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2 year old puking

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DD threw up in her sleep last night, and didnt even wake up and complain about it. It seems weird to me, because if she even so much as pees a tiny, tiny bit in her pull up she is usually up screaming bloody murder that she needs to take a bath because she peed on herself. We asked her about it this morning and she said it made her tummy feel better. She'd eaten some queso the night before, and we thought that maybe it didnt set right on her stomach (this kid eats cheese like it's going out of style, but we thought since it was a bit spicy maybe it was the culprit)


We cleaned everything up, got her a bath, and she was acting totally fine. She asked me for hot tea, and I gave her some blueberry tea (which i steep for less than one minute, so its basically blueberry water) with a tiny bit of honey in it. She drank about half a cup and then curled up in DH's lap and puked again. 


AND of course, it's Sunday. It's always Sunday when she gets sick. My pediatrician must think Im a serious PIA because it seems like I call her every weekend. No fever, no change in behavior, says her tummy isnt upset. So, here is my question:


Do I continue to feed/water her even though I know it's going to make her puke? I have some gatorade (and I think even a bottle of pedilyte somewhere). She's wanting milk and cereal and the rest of her tea, and I dont want to make her hungry but I also dont want her to be miserable from puking it up. She did have some water this morning too. I don't want her to get dehydrated. 

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I do give small amounts of water/gatorade but I don't push a lot when the kids are still in the midst of doing lots of throwing up (wait 10 minutes or so, at least).  


Personally, I always prefer ice/popcicles when I'm ill over drinking water so I offer those first, and keep the other stuff (gatorade/water/juice) available.  I'll also take or give baths with epsom salt to help dehydration issues too.  I'd avoid the milk/cereal but give crackers or toast to nibble on.  Applesauce is also good - all things which aren't as hard on you if you're going to get sick and still satisfying.

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I do what we do in ED with vomiting kids (and adults actually). Give nothing at all for one hour after they vomit. If they go an hour with no vomiting, start with sips of water ( or another clear fluid if they don't want water). If you can't trust them not to gulp the whole cup just put a mouthful in the cup or use icy poles. Continue to give sips as long as they don't vomit and gradually increase the amount.

If she is desperate for solid food I would give it after about an hour or so of tolerating an increasing amount of fluids but I'd start with one or two mouthfuls and then wait 10-15mins or so.

Anytime she vomits I go back to the fasting for one hour before starting sips again.

I hope she's feeling better soon.
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