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Seeking an apprentice/low cost doula

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Hi all, 

I am due in Feb with baby number 2 and am a candidate for a VBAC.  I have a great husband, and family, and friends...but none of them are exactly what I feel I will need to get me through this birth.  My first birth was slightly traumatic and I had a less than great experience with my doula (who didn't show!) I would love to team up with someone...however, we are on VERY limited funds and I really can't justify the expense...so I am hoping maybe someone will be able to help me out, or know someone who knows someone.... Thanks and blessings in advance!

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Where are you located?
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I am located in Boston:)

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Birthing Gently has a volunteer doula program for mothers in need - the catch is you have to receive care from BWH midwives and birth at BWH.




Brigham & Women's Hospital Birthing Gently Volunteer Doula Program

The Birthing Gently Volunteer Doula Program is a group of Doula's that are trained according to national standards. These Doulas are screened to make sure they are prepared to work in our all-volunteer program. Some of our Doula's are working towards certification; others are trying to gain more birth experience. This program is free (low-income and patients in need) for patients of the midwifery practice at Brigham & Women's Hospital. Click here for more information

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Thanks for the info but I am already pretty attached to my midwife at Mt. Auburn....

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I would love to talk to you more about your needs. I am in training, I've been to 4 births one at Mt Auburn and I have a VBAC scheduled. : )

Feel free to contact me at jennieryan1@hotmail.com or 508-284-9888


Looking forward to talking to you.


Jennie Cudmore

birthdoula in training, toLabor


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Awesome...I am emailing you now.  Thanks!!

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Still looking...if anyone has any leads.  I am starting to get anxious....

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Dear Mama Nesta,


I just read your post and would love to help. I have such admiration for VBAC moms! I'm so sorry also that your previous doula didn't show up. What a disappointing experience.


I'm a doula-in-training and am offering my support for only the cost of my expenses. Btw, I just heard from a very experienced doula that Mt Auburn is a wonderful place to give birth! If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach me at: 





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Hi there,

I am definitely interested in talking with you more about potentially being your doula! I was recently certified and have attended two births at Mt.Auburn and had wonderful experiences there. I also have excellent references, if you are interested. Feel free to check out my website at www.sweetpeabirthing.com too, for more information about myself and my philosophy, or contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!


Rachel DeTroy
Birth Doula
(203) 984-0389
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