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Hand sanitizers

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Are they really safe? How frequently should they use them?

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We don't use hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap. The research I've done shows it causes super bacteria.
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I pretty much only use antibacterial hand spray (I hate the way gel makes me feel) when there is no access to soap and water. The park where we often go to playgroup has a gross bathroom and no soap in there. I try not to go in there, but if we have to, we use the spray. 


Also, I use the antibacterial hand stuff in hospitals and Dr. offices. 

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I don't think using them all the time is a good idea. I use them when I'm at the hospital, and I have one in my purse that I bought when we went to visit my late grandmother - she really wanted us to come, but was in her 90s, and we were all getting over colds.


I don't use them, otherwise.

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We only use them when we have no access to soap and water and need to do something like change a diaper.
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My education is in the field of Public Health. I don't ever use hand sanitizers. I disagree actively with the current trend toward germaphobia. I believe we are doing more harm than good - physically in the realm of creating super bacteria, and mentally in the sense of teaching fear and a feeling of vulnerability. I taught my kids moderate hygiene, and none of us get sick more than anyone else. Maybe less frequently, and certainly less severely than many people I know.

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We NEVER use the stuff. In fact, I've actively instructed my kids to politely decline when it's offered at school. I'm all for plain soap and water. I clean my home with castile soap, vinegar, and baking soda. No triclosan or anything of the sort. When we are out and about and the need arises to have "clean" hands, we either go find a bathroom with soap and water, or if there is absolutely not one anywhere nearby, we may use a baby wipe or we may just go ahead and eat with "dirty" hands. Better a tiny bit of dirt than nasty chemicals! And if our hands were truly too gross to even think of eating, we go find a bathroom no matter how far away it is. No big deal.
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We use them infrequently.

But we use ones that are alcohol based, not with triclosan.


Now that it is flu season, we will use it in places that have no access to hand washing. Like the subway. My 3 yr old holds the bars, handrails on escaltors, etc. We do not want her having higher chance of flu and colds because we are welcoming two infants into our lives any day.

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