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What do you do?

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...besides grow babies? wink1.gif What about your husband?


I'm a stay at home mom, a doula and a student working toward my CNM certification.


My husband owns his own gym, and is a personal trainer/nutritionist.


Curious to know what the rest of the group does for a living!

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I am a full time AmeriCorps volunteer... which means that I work full time and get a teensy tiny stipend for all my hard work. BUT I do get health insurance which is awesome. My current term ends July 31, and I'm due July 4th so I wont get to finish the last month or so.



DH is a bartender. Works long late hours but he loves his job and the schedule fits great with our homeschool schedule.

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I'm a SAHM and DH is a manager at a restaurant. I was going to school working toward becoming a CNM but now I've decided to go another route into midwifery. DH wants to be a master gardener and is working toward that. We're working on other business ideas in the meantime to generate more income. I don't think I'll go back to pursuing midwifery until my babies are older though.
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I am a stay at home Mom! I am very blessed to be able to do so! My husband works for an oil company here in Alberta. He is a maintenance planner. He loves his job.
We are also the children's ministries Directors for all our churches in Western Canada.

I guess there's not much else to say, but I love to read and my hubby loves to cook. We are a pretty quiet family! smile.gif
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I am a SAHM and my DH is a software developer.  Before I had DS I worked in a research lab. (I have a B.S. in molecular biology).  I am trying to decide if I should go back into research or find something a little closer to home to do when I go back to work.  Given my experiences with DS, I am very interested in health/nutrition.  In the meantime I tend to research the crap out of stuff (mostly diet at this point) winky.gif

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My background is in historic preservation and home inspection. I currently  work with our State Parks, Forests, and Wildlife Management Areas on protecting and interpreting the historic sites and structures. Additionally, I oversee a unique program where private partners fund a restoration and serve as caretakers for historic homes in exchange for being able to live there (for free) for their lifetime.  Right now I have about 60 of these special properties that I supervise.


I love what I do-- I get to travel around the state and work with all kinds of people and all kinds of historic homes-- but it is very challenging. I'm finding it to be even more challenging now that I'm pregnant. I don't know how I will juggle all my field work and travel once the baby arrives-- I have nightmares of having to excuse myself from a group of Park Rangers to pump breast milk behind a tree, or packing my pump with me on my way to an archaeological site. But that's a worry for another time, and it's more of a laughable situation rather than a true worry.


DH is an electrical engineer. He travels sometimes, but his job is more office based. If I'm not able to nurse, or once the baby weens, perhaps he'll be in charge of daycare and transportation. But we are far away from having to decide that right now.

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I am a homeschooling SAHM. And I LOVE it! Yep, that about sums it up. smile.gif

My DH is a CAD Manager and civil designer. 

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I'm currently working part-time as an instructional assistant in a kindergarten, but I recently applied for a bilingual instructional assistant in a middle school classroom. I'm thinking of eventually getting my credentials and becoming a full-time teacher. I also do some part-time nannying but I'm probably going to drop that soon.

DH is a musician (bass player) but he works overnights as a security guard at a hotel. He's only been in the US for a few years, so this is probably just a temporary job. He would like to go back to school and complete his degree, but that probably won't happen for a while.
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I am a teacher... just finished teaching a 7/8/9 split class last June and moved back home to start a family. There is no work here for me but it's where we wanted to be to have a family so I'm willing to work part time at other jobs for the year to save up some EI Mat Leave benefits. I am currently working part time at a grocery store and part time as a teacher at a private company. Hubby works as a snow shoe guide in the winter and a kayak guide in the summer.

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I work in investments supporting financial advisors and also doing some supervisory/compliance things.  I am also working on my birth doula certification.  My wife is an assistant director of membership for a large museum.  I would love to be a SAHM, but in the Bay Area it is very difficult to survive on one salary.  Maybe after we have a second baby and move somewhere more affordable we can do it.

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I am a certifies doula and community advocate. I enjoy spending time in the community with those who are committed to spiritual growth and development. For the $$ I am in financial administation for a Museum. My DH works for an armored vehicle comany.

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I'm a Children's Librarian (it's going to come in handy!) at a regional public library. My husband is an architect.
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What a variety! I love it!


I stay home with the boys but I do teach the occasional childbirth class and I write. Used to be for magazines and fun stuff like that but now I do product descriptions and marketing materials... which I actually kinda love. Right now that's our only income besides student loans.


My husband starts PA school just before the baby's due so he's in his last couple crunch semesters of pre-req's (20 credits right now!) so he had to quit working.

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...and when I said husband in the OP, I really meant partner! I'm curious what both parents do....mamas, papas, whatever! (Sorry for the blunder - I tend to be much more aware than that, typically!)

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I'm a stay at home/ work at home/ take kido to work single mom. Depends on the season. Very blessed to work on our family farm that I grew up on. I work part time most of the year. I manage a pumpkin patch and festival sept/oct. I have an rv at the farm cause it's 45 minutes from home, great for kido's naps when he took em and mine when I couldn't get out of bed. Not a great time for morning sickness, but oh well. Had one scheduled day off all month and a couple of rain days. We made it. I do a lot of art. I made a couple of large mosaic sculptures for the farm, winter work. 6' sweet corn and huggable tomato. This winter gonna do an upcycled wool diaper cover biz. I also have some unearned income from land I inherited. This has allowed me to work part time as a single mom and homeschool. I am blessed.

Boyfriend works at a publishing company, talking to self published authors all day. He also does some permaculture. Won't be such the single mom on this baby! Taking it day by day. We don't live together though. Actually we're an hour plus apart. Midwives said they'd deliver either place though.
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Originally Posted by FarmerMomma View Post

We don't live together though. Actually we're an hour plus apart. Midwives said they'd deliver either place though.


That is SUPER!

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FarmerMomma- I wish I could come to your farm!  I'm from Ohio and I loved doing that as a child.  We would pick out a pumpkin and go on a hay ride and drink hot cider.  I miss it.  We have pumpkin farms here in California, but they are by the beach, and it's just not the same.

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I work part time as a bar tender at a resort on the island, and DH is a Fire Fighter working on the Marine Corp Recruit Depot.


I used to work in the corporate world and decided I never wanted to wear a suit and heels again Sheepish.gif so i traded them in for sperry's and kakhi shorts.  I work 2 days a week now, but DH doesn't want me to work (I probably can't after 20 weeks anyway) much longer and especially after baby arrives so he's working on an interior home painting business on the side love.gif

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I stay at home with my other kids. And my husband works in insurance pricing.

I also teach childbirth classes once a year.

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I was a middle school teacher, but took a job as an instructional technology coach in our district this year...I teach teachers :) I am finishing up an administration degree and will graduate at the end of may right before baby. I am hoping to get an assistant principal job next year. My husband is a teacher as well and has his administration degree and will also hopefully get an assistant principal job next year...I want him to get one and am not too worried about myself for this next year considering we will have a new baby. We stay busy with our two boy's sports schedules and otherwise love to be at home.

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