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Round Ligament Pain ?

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I started feeling a sharp pain in my right side yesterday afternoon. I can't really explain where. It has since woken me up. I want to say that everything is just stretching and growing but it does seem to be pretty constant, whereas I am reading on-line that round ligament pain is more of a spasm. I will see our midwife tomorrow so I will def. mention it but I wondered if anyone has any thoughts - looking for some reassurance everything is okay I guess. 

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Do you have a cyst or anything like that? I have a pretty large cyst on my right ovary and my doctor explained that although it rarely ever happens, the only problems that they see with a cyst occurs when the cyst gets wrapped up and twisted. He said that if this was to happen, that it would be a constant sharp pain. We had talked about it because I had asked about sharp pains a few weeks ago and they said that it was just round ligament pain. 

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No, Bambi, not that I am aware of. I can say the pain has subsided.
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I've been having RL pain pretty regularly this entire pregnancy - no fun! It does feel like a muscle spasm, but for me, it can last for 10 minutes or more and sometimes longer if it starts to go away and then I move wrong, it'll come back. Sometimes it's on one side or the other, sometimes both and in various heights from midway between my pubic bone and belly button to almost under my pubic bone.


I'm sure that's all it is. You probably just moved wrong in your sleep.

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I have also been feeling what I would call sharp pain- usually lower and on one side or the other. It is not constant, but usually occurs in several short bursts throughout the day, and then not again for several days. Along with that I have felt definite stretching and pulling (especially if I squat and then stand up fast!) which I recognized quickly as the round ligament pain...I guess what I am trying to say is I THINK what I am feeling is just normal stretching and growing, so hopefully you can find comfort in knowing others are feeling similarly...babies are growing fast now! :)

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I definitely get RLP most when I'm standing up from a seated position. It's like I stand up too quickly and it yells at me. Seriously annoying.

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Has anyone had round ligament pain that feels more like a dull period ache sensation? I've had this off and on aching, not cramping, mild, no bleeding or anything all day now. I also noticed in the past day or 2 I am really starting to "look" pregnant. I wonder if it's all connected. 

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I should add that I'm 23 weeks tomorrow.

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I'm not sure if the dull ache is round ligament pain, but I get it on and off, too. I'm 24w5d. The round ligament pains are getting much sharper, but I think my baby likes to lay sideways and that really makes the round ligament pain worse. I'm pretty sure the dull achiness is normal, though.

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Thanks for the reassurance, MommyRuth:)


I had a midwife appointment on Friday and she said it sounds like growth, uterine muscle fibers doubling, etc. She said it was totally fine that I used the rice pack. Since Wednesday no followup aching so that's good.

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