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interviewing OBs?

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I'm sure this will sound like a really dumb question, but I have never interviewed a doctor before. With DS I just looked at reviews for doctors who accepted my insurance and we lucked out. This time it isn't that easy. 
Do I call the office and request an interview/consult or do I need to schedule an appointment? Any other tips you have will be very helpful smile.gif

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I honestly don't know... Hmm. I would think that you should have the option of interviewing them first, only seems right since you're paying them for a service. But in OB world things are mighty different than in midwives world. 


I would highly suggest that when you do meet the OB, you lay out exactly what you are expecting from him/her. Don't beat around the bush about anything. Have it all written down, so you don't forget anything, and make sure he/she realizes you are not an idiot, that you are in fact very educated on your rights, and what you will and will not tolerate. From experience, I know that OB's tend to be intimidating and act like they are the only ones that know how to do any of this birth stuff. Not that they're all like that, just some. I think it's good to go in prepared. And if anything doesn't feel right with the way they answer your questions... Listen to your gut. You will find the right OB, but you need to be ready to look for him/her.


I hope that all made sense! And I wish you all the luck in the world! thumb.gif

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Just call them and say you want to talk to them about their practice, and ask them some questions. I interviewed my OB about a year before I got pregnant, just to feel them out and see if they were right for me. ;)

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My doctor was great about allowing an interview. We even did the same for the pediatrician. Just call and ask if you can meet the doctor prior to becoming a patient. It's not out of the ordinary to do so. 

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