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Could she be teething?!?

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DD is about 3 1/2 months old.  The last week she has been VERY fussy - DH was up for one night solid with her crying, nothing would console her.  The rest of the time she's still really fussy.  Up until now she has been a very laid back, well behaved ;) girl!  She has a little bit of a stuffy nose, and with her pacifier or if dh tries to give her a bottle she really works her mouth over them instead of just sucking.  After her NICU stay she didnt' have much interest in nursing when she came home, but about 3 weeks ago she latched and seemed to prefer that over a bottle when I wasn't at work.  I nursed her as much as I could.  All of a sudden she doesn't want to nurse anymore and she's not eating as much from a bottle either.  When the fussiness first started she was spitting up a lot more also, so I've cut diary from my diet for the past week.  We have also had a few diapers that aren't normal for her.  They are very rarely seedy, they look more like yellow paint, but a few have been green and more runny/watery. 


Could it be teething?  Does she just have a cold and the congestion has her tummy upset and is affecting her appetite?  Colic? 


Any input, advice, etc?  My poor DH is about to pull his hair out during the days - he's laid off right now so he is taking care of her while I'm at work. 

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I wish I had some advice but have none. Hope things get better soon and big hug to you and your DH.

My LO was spitting up all of a sudden for a few days and it seems to have stopped now, and his poos are always seedy but besides that they vary quite a bit even over the course of one day - green to gold to orange, thick, thin, meager, abundant etc. He also does fussy fussy crying jags but it's never been all night without sleep. Does it help if he wears her? Or holds her right up over his shoulder? That's my DH's go to move when LO is inconsolable.
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I find swaddling and snuggling her really close helps alot.  He can't get the swaddling thing down, lol.  However the man is like a radiant heater and he just lays on the couch with her on his chest and covers them both with a blanket.  I checked out a website that shows different ways to carry/wrap to wear her.  I've got to get the fabric and try it.  I think he gets frustrated because he's stuck on the couch all day with a crying baby.  I don't blame him. 

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mine prefers to move around when fussy and the wrap is great for that. good luck and hugs to your dh!
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