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No experience with prolapse. Good question for you midwife or gyn.

It is totally normal for your cervix to he higher or lower at different parts of your cycle.
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Ive seen lots of prolapse cases.  I mean, it warrants a trip to the doc but you will probably find that if you regularly do kegals and pelvic floor exercises it will be fine.  Most prolapse cases have a bulge coming either through the muscle tissue dividing the rectum and vagina, or actually bulging OUT of the vagina.  It does not sound like you have what is even close to either of those. 


I know this thread is kind of old, have you seen a doc?

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Well, the new guidelines only recommend a pap every three years, so you are probably fine. Things are different post-childbirth. I can't actually explain it well... lower? Stretchier? When I used to chart, my cervix would be super low right before my period. 

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Thanks for the responses. No I haven't seen a doc about it. I haven't been to an OB/GYN in a long time... since right before my pregnancy last year. redface.gif Our insurance changed to DH's since then and I have been procrastinating on finding all new doctors within our network. It sucks. It's a teaching hospital I have to utilize too. Last time I went there (like 6 years ago) I had a whole ton of people looking up my vagina, along with a stand-in male OB who just happened to look like Matt Damon! LOL. Most memorable pap I've ever had.


I think what I thought was a prolapse might just be what Sara described as the cervix being lower at that point in my cycle. Maybe post-pregnancy things changed a little bit so my cervix is even lower than it used to be during ovulation, or maybe I'm just more aware of things down there now and had no idea it was THAT low all along. It seems back up higher now that I'm menstruating.


If nothing else, I suppose I should still get in to see an OB before year-end to take advantage of already having met my deductible. orngtongue.gif

haha Your cervix WANTS you to get pregnant! lol.gif

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Every three years, huh?  That's freaking great!  I hate paps and would guiltily skip 1-2 years between them (when not pregnant) so now I have a justification for doing so!  Yay!


Joanie, I would go in just for peace of mind, but everything is stretched out a bit more and probably sags a bit more than it did before.  There are exercises you can do to help and a good GYN should be able to help you with that.  Otherwise you might want to seek help from a PT that is trained in pelvic floor work.  Kegels can actually do damage if you're not doing them correctly so I wouldn't recommend you go out of your way to do a bunch of kegels until you know more about what's happening.  Like Sara said, the cervix can get quite low when you're in your infertile phases and will rise up when your body is trying to ovulate.  Could just be that.  There are also a lot of  prolapse threads in the Birth and Beyond forum, you could check some of those out to see if it sounds like what you're experiencing.

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