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My Home Birth, Times Two

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Hi, Everybody!

New here, but thought I'd share my own story on a site where folks are probably interested!  (I posted to facebook and got lots of awkward silence... HA!)  It's on the longer side (as far as internet reading goes!) so it was easier just to post it to my website:  http://www.quackbaby.com/7/post/2012/07/the-home-birth-squared.html    Feel free to leave a comment, ask questions, or whatever!

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Hi supersarah!! wave.gif Nice to have you here! I very much enjoyed reading your stories for several reasons: there's a crispness to your words that is refreshing to me (you don't sugar-coat anything and you're very detailed and direct), I loved how you put both births back-to-back since you had the same midwife and environment, and I really liked how you persevered and did what it took to get your baby out. You are an obviously strong woman. I also wish I could have your midwife wink1.gif. She sounds absolutely amazing.
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Love the stories.  Thank you for posting. :)

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Thanks for reading Linnaea and Jodieanneanton!  It was funny, as I wrote the essay(s) I kept thinking, "now who in the world will actually CARE about these details?"  I was basically journaling (as well as helping my midwife expand her website by adding my narrative to her 'birth stories' section) before I realized that LOTS of women (or at least a few) might be interested... and I know exactly where to find them!  My guess is that most of us on mothering.com are here because we're like-minded (though not clones of each other, of course) and that a personal home birth story is being told to the right audience.  I think it's empowering to know the nitty gritty details of another person's labor and delivery, and I'm happy that my story/ stories have found its/ their way into other mama's lives!  Feel free to check out my other writing at the same website:  http://www.quackbaby.com  Thanks again!

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Sarah, I have been thinking about the stories all day.  I love how your midwife was so respectful and hands off and then asked permission before just taking over.  Seems like she really recognized that it was YOUR birth.  I love that.  :)  Also, I LOVE reading birth stores.  :)  I love when new ones pop up over here... I just devour them!

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I was deeply moved and inspired by your stories.  I just had a homebirth of my first son two months ago.  He came out breech and 8 days past due date.  I really felt I could relate to your story, and honest stroy telling.  Thanks you so much for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing Sarah!  Two very beautiful birth stories!!

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