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Hello. If you are knowlwdgeable of parasites or can recommend someone who is, i am in need of some very sound and effective advice on treating pinworms. To give you a summary, I have a 9.5mo, 7yo, myself, husband and mother in law in our household and my Dr recently diagnosed me with pinworm. This would be the 3rd time in about a year that we've had this problem. I believed my dd picked it up at school last year but we currently homeschool now. And it isn't til now after reading the Pinworm Thread that I have some idea of how to treat/control it more efficiently. But all the advice still seems ineffective long term according to the testimonies. Would you be able to share some advice on the matter? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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I think a combination approach using holistic and conventional medicines is often the most effective for pinworms and other intestinal parasites. Get everyone on an anti-parasite herbal formula long term. The Brainchild Nutritionals website has formulas that are safe and convenient for young children.


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