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The "One" Thread for Nov. 5 to Nov. 11

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for Nov. 5 to Nov. 11

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


whistling.gifWaiting to O whistling.gif




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- Jenn -

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joy.gif ~ GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant


 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


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Welcome Mirpmama!


Sarah, fingers crossed!


Sorry all for lateness of this thread!


AFM I have been sticking to my diet for five days and going strong, I have already lost 4 pounds and I am feeling way less bloated! (Avoiding sugar, gluten, additives, alcohol and most dairy)... AND we are almost at the end of our pest project, meaning we can start trying again in a month or two. Feelign optimistic.

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Another new week!  Thanks for keeping up with this Anyalily!  Good luck with reaching your weight goals.  I have had great success with a Paleo/primal diet over the past year.  Even though I am not as thin as I would like, I have kept the weight off and feel great.  I find I am able to stick to it so much easier than anything else i have ever tried. Hope everyone is doing well this Monday.

AFM I am now in the Waiting to Know stage.  CD 25 and 7dpo.  I am thinking my LP is on the short side this month because of ov pains on CD 18.    I got my hopes up really high last month and I am trying to maintain some sanity.  Checking in here helps to get some of this off my mind and am grateful for that!

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Jillgayle, I feel the same way :) 


Anyalily, that's amazing!  Good for you :)  Super weight loss in just one week.  I just weaned myself off of WW after being on it for a year and losing about 40 pounds.  Since I gave birth to my DS I've lost 70 lbs, but much of that was water.  It's incredible how much water weight I gain when I am pregnant.  I am now working on the last bit of weight I gained when I was pregnant with DD.  I also credit Zumba, which I love!  So much so that I am an instructor now :) I am actually the teensiest apprehensive now about getting pregnant because of how difficult it is for me to lose weight.  And I love how physically fit I am at this point.  With DS I had SPD starting at 5 months, so I could barely move the last four.  My big issue is that I get so freakin' sick when I am pregnant that the though of working out or even eating rationally just escapes me.  yada yada yada, I know that as soon as I get a BFP all of that worry will dissipate and I will be so thrilled about the new baby that all of the other "stuff" will melt away quickly. 


I think I am ready to join officially, too :)  I'm "waiting to O" although it will be any day now...I think...not totally sure what's going on with  my cycle right now.  I have been taking B6 and Vitex in the hopes of regulating more or, at the very least, returning to what was normal for me. 

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anyalily, way to go!! That has got to feel good. Hope the pounds keep slipping away for ya & that it isn't too tough to stay on track. Sending positive vibes your way. 


Jillgayle, I did the saaaame thing last month and was so let down! This month I'm trying to be more carefree, hiding my tests and just letting it be. It helps when you're busy, I've noticed! :)


AFM - I think I'm like 4 dpo. I'm not entirely sure when I O, so I'm assuming it's around the 14/15th day! Just trying to keep busy, playing catchup on all the things I couldn't do while I was sick last week. 

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anyalily- congrats on the 4 pounds and sticking with it! That's a big loss for a week. 


jillgayle- what is the paleo/primal diet?


AFM - AF came this morning so you can move me to waiting to O. I was expecting this I've worked through a lot of the emotions and I'm not that upset. Just the regular crappy period stuff, lol.

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JustJenny:  Paleo/Primal eating is a essentially a grain-free way of eating, although there are other limitations too (no legumes, no refined sugars, and some people don't eat dairy).  I eat animal/fish proteins, vegetables, nuts and fruits.  Sugars come from fruit, maple syrup and honey.  It's helped me with weight, skin allergies/eczema, mood and fatigue.  There are claims on the internet that it helps with many other ailments as well, mostly anecdotal but some research too. 


Check the book the Paleo Diet and Wheat Belly. I love this site too for info : http://www.thepaleomom.com/2011/11/so-what-exactly-is-paleolithic.html.  FYI: there is even a forum here on MDC for it. 


I am happy to forward more sites i frequent if interested. HTH!

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hi ladies,

cold feet!

well there is so much going on with me that my DH and I have decided to stop TTC. we were getting ready to start last night!

the vertigo is still affecting me and it may be around for days-months. i can't handle being pregnant like this. I have to wait until i am better. i am taking meclizine which is an antihistamine for nausea from vertigo and it makes me a zombie and also has dried up cervical fluid so it is less clear if i am about to ovulate.

also my sister was visiting this weekend with her baby and we realized that we aren't quite ready for 3 kids! we just decided this yesterday and then when i was getting ready for bed i shook down my thermometer and it broke! we laughed because i think it was another sign that i should let it go for now. 


so best wishes to all of you. 

move me to waiting to be ready please!

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Jess, I totally understand. A really good friend of mine develops vertigo during pregnancy. She was so sick. I hope it subsides quickly for you.
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Thanks for the new thread! I'm just going to copy and paste my last post...


Well, AF is officially gone. Let the party begin, LOL. jumpers.gif



Conner was napping yesterday while we BD... He woke up towards the end of our BD, LOL... Afterwards, DH went into his room and goes, "Now, Conner. We're sorry we didn't come and get you right away, but if you ever want a little brother, sometimes you're just going to have to let your mom and I have sex." lol.gif duh.gif Sometimes, I'm super thankful that Conner is only a year old and can't understand English yet. LOL


I have my annual pap smear on the 21st. I'm going to ask my doctor, AGAIN, about a VBAC... So we'll see where he stands, and if I need to find a new doctor or not.

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Hi everyone!

I guess I will jump back in. I joined when ttc with my youngest and love this board! My youngest dd is almost 20mo, and the rest are a little more spread out, but through some unexpected odd potential circumstances we need to get pregnant this month.

My dh wants to apply for 9mo position in the Netherlands beginning next Sep. and I don't want to give birth there (because my first was VBAC, I am not "HB material" over there). I've had 2 homebirths since, and I'm not really interested in going back to a hospital, so that leaves me with give birth in Aug or not for some time greensad.gif my cycles are still a little wonky, but it's worth a shot.

I am on cd 3, so put me under "waiting to O" and wish me luck!
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Can I be moved to Waiting to O please? AF arrived full force on Friday, tapering off now. This is month two on Maca and month three on Vitex. I'm hoping DS will be back to nursing less again this month now that we finally kicked the cold he's had for more than a month! Of course, now he has two molars coming in at once, so maybe the less frequent nursing is a pipe dream... ah well smile.gif
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Livingsky, the lady at my herb store had advised me against taking maca and vitex simultaneously. I also found that vitex just didn't agree with my digestive system but I haven't tried maca (tried Clomid instead). Do you feel different with maca and how is the combination of the two working out for you?

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CD's mama--I am so suspect of doctors who don't even entertain a vbac. NIH did such great research on this that I get frustrated that more doctors are not paying better attention. I assume it's that they don't want to take on the risk?

Hi Banana! I hope things work put for you this cycle. I think moving to the Netherlands sounds dreamy. Does he do work for the government?

Dakopode and Living Sky-- I think the B6 upsets my stomach more than anything else. Makes me super nauseated. I have to take it at night. I might start taking maca soon but want to keep on keeping on with the vitex and B6 for now. Right now DH is reaping the benefits of how....um....amorous B6 renders me.

I have the tiniest of sinus infections so my temps are off this month, I think. I should o any day or might have yesterday. DS keeps waking me up a few times at night for the oddest reasons. Two nights ago it was because his pj buttons had come undone. Last night it was due to his blankets being pushed down and he did not want to pull them up. eyesroll.gif I adore DS but seriously?! Anyway, that makes it even harder to do temps because I am not getting enough uninterrupted sleep to even trust their consistency.
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Its been a long few months. My fiancee went to the doctor for some medication this month and it seems like we might be headed in the right direction. 

I just started my new part-time job today and we are getting married in 3 months. 


I should be "O" any day right now so maybe we will get lucky this month.

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Anyalily Good for you!! It is always hard to make changes, even when we want to and are motivated and supported. Also glad the pests are almost history.


Welcome Banana! I think the Netherlands sounds fabulous! I hear it is beautiful.


Starfish Agreed!


CDsMom Happy BDing smile.gif


AFM, I O'd on Saturday per OPK and my own observed signs/symptoms. I am feeling optimistic about our chances, timing and all. I am in my TWW and not doing as well this first week as I usually do. I am typically fine week 1 and do not become crazed/obsessed/consumed with symptom spotting until week 2.  I have been having noticeable cramping, not painful but I am aware, and feelings of pelvic pressure or fullness since Sunday, 1 DPO. I am aware of when I O, small pinching/twinge feeling on one side, alternating each month. That happened Sat. I have NEVER experienced post-ovulatory cramping. Any thoughts? I know some women do have some cramping around O but again, I have never felt this at all. So strange. So now, my week 1 calm, not happening!! Cuss.gif

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Dh is about to finish law school. It's a clerking position for an international court.

Sparkle, sounds good! I wish I had such a direct physical O sign!

There is no way I could temp right now. Dd nurses too often at night greensad.gif
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dakipode - I hadn't heard that about Vitex and maca together - I'm just taking anything I can find that's breastfeeding friendly! LOL. I heard that Vitex bothered some peoples' stomachs, I haven't really noticed any problem with it. My O date did move up when I started the Vitex.
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Hi all!  I haven't been on MDC since my son was a preschooler (-ish).  He is now almost 8.  The SO and I are officially TTC our first child together (we have two kids from previous relationships, boys age 6 and 7).  The SO just had a vasectomy reversal October 19, so we are in the very early stages of TTC.  I have been waiting almost 8 years for this opportunity, so this is a very exciting time!  I am a little nervous about this whole thing, as I'm 31 now.  Not old by any means, but I sure feel a lot older nowadays than I did when I was pregnant with my son.  At any rate, I'm really excited to be back on MDC and so very excited to be TTC!  


ETA :  The "WTF Is Going On" list is probably most appropriate for me atm.  :) 

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Welcome, KnitterMama! Let me know which list you would like to be on.

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