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Swaddling - what do you use?

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If you swaddle, what's your favorite way? I had been using blankets but they don't stay tight enough. I have the Swaddle Me things but they are too small in the leg portion, IMO. I am looking for something easy because DS wants out for feeding - I have to redo it in the middle of the night.

And to those who bed share, do you swaddle? If I bring DS into bed, I never swaddle but maybe I should? Does anyone swaddle for naps?

I ask all of this because I used the tight Velcro swaddle thing and the past 2 nights, DS slept 3 hours straight. I don't know if it's a coincidence but I would like to keep trying! He settles very quickly in it. I will admit too that swaddling really bothers me for some reason so I am trying to put that aside if it helps DS settle. He relaxes instantly. Or so it seems.
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We use a Halo swaddle for night time (and often for naps out walking in the stroller), and if it is in the wash, a blanket. S sleeps so much better with it. Last night after one feeding/changing, S was having hard time staying asleep again, his arms kept thrashing around, so I tucked his arms tight into his blanket and instant sleep. S sleeps in a sidecarred crib, I am not comfortable bed sharing. We asked the physical therapist this week if swaddling at night + some naps is too much, and she said it isn't as long as he is also getting his awake time without the swaddle.

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Baby straightjacket, aka Miracle Blanket. She gets out of my regular receiving blanket (A+A) swaddles in a minute, so I quickly stopped even bothering for nighttime, though this weaker version was fine for naps when she didn't really need a lot of additional soothing.


I have swaddled while cosleeping, but I am uneasy about it and tend to stay on edge when I do so I try to avoid it. R. can make her way onto her stomach and I don't like the idea of her being face-down with no arms to move herself.

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kiddopotomus velcro swaddles are IMO the easiest and the come in bigger sizes if you need to size up. miracle blankets are a little more difficult to do in the dark, but they stay pretty well wrapped. adain and anais swaddle blankets are great because they are large and thin but aren't fitted lke a swaddler- they are just squares of guazy fabric but they give a good swaddle thats hard to bust out of. somebody posted these cool jersey zip up numbers. i'll look for the link. i think it was active alli. its the woombie. http://www.amazon.com/The-Original-Woombie-Swaddle-Blanket/dp/B003OQTPFS/?s=baby-products&ref=sr_1_1

i swaddled my first for a very long time, but i have recently quit swaddling this one. he is 11 weeks. we bed shared while he was swaddled.
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I swaddle from armpits down in a muslin blanket like the A&A ones. H sucks her hands, so I want them out and so does she :)  We do retain the swaddle when bedsharing.

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We use HALO swaddle nightie and it works great- I tried the hospital blankets- muslin, flannel, and bamboo and these work great for night time baby, we also purchased more for colder weather and big sizes.

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We use the Aeden and Anais muslins. Only for night time and we do definitely cosleep. Only DH can do it though, I don't even try, she escapes in a second if I do it. We swaddled DD1 for a long time (I think 4-5 months?). I actually have never given this baby a chance to sleep at night without it because it seems to be working so well. DH swaddles her before bed and I put the little baby package in bed next to me on her side propped up by a pillow (she doesn't sleep well on her back). When she starts rolling over I guess that is my clue to stop. I believe that's what we did with DD1, we slowly weaned her from it and into sleep sacks when she started rolling.
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Aedin and Anais muslim and/or woombie's. DD REALLY REALLY likes the woombie. Its almost instant sleep coma when I put it on.




My son loved the summers infant swaddlers but DD doesnt.... DD also prefers to sleep on someone 24/7...

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nak...i just ordered a woombie to try.  baby escaped from swaddle 2 times last night..

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