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Convenient Vegetarian Snack Food?

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I need to find some ideas for vegetarian snacks that are easy to grab and go and are nutritious. Cut up veggies with dip can get old really fast.

 Anyone have things that have worked for you? I don't mind putting some work into them ahead of time if I can store them for a while in the freezer or something. I just really need more vegetables in my whole family's diet and we're all busy and on the go most of the time. 

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You can make kale chips and store them airtight for a few days.  I actually don't know how long they'll last b/c they get devoured immediately when I make them here.


Slice or cube cheese.


Remove grapes from the stem, wash and keep in a bowl in the frig.


Buy small apples-easier for kids to hold and eat.  Or slice them up and add lime juice to keep them from browning.  Lime juice may seem weird (I thought so at first) but it's really good on apples.  Lemon juice will work too but it's not as tasty imo. 


Popcorn will keep fresh in an airtight container for a few days. 


Nuts are easy to grab and nutritious.  Or make a trail mix w/nuts, dried fruit and even chocolate chips if you like.  


Bananas are always easy to grab and eat. 


Cook up some edamame and keep in the frig.  Or for a different take on a dip, cook up equal parts edamame and frozen peas.  Use a hand blender or a food processor and blend with some olive oil, veggie broth and salt to a nice smooth consistency.  This is good on pasta too.  

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Oh wow I love the peas and edamame dip idea! And I really gotta make some kale chips. I've been wanting to try that for a while. 

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Our fave vegetable-y snacks:


roasted seaweed snacks


muffins - I make a zucchini, carrot, cranberry one most often (I also freeze these too).  Also pumpkin muffins.


pickles or olives (I'll put them in our container with veggies & dip, but you could also mix them into small-cut veggies for a kind of fingery-food kind of almost salad).  Cold cooked broccoli is also good for something a bit different (its a favorite of one kid here, so I keep it around for her - I boil it gently so it's kinda soft and easier to eat).


quesadillas - I heat at home in the toaster oven and wrap in foil for bringing out or sending for lunch or something, I'll often put mini sweet pepper rings or olives on these.

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Oh I never thought of quesadillas as a portable food! Hmmmmm... 


I'm gonna have to actually start cooking one of these days. Thanks for all the good ideas!

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PB & J's


Almonds with Chocolate Chips


Leftover Foccacia 


When I make Pizza I make a TON and then we have some for snacks


Leftover Pancakes with PB or other Nut Butter spread between


Cookies, Muffins


Veggies with Dips (hummus, beans, guac)


Pretzels with mustard

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I make school lunches for DSD when she's with us every other Friday.  I usually include mostly snack-y foods:


Homemade muffin (or scone) for mid-morning snack - I bake a batch and keep in the freezer (these are also handy for my mid-morning snack with coffee)


String cheese


Apple slices (or other cut-up fruit)


Hummus and pita chips


Carrot sticks and/or olives


Almonds, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate chips



For non-school related functions, the kids love peanut butter filled pretzels. 

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Tortillas spread with bean dip and topped with shredded romaine, chopped tomatoes, diced peppers, etc.  Roll them up and eat whole, or slice into pieces. 

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Love this thread! I've been buying way too many pre-made snack foods for the kids and want to switch to other options, but don't want to spend even MORE time in the kitchen than I already do. Currently I have four boys on the couch enjoying peanut butter and apples.

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I'm loving all the ideas too--and the  more vegetables I can use for snacks, the better!

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I forgot one yesterday...roasted chickpeas!


You can make zucchini and/or carrot muffins (or breads) to increase the veggie content.


I also made these and they kept well in the freezer (just leave out the sausage and increase the veggies).




I would heat in the oven (wrapped in foil) while I was getting ready and then toss in my bag when we left the house...they kept warm for a couple of hours.  Really hearty and comforting!

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