about all of the exciting signs our bodies are giving us. Although, I can't get the thought of an IUD falling out during bbd--eek!

And MamaMash, you know that if you are ready to talk about CM I am IN! I confess that I do not check my cervix as I never got the hang of it.

It's been two days since I had the streaks of blood. Since then there have been very tiny red-brown spots. At this point I think it was implantation bleeding since AF has not started. I read that IB happens in a third of pregnancies. Since this will be my third, it makes sense. I left my pregnancy tests at home so I probably won't test until Sunday when we get home smile.gif
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JoyfamMama - When are you planning to test? Will you hold out til next friday with me? It might be easier to have willpower with someone else waiting with me! LOL

MamaMash - Lots of CM is a great sign!!
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Thanks All!!  Hoping AF stays away for us all :)

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I'm only 2dpo. Or 10dpo. LOL. Based on my cycle and ff is the 10 day, based on cm it's the 2 day. I really don't mind now that I have a period to follow smile.gif I waited forever for that Ppaf just for this reason! I should start the 29th so if I'm a day late ill test on the 30th.
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Starfish- yes I know... it sounds painful but the truth is that neither of us felt it. I had mentioned to DH earlier that I could feel the strings when I was washing down there in the shower which was weird to me. However I looked online and it said it could be normal depending on cervical position, and since I hadn't felt any plastic I thought maybe I was ok, but told my husband he should check, but he brushed it off and said that he was sure he would feel it if it was coming out. Guess NOT lol.


This has me really thinking that I guess I do want another one, DH is still on the fence. So if I'm not preggo right now, I guess we'll have to see what he chooses (but he only has until April to decide).


Really this isn't the best time. My 7 month old goes in for surgery next Thursday on his head. We had a rough birth which caused something to burst in the soft spot of his head and create a cyst. At first it was small like a pea but is now the size of an egg. I'm sure it's going to be a rough couple of weeks for all of us after surgery. I doubt adding hyperemesis onto that would help that much lol. I guess I"m 50 50 on this.

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Welcome, Blonhrt88!

CB, eesh, I can see what you mean about timing, although I know you can handle it if you are pregnant. Why does he need to decide by April?

AFM, i got a BFP!!! joy.gif. Eek! I am excited. Can't wait to tell DH tomorrow as something to be thankful for. Today is DD's birthday and I am so happy that this happy memory will be connected with my sweet girl.
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Btw, I blew my "no testing until we get back home" plan. As soon as we got to our destination I made up a reason to go to the store to get some tests. Glad I did, though!
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Starfish- COngrats!!!!! So happy for you


AFM he needs to decide by April because that is what we decided for our cut off date.  He'll go get fixed after that if he's 100% sure he doesn't want another.

I'm back in school to become an RN (am an LVN now). I don't want anymore kids far apart, Either we have another one... or we don't, but I'd like to be pregnant in 2013 if we do it. I'm ok with not having another one. I wouldn't be devastated, but I would love to have another. Just don't want to push him into it if he really doesn't want more.

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YAY STARFISH!!! So excited for you! And, I'm glad you didn't hold strong and tested haha. joy.gif

AFM still lots of CM. Some cramping. Pretty dang tired, but that could be because I do have a 16 month old lol. On and off nausea. I'm having a hard time making myself wait to test. It was so easy to wait with my DD but this time I'm SO anxious! 8DPO today so I need to wait at least a few more days. I really am going to try to wait to see if AF is late. Probably will test if I haven't started on the 30th or 1st.... If I haven't given in by then haha

I can't wait to hear everyone else's results! Hoping BFP's for all of us!!
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STARFISH CONGRATS! So glad you caved, haha.

Mamamash, DON'T TEST, LOL. I need to test on the 30th too and I need someone to be strong with me!

It's getting hard, I know! I'm up at 4, again, after going to bed at 7:30!! Can't sleep because I'm nauseus unless I get up and eat something. I go back to bed at around 6 and sleep until 9!

A month ago I was exhausted from no sleep, now I'm exhausted from 11 hours of sleep! Hahahahaha.

But, I refuse to symptom spot.
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Congrats Starfish!!!

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Ok Blonhrt88, if AF hasn't showed up by the 30th I'll test! I will force myself to hold strong and not start testing early.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! eat.gif
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Countrybound - you do have a lot going on! Sometimes it feels like babies are just meant to be though, and it you're pregnant, then I think that would be the case!

Hooray Starfish! :D

I have much admiration for you people who have the self-discipline to hold off on the testing. My heavens. 


And, because I like to torture myself, apparently, I've been testing every morning - 8dpo was negative, 9 dpo was negative, and then today is 10 dpo, and it was POSITIVE!!!! I'm so excited! It's faint, but definitely there and came up pretty quick. EEEEEEE!!!!!! :)

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