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Slow Cooker Recipes

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As requested, here are links to a bunch of the Crock-Pot recipes I use. The vegetarian/vegan options are at the bottom.


Salsa Chicken: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/304450/


Maple Orange Chicken with Squash and Sweet Potato: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/303187/  (I prefer to use butternut squash, instead of acorn)


Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/548751/


Pork Roast with Apples and Cabbage: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/548752/


Chicken Pot "Pie": http://plantoeat.com/recipes/209885/ FAMILY FAVORITE


Cranberry Pork Roast: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/209906/


Honey Sesame Chicken: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/500700/ FAMILY FAVORITE


Apricot-Pineapple Chicken: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/473776/




AWESOME Burritos: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/303197/  FAMILY FAVORITE We use mixed beans, instead of just black beans.

I also leave the diced tomato and use that to top the burritos when we wrap them. We always like to use fresh cilantro and either

sour cream or Greek yogurt as toppings when we have them, also a little lime juice. It makes them go from "yum" to "WOW!"


Garlic-Artichoke Pasta: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/576954/ (vegan if you sub something for the cream)


Pizza Casserole:http://plantoeat.com/recipes/550640/  (add in any pizza "topping" ingredients you'd like)  <---Leave out the ground for VEGETARIAN

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Thank you! We're at the coast now but I can't wait to get home and look through these. 

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These are great!  I primarily use my crockpot for chicken broth (days at a time) and roasts.  I will have to try some of these!

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Thanks a ton! I can't wait to get my big crock pot to try some of these out!

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