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Toledo Area Mama's?

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I moved back to the Toledo area over the summer.  I am a single mother of two, and now with another on the way.  I'm looking for some mama's, single or not, to hang out with.  I know there used to be a big mama group in Toledo I was involved with when i was in the area before, but do not know if they are still around.

So who's in the Toledo area?  Are there groups already?


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It's been a long time since I have seen any posts for the Toledo area Moms here on MDC.


I think most people now hang out on the Naturally Sweet Parents group on FB. You may also find a group at the Mother's Own Birth Friends page on FB. Mother's Own is a closed group. I'm not sure at the Naturally Sweet group.

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Thanks, I'll have to look it up.  This pregnancy is going to be hard from the pregancy through the labor and delivery.  The father doesn't want to be involved and I'm afraid I'll be doing it alone.  Mind you a part of me just thinks I'd rather just stay in the comfort of my own home and go unassisted.  While I know it makes sense to have another there, one I don't feel comfortable with most people and two I can't afford to pay people.  My labors are super quick with only complications that are supposed to slow down labor, but labors were 3 and 4 hours total.  So I can't imagine what having a super quick one would be like.

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