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Weaning the ex-nursling from a new obsession

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My daughter weaned at 3.5 years old (about 3 months ago) and is still obsessed with snuggling with my breasts.  It was our next step from nursing and at the time worked quite well.  She came up with it all on her own and I decided it was better than nursing at the time as I was pretty low on any milk.  Now I am wondering how I will ever wean her from this obsession with snuggling with them?  I suppose over the next year I would like to work on it. 


Anyone else ever been in this position?

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This happened to me as well. My son was 22 months when he was weaned..and he was fine for about a month, but after a bit he just started to stick his hands down my shirt. It didn't really bother me because I really missed our nursing relationship!! (I had to wean suddenly) greensad.gif then it became his new comfort. He needed it to sleep, and he needed it when he got hurt. His hands were always down my shirt. I didn't mind because I wanted him to have a way of comfort, because I felt like I took his only comfort away. I was actually glad that he had found another way to comfort himself through me. I guess it's different from your situation just because he was so much younger. But it went on for about 6-8 months.. Then I decided it was time to end it. He still at 3 wants to put his hands down there sometimes, but we laugh and say can't touch Mommies boobies. Lol. It's more of a game now. I realized that there are so many ways that I can comfort him. He is such a cuddle bug and he loves it when I just hold him.
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My youngest found this mole on my stomach that he had to rub as a transition from nursing. He was close to 4 when he weaned and I was able to set limits about when he could do it. In the end it was only before bed
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I would try to offer something similar that you are ok with as a substitute. Maybe a really snuggly hug? Or maybe she really is craving skin-to-skin, so offer more of that (back rubs, hand holding, and rubbing her arms are all popular with DD)? I know I have a big need for skin-to-skin myself, so I try to make sure my DD gets plenty.
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You are so right. It is all about skin to skin and lately we sometimes sub with back rubs. Still thinking about whether to say that when she turns 4, we won't be "snuggling". It is only a month away and not sure if I should just let it wind down on its own.
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I have a 4 year old obsessed with hands down my shirt. Only does it at home.
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