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I would like to start a "word study" of sorts with my 7th grader.  The MCT books were a bit overkill for her though.  Is there something else that people have used to expand their child's vocabulary?  Since our failure with the MCT books, we have just studied vocabulary as it came up in other studies. 



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Have you looked into English From the Roots Up?
We like it. smile.gif
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Mine are much younger and I don't have experience with 7th grade but Soaring with Spelling which we use goes to grade 8 and does a nice job of vocab and definitions with the spelling. Another idea is to find a program focused on identifying and understanding Latin roots - that's how I've usually guessed what new things mean.


Edit, looks like that's what bass chick's suggestion is, sounds great!

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Thanks, I will look into both those.  She is quite good a spelling, but I would still look at that program.  Combining the two might be good for her.  



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