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The Nest

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At first I was concerned that my husband wasn't excited about our pregnancy... he didn't seem to have much understanding for my morning sickness or my fatigue. But now I know he must be really excited because he's started refinishing the upstairs office into a nursery... all his idea. We're still so early into this pregnancy, but it is so charming to see him nesting a bit. In addition to working on the office-conversion, he also emptied out a beautiful dresser we found so (eventually) we have room for baby clothes and diapers, and he's saying things like "Oh, this rocking chair will be great for you and the baby when you nurse..."


This is our first, so it's all so new to us. But whether you are a new mom or an established one, I was wondering if anyone else is nesting a little, too? Are you or your partner making plans for where the baby will sleep? Are you eyeing clothing or furniture or other items for yourself or your new addition?  Would love to hear!

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I have been thinking of it.  I have a three bedroom with two kids already.  For the first year or so baby will be in my room, which means having to rearrange things.  I've been trying to figure that all out.  After that some kids will have to share rooms but haven't figured out those logistics. 

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For my first I was like that.  It was so much fun! For this baby, I think the only thing I will really do is get a couple of cute outfits and maybe one or two items that I think will come in handy.  Everything else we will wait and see what the personality of the baby is like.  With DS1 we had a one bedroom apartment with a nook, so I set up this really cute nursery, which we never used, ever! lol! DS1 was a very high needs baby, and we ended up co sleeping and baby wearing all. the. time.  So I anticipate the same with this LO.  We bought a house last year with a couple of bedrooms, so I COULD set up a nursery....but more than likely, I will wait until we transfer this baby out of our room to make new bedroom arrangements.  And when I was little, my brother and I LOVED sleeping in bunk beds together, so we may end up having the kids share a room for a while so that we can keep our guest room available.  If they want.


....Fast forward a couple months and I may have a totally different philosophy though!!


Really though, it's such a wonderful experience getting ready for a new baby.  joy.gif

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Hmmm, nah, no real plans to do too much changing at first. We're just going to roll with it, see how things go lol.gif . If baby is a girl I'm going to have a grand time getting some colorful, fun type clothes though smile.gif . Not a lot of variety there in the boy department.

I've been getting the urge to set up the baby swing someone gave us with DS2. Going to hold off on that though lol.
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We are moving our two boys out of our bedroom (they sleep on a big mattress on our floor) and into our second bedroom. We are going to have fun decorating that room for our two guys and have started brainstorming ideas already but I don't think we'll do the work till the holidays or maybe even later. Baby will bed with us for the first year or so.



If anyone has ideas for big boy beds let me know. We've been considering a lot of options - big shared bed so that it could be a guest room for guest couples, bunk beds (although we are afraid they'll fall out), trundle beds, tatami mats that could be rolled & put away, etc.  Would love to hear what works for others.

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I'm not feeling the urge to buy anything or prep anything for this little one! I think I'm still nervous and waiting for something...for what, I'm not sure...movement? A big belly? Gender reveal?


I've also learned from experience that all I really need for several months is a bouncy chair, a few blankets, diapers and a pacifier or two. We'll be moving at the first of the year, so I may feel more inclined to nest at that point also.


outerspacemama - I have my two boys sharing a room (well, I've tried splitting them, but they want to be together!) Until recently, we had bunk beds. Now, we have two twin beds. It eats up the entirety of their room - but room is for sleeping and getting dressed only, really - they play elsewhere. My oldest was too big for the top bunk and my youngest didn't want to have anything to do with it anymore and started sleeping on the floor! But, before that, I loved bunk beds!

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I have a 4 bedroom house, 2 bedrooms upstairs and 2 downstairs (old cape cod home- small rooms).  The 2 rooms upstairs are mostly empty.  I use the spare room downstairs as my office/ photography equipment and also for my dresser and clothes (house was built in the 30's and the closets are TINY- not enough room for husband and I to share).  So I'm going to move my office upstairs.  I'm going to have a ton of painting to do!!  I went to the store yesterday and asked about paint that is 'safe' during pregnancy and the clerk said that there was a benjamin moore paint with zero VOC's in it, but it still had other harmful chemicals.  And it it was $56 per gallon!!!  Wowza.  Has anyone else done any painting or will be doing any painting, and if so, what paints have you used?  Having my husband do all of the painting is not an option, for several reasons. 

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The first thing we did after getting over the shock of a positive test was to start planning to finish the basement.  It is a new home and we have been meaning to get around to the basement since we moved in 2 years ago.  With only three bedrooms currently done I have my boys sharing one and my girls in the other.  We *had* been happy about having a bedroom for each child when the basement was complete.....looks like that isn't going to happen.  Once this baby is old enough to move out of our room (after a year or two) he/she will have to share with someone.  Once the basement is complete we will rearrange the master bedroom to make room the baby (clothes, diapers, nothing fancy).  I will figure out clothing storage and the like at that point.


It seems like all we have been doing (aside from the morning sickness and non-stop sleeping) is thinking about the house.  So yes, we are nesting I suppose  lol.gif

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I'm just cleaning, cleaning, cleaning in case I stay or move. Not sure what I'm gonna do. But need to find some peace with my house in order to make a decision. Boyfriend's house is pretty cool, but I hadn't planned on moving, like ever. My 5 year old still co-sleeps so I'm not too worried about a room. My boyfriend put a second queen mattress in his bedroom. Maybe this is nesting, his household could be going from one to four, or he just can't decide which mattress he likes more.
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