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Postpartum mamas - How are you doing?

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How are all the new mamas doing?  How is life on the other side?


Baxter is 3 days old today!  My milk hasn't come in yet but thankfully I'm not quite at that bloody and raw stage I get to before it does.  He does have a very strong latch and likes to nurse for 30-45 minutes at a time.

Having 4 kiddos is hard.  The 20 month old seems kind of sad and has been requiring a lot of attention.  My older 2 have been spoiled by having being watched by my inlaws and they've kind of forgotten that no, we don't sit around watching TV all day and yes, we need to pick up our toys.


I'm trying to get rest in as much as possible - I'm still bleeding a lot and last night I started getting pretty sketchy clots again.  It's difficult because I came home to a messy house and laundry piled high, since we had no power for a few days before my water broke.


How is everyone doing?  How is nursing?  Hope everyone is enjoying their babymoons!

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My bleeding has slowed considerably-glad to get rid of those GIANT pads. I can't nurse on my left side because my nipple cracked (they both did-just the left is much worse) I've never had this happen so it's been stressful. I have reduced my severely painful engorgement to just painful, and I'm pumping the left side every few hours. This baby can sleep, which would be awesome, except my boobs can't take it, so I'm constantly waking him up.

My parents came, with my brother, his girlfriend, and her 2.5 year old-talk about stress city. My brother and co. left today, and my parents leave tomorrow, and I'm actually happy about it, because no one has been helping and they're all driving me crazy!

Sorry about the vent, I'm just crazed right now.


Anyone else having crazy postpartum headaches? I've had one since Friday night and nothing is touching it.


I can't imagine having 4-moving to 3 has been hard. My kids have been really stressed too, and I'm finding it hard to provide them the attention they need.

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My milk came in last night which is just in time - baby Baxter is getting a little yellow and really needed the milk to help with his Bili levels.  My boobs are sore - and not the crazy raw nipples.  they just hurt all over, i don't remember them hurting this much before.

Today is the first day I haven't had to take any advil, trying to see if I an make it through without any.  the cramps are kind of intense when he nurses but they are getting better.  

This morning was my first morning alone with all 4 - and had to get breakfast and the oldest off to school.  It's hard to juggle everything!

I was hoping to nap when my toddler napped but by the time I got the laundry in, nursed Baxter and checked my emails, he was already awake.  Ooofff.

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Everything was going so well. Sore breasts and engorgement, yes, but nothing like with ds. Evie is pretty laid back and sleeps really well, seems comfortable most of the time. Ds has been a bit of a mess, but that's to be expected from a 17 month old, right? Bleeding was decreasing steadily until...one small clot yesterday lead to another bigger clot lead to serious bleeding. Dh had to drive all of us to the ER. No one would help him get me inside so he carried dd in the carrier and ds on his hip while he wheeled my bleeding self up the ER walk through the door. Triage takes forever and ds is totally freaked out. I'm a mess worried about bein separated from Evie, possibly not being able to nurse her, and quite honestly, scared about losing so much blood. A friend comes to watch ds in the waiting room until dh's parents can get him and take him back home. The ER doc packs me with gauze until the ob gets there. They do an ultrasound and see "something" hanging on close to my cervix that she thinks she can pull out without me needing a d&c. So then she shoves a speculum in and starts digging around my cervix, all the while I'm reminding everyone that I have stitches! I white knuckle it while she pulls something out, does another ultrasound, says she got it, shoves some misoprosol up my backside and gives me a shot of methergin. I'm still bleeding but they say that's ok because the medicine needs time to work on contracting my uterus. Meanwhile they have already brought me my discharge papers. I pass another clot on the toilet and they send me home. Should have insisted on staying until my bleeding slowed down, but really wanted to believe that I didn't need a d&c. Go home and experience continued and intensified bleeding. Sit on the couch passing clot after clot while dh and the inlaws try to get ds ready to go spend the night at their house. Dh calls the dr who says to wait an hour before coming back in. Everyone is buzzing around snapping at each other trying to pack up stuff for me, the baby, and ds while I just sit on the couch bleeding. Ds is a complete mess. Finally I wrap a chux pad up and around myself, put on some shorts over and manage to the car. Get back to the ER, unable to walk due to blood loss, get admitted and sit around bleeding for another hour or so waiting for the d&c. Go to surgery pass a gigantic clot while transferring to the operating table. Wake up crying because they had to restitch me and I felt worse waking up than I did before. Asked if I still had my uterus. Yes, I did. They managed to stop the bleeding. Needed lots of pain meds. Got home around 2 am. Slept and slept.

Everything is fine today except for ds. He seems way off constantly melting down. I have to remind myself that his little world is rocked right now.

Whew. Felt good to get that out!!
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Oh my gosh, tekcez, that is so scary! Take it as easy as you can (I know, easier said than done). So glad you are okay now.

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oh wow, tekcez, what a horror! Ugh, you poor thing. Can't believe how little help and attention you got at the hospital, makes me angry! just glad it is over now. hopefully ds will find his balance soon again.

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Yeah, whoops, didn't mean to hijack the thread with my crazy story!  I just saw the "how are you doing?" and thought, well I was doing great until...  Hospitals sure do suck. It was a good lesson for dh and I about how much you really do have to advocate for yourself in that setting.  We kept saying "Next time..." I feel like I'm starting over with the healing process, but other than the stress and extra pain involved with the swelling and restitching, things are actually pretty good here.  I overdid it a little this morning by standing in line for an hour and a half to vote, but Evie was a trooper.  She hung out in the Ergo with no fussing until the very end when she got hungry.  I just love the newborn sweetness.  She smells amazing, and her face is just heaven!!  All of the apprehension and distance I felt at points during the pregnancy have just melted away.  It's a great feeling. 


Dh has been so amazing with ds.  He has not necessarily been an attachment parenting, gentle discipline kind of guy.  I mean he hasn't been the opposite either, but these past couple of days when I have just been having a really hard time dealing with ds's meltdowns, dh has talked to me calmly and thoughtfully about how he is choosing to be loving and gentle and accepting of all the emotions that ds is going through and letting him have them, which of course is the right thing to do!  He has really impressed me with his daddy skills and sweetness. It's been fun to watch their bond grow while I'm caring for the little one.  My bleeding has really slowed down, so that is one for the plus column, too!  The nipple soreness and general breast achiness and engorgement is pretty much gone.  My let down has gotten stronger, and Evie is backing off the deep latch to try to control the flow, I think.  So that is causing some continued nipple soreness, but it's no longer toe curling, just slightly uncomfortable.  

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Take care of yourself, tekcez! Sounds like you need to just rest and build your blood back up! Lots of rest, water, salt and iron for you mama!

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Oh mama! Glad you are back on the healing path. Hope
You can remember to take it easy even when you're starting
To feel better.
We ended up in the hospital on Halloween, eight days after Zoe was born because of dangerously high bilirubin levels. She spent just under 24 hours in the ped unit under lights. It wawa bit stressful and set back my healing process a bit. So much for the two week stairs restriction. I'm feeling ok just exhausted and wanting to attack dust bunnies and do dishes etc. luckily I have food drop offs and cleaning visitors now set up for the next couple weeks.
It was hard for me to ask for the help but I did. I had a friend set it up with everyone. I highly recommend all post partum mamas ask for help! People like to help out. All we have to do is ask.
Healing vibes to all the mamas!
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Oh my gosh, tekcez!  I'm afraid I have to agree with franjapany!  I can't believe how poorly they treated you at hospital!!  That is just disgusting.  :-(  I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better and hope your road to recovery is quick and smooth without any further interruptions!!

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Ugh. Yeah that's why I was so adamant about avoiding a hospital birth despite my gd. The worst part now is that I think I popped a stitch. The original stitches after the birth never hurt, and the ones I got after the d&c have not stopped hurting. I need to take a look down there and see what's up, but part of me doesn't want to know, ya know? I had a minor tear from the birth that they must have just really ripped open during the procedure greensad.gif
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Wow Tekcez, that's crazy.  Glad you're OK and that you're resting up and healing!!!  please take care & keep us posted!!

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How are you doing tekcez?  That's so scary to have that happen at home...

My bleeding is finally starting to maybe lighten up a little bit and I'm faced with those terrible nightsweats each night, ugh.

I feel like I'm starting to feel like myself again, as long as I'm getting enough sleep and am bed by 8pm each night.

Baxter is up nursing every 90 minutes it seems, nurses for an hour and snoozes and then is fussing again.  I can kind of go on autopilot while I nurse and doze off.


How is everyone else doing?

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nak and left handed typing here.

I really can't complain. compared to my previous post partum experiences I feel wonderful! I haven't really taken time to rest much and I'm glad I didn't need it, bc there really is not much of a chance with three little ones. other than some pain from the tear and a really sore tail bone I didn't have any problems. and on top of that this baby is extremely kind in terms of nursing. I even sometimes have to nudge him so my breasts won't burst. so obviously still dealing with some engorgement, but so much more relaxed than dd's 90min rhythm!

also: night sweats here too for the first time last night. totally forgot about those. ah, the hormones... I wonder what is happening there? I just noticed that my sweat suddenly has a strong smell while normally I have little to no body odor.

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Yeah, sweaty and stinky here, too! At night I feel almost like I'm ill when she wakes me up to nurse. I'm def not getting enough sleep, but that's nothing new. this lo is a serious spitter and very refluxy in general. Really needs to be held completely upright for quite a while after eating to avoid an uncomfortable barffest followed by crazy hiccups. She wants to nurse a lot for comfort, but then she just gets milk overload. I hate using a pacifier, but I also hate seeing her drowning in milk, so I've been giving her one. My dad has been with me all week and has been a huge help with ds. I'm terrified of what will happen when it's just the 3 of us. Ds is really having a tough time sharing mama. He's not taking it out on dd but his sleep is even worse than usual and he's melting down all day long. I'm pretty much healed up, though, and the bleeding is down to almost nothing. Feeling great physically other than just typical exhaustion. My mom will be with me for a week and a half starting on Thanksgiving. Very happy about that. We are probably crazy, but we decided to host Thanksgiving at our house so we wouldn't have to go anywhere with the kids. Seemed like a good idea at the time then mil invited the entire extended family, so we will have about 20 people here. I'm trying not to freak out about it. It's going to be a paper plate and plastic cup kind of occasion.
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Hanging in there here.  Crazy, but not nearly as much as with our first set of twins.  So much more relaxed.  I think these babes being borm at 39.4 weeks instead of 36.2 weeks has made all the difference for them and us as parents. I'm not freaking out about weight gain, the temperature of the house, etc. 

Much better c-section and recovery too...I think bedrest for three plus weeks just made being a new mama the first time around harder than it needed to be too. 

Our 2 and a half year olds are doing OK.  They need us to get our stuff together so they have some planned activity to their day, but I think once we get there they will be much better off.  They get a little stir crazy being in the house and just playing with their toys or us reding to them, etc.  Soon we'll get the balance right! 

Oh, night sweats?!  It took me a couple of nights to remember what was going on!  Wondered why I was waking up drenched!


tekcez: glad you are on the road to recovery.  I've been watching so heavier bleeding after a clot on Mon...doesn't sound scary like your experience though.  And, hosting T-day??  Yeah, we acepted when my childless sister and BIL offered to host!  We will bringing the turkey!  Brine, pop in the oven and wait.. sounded easy enough!  Good luck to you!

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Doing well here. I am really trying to observe at least 2 weeks of lying in (so far it's been 11 days). No cooking or chores, limited trips up and down the stairs. My partner changes all the diapers for now. My job is to feed the baby and heal. I had a 2nd degree tear so I don't want to put stress on it by walking around a whole lot. We had to take the baby for his first ped appt at 2 days. After our nice cozy home birth, that was no fun for me. I was moving at a snail's pace. and I got out of breath walking from the parking lot to the office. But we survived.

I am in awe of you mamas with other little ones already at home. This whole experience has gone rather well for me so far, but it's definitely made me doubt my ability to ever do it a second time! My 11yo stepdaughter was here for a few days, but at her age, she's much more of a help than a hindrance. It was really nice to have her here.

Baby is nursing pretty well. My milk came in at about 3-4 days postpartum. He does this thing where he curls his bottom lip under instead of sticking it out, but I've been correcting him and he seems to be learning. And judging by the number of diapers he's going through, he's eating enough. I'm working on nursing lying down for those middle of the night feedings. It seems like the nursing books want you to use a million pillows for support, but then the cosleeping books say get rid of excess pillows. :/

I leak milk during letdown and sometimes at random other times, so I got some nipple shells to collect the leaked milk (and to give my nipples some air underneath clothes). How can I store/accumulate such small quantities for later use?
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We are finally home after 6 nights in the hospital - it feels SOOOO good! :) Things are vastly improved from even just yesterday. Everything got off to a rough start with him due to his pneumothorax and broken clavicle, staying in the ICN and being separated from me, etc. He was inconsolable for a couple of days, but now my milk has come in and so he is more satisfied and sleeps between feeds, but he is actually quite sleepy at the breast which is a little frustrating. I am healing from a second degree tear and my back is killing me from a combination of the birth and being stuck in a hospital bed for close to a week, but other than those complaints I am doing okay physically. I am just so in love with our little guy. I can't believe he is really ours!

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Oikophile: glad to hear you are resting and baby is doing well. There is a product called Milkies milks saver that you can stick in your bra or snug tank that collects leaked milk from the side you aren't nursing on. I have read many positive reviews. I tried to use it once so far, but I think my bra was too tight and the pressure just prevented my breat from leaking at all. I'm determined to make it work, though, and it may work for you. I got mine from amazon.

Babychak, it's got to be great to be home after all that!
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There is a product called Milkies milks saver that you can stick in your bra or snug tank that collects leaked milk from the side you aren't nursing on. I have read many positive reviews.

Thanks! I have Medela soft shells and I'm basically trying to use them
the same way as Milkies. My question was more, how to store the milk? I'm getting small amounts most of the time, like 1Tbsp or less, but I figure it could add up. How do I collect such small amount without the milk going bad in the meantime? I'll be EBF for at least another month, probably. I'm totally new to this.
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