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Birth photographer?

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I can't decide if I want to hire a birth photographer for my home birth. I really want some good pictures and I think it'll be totally worth the expense. I'm mostly worried about having one more person around. We don't have a ton of space and I'll already have my partner, my son, my team of midwives, (which includes the main midwife, an assistant, and an apprentice), my sister (who will be here to take care of my son), and MAYBE a doula. So... that's a lot of people. 


Thoughts? Anyone planning on hiring one? 

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If you haven't hired a doula, perhaps you could look for a doula that also take pictures?

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I'm kind of off and on thinking of hiring one. My sister took really great pics of our last birth, but she won't be there this time and I really want some pics of this birth too.

We are not wanting many people around this time as well for different reasons. Also, the expense is a little hard to take since my sister did it for free last time around and birth photography can be pricey due to being on call and length of births.

I'm thinking of maybe hiring a newer doula who would like to be at a homebirth who also takes photos. The only thing with that is I really don't want a doula (love them, I am one myself, but wanting lot's of privacy this time).


What to do, what to do? I guess it will come to me sometime before baby is born :)

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Im a semi pro photographer and the thought of not having good birth photos for myself makes me so sad (as does maternity shoots in the snow!).  I have a friend who is a pro, never sleeps, and is one town away, so I may ask her if she can do it.  I also have a huge team, 3 midwives, EMT sister, friend and if BFF has recovered from her own birth, her too.  Oh yeah and hubby and my dad.  I can set the camera up for the best light, but the focusing, the capturing, urgh....such a dilemma in my head!!!! if you can swing the $ I say go for it

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I would go the doula route too (and CCN just let her know ahead of time that you might not need a lot of hands on support) but keep in mind that a newer doula my not have *any* photography experience at all (I certainly didn't when I started) so you'd need to ask about that specifically, don't assume.

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Hmm, not sure I have any input about hiring someone.  It seems with that many people involved that you could ask one of them to take photos?


Did you have something specific in mind for photos?  The only thing I'd add is that while my husband took hundreds of pics before our son was actually born (I was in the hospital for two weeks) when it came time for the actual birth, I asked him to take photos in black and white only.  When we looked at them afterwards, I was so glad I asked him to do that.  I loved the b&w- I felt like the color of the blood and all the various fluids everywhere would have detracted from the focus on his sweet little head and face coming out.  It seemed to relay the real feeling of peacefulness from his birth.  Just a thought.

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Around here, many doulas are also birth, pregnancy and newborn photographers.  I do have a friend who hired her doula just to take pictures during the birth...she also didn't really need the hands on help.  Her pics are beautiful.


Beantownbaby....can you really be thinking about setting up your camera during labor??  I guess it depends what kind of labor you are having!  I never had the early stages of labor, just went straight to "whoa!" so I can't imagine it, but I'm very aware that my experience is not very usual!!! 

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I love the idea of a doula/photographer, but if I'm going to have a doula I already have one in mind. She's a friend/doula. The only reason I want to hire someone is that I'd like some high quality pictures. I do have a brother in law who is a photographer and lives close by, so maybe I could settle for lower quality pictures during the labor/birth and then have him come over right afterward and take some good pictures. 

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My brother is a photographer who lives 20mins away from me and I've been wondering how to approach him about taking some pictures around birth time.  I'm not really sure he'd be comfortable doing it DURING the birth, but I know he'd be great afterwards.  Maybe during the birth I'll nudge the camera towards my mother and she'll grab some passable shots.  If I was having a doula, it'd be great if they'd double as a photographer!  Sami - maybe your friend is an okay shot?


mariee - thanks for the tid bit about black and white - that really makes sense to me. 

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The doula I've hired also does birth photography.  She said if it's a more hands off birth there will be more pictures, and less if she's more active in her support.  Their practice does offer a photography package, where another person would attend as just a photographer, but I think I'll take my chances.

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