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How Would You Handle This?

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My children have been attending church with their grandma, my mom, for quite a few months.  I hold similar beliefs as my mom, but I refuse to attend her church, due to a situation I had with the pastor. (I guess his wife talked to him about it, and he has realized he was wrong, but I feel he should apologize to me. Anyway.) My kids *love* church, and like I said, have been going for quite some time, we even used to go together, both to my mom's church, and others.


I went with a friend to a funeral, which led to my finding a church that am quite comfortable in, and can see myself going for quite some time. The kids went with me last week, and DD said she really liked it. DS doesn't talk much, but he seemed to enjoy the service, too.


The churches are pretty different. My mom's church is a Baptist church, Southern Baptist, if I'm not mistaken, and the church I' I've been going to is Apostolic.


My question is this.


They want to go to church with my mom. Both because their friends are there, and her church has childrens' church and Sunday school. I would like them to go with me, at least sometimes. The church that I have attended the last couple of weeks does not have childrens' services, which I understand makes it really difficult for them to pay attention/sit still. (The added stress of them being autistic.)


Would you let them continue to attend the church they've been going to, unless they choose to come with you?

Would you make them come with you?

Would you make them alternate, going with grandma one week/two weeks, go with you the alternate one/two weeks?

Am I just being petty, and just be grateful that they are attending some sort of religious education, and get over it?

Should I suck it up, and just go to my mom's church, even though the style is different from what I prefer, and I am still slightly upset with the pastor?

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You could switch off between going with you and with your mom. I could see it being really difficult for them to sit still once the newness wears off and getting them to do it every week might become difficult.
I don't think you need to suck it up, pastors shouldn't be above reproach and not apologise. If he was wrong and offended you, he needs to apologise, end of story. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're bitter or hard hearted, it means that you standards for yourself and choose to not associate with people who can't apologise when wrong.

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