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Round ligament pain?

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Anyone struggling with this right now?


The area right above my pubic bone ACHES like crazy whenever I stand or walk or do anything, really.  I'm guessing it is round ligament pain, right?  Didn't have this experience at all with my first pregnancy.


I'm frustrated because the discomfort is almost crippling- I'm walking (limping) all hunched over like an old person.  Not finding much useful input online, aside from take pain reliever (not really interested in that) and a few exercises to improve the condition of the ligament.  


I'm walking for excercise.... what else can I do?  Anyone have success with some relief?

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Hmmm. I just had a terrible bout of this yesterday that lasted for a few hours but it was my fault for raking leaves for an hour and a half in the morning. Later, I also had a hard time walking upright and needed to sit and rest for like the whole darn night. I put on a belly support belt to make dinner which helped immensely but did not relieve all of the pain. It just lessen it, made it easier to cope with and move about. I have a cool belt thing with velcro straps that tighten and adjust in the right places. Have you tried one of these?

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I've had the aching too, but from my recollection round ligament pain is usually sharp brief pain.  

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Writermama, I started stretching yesterday and I think it helped.  Its that on all fours, stick your butt in the air stretch.... I'm sure its a yoga pose, but can't remember what it is called.  I think it is helping since I haven't had any pain today.


I've not tried a support belt yet, but will keep it in mind if it worsens.


And I thought ligament pain was supposed to be brief and sharp, too!  This is not either of those things, but my husband assures me it is likely ligament pain.  He's a PA, so I have to trust that he knows what he is talking about!  I see the dr. next week and will bring it up.  

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Cat and cow is what I know it as: arch back, rounding upward, then arch the other way.


I've had both hip pain and round ligament since fairly early on this time around. I've discovered that walking most days, and then sleeping with a pillow between my legs has really helped with both, so long as I don't also then spend a ton of time on my feet (cooking/cleaning/shopping, that sort of thing).

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Yes, that's it!  Cat/cow....


Well, I always sleep with a pillow between my legs, so I'll have to keep that up.  And I'm walking most days.... I guess I will have to be vigilant about doing all this stuff!

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I had it with my other two, haven't had it yet but I expect it will happen. I had my first chiro visit the other day, she specializes in maternity. She check my ligaments..just to feel how they were doing and if they were spasm at all. I see her again soon I'll have to ask her if there are things she will do when the pain starts.

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