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For other gifts from family (I still haven't sorted out what we'll do), they'll receive merino jersey yardage for underclothes, a woodland Evi lady gnome and five woodland animals that are presently on sale from Nova Natural toys.  Simplicity Parenting is a wonderful book for helping to rein in those big dreams.  winky.gif

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I'm also thinking of making her or buying a doctor or vet kit.

We've been happy with the wooden doctor kit from Magic Cabin. That, plus a real stethescope from forsmallhands.com has been really popular. We were gifted a fisher price doctor kit years ago and most of the pieces were recalled due to something but the blood pressure cuff is still floating around. If I was starting from scratch, I might buy this http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mabis-DMI-Self-Taking-Adult-Home-Blood-Pressure-Kit/15722750 plus the stethescope and make the other parts. 

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My three year old would love a real stethoscope. I'll have to check that out.

This isn't very natural motheringish, but I'm kinda excited about it... I got two giant eBay lots of rokenbok for a very good price and I bought them each one new rokenbok set. I've been looking at it for a long time but its expensive and looks like you need a critical mass of it to have fun building. So I jumped in w both feet and got my critical mass. smile.gif I'm thinking that both my kids are going to love it even though they're 5 1/2 yrs apart.
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Oh - I remember something else I was thinking of. A while ago a whole pile of blogs were sharing the quirky and creative wooden toys from the Russian toymakers Shusha (http://www.shusha-toys.ru/). I got all excited and wanted to buy stuff. So far I haven't managed to find anywhere that actually sells them! Grr.

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I was looking at the SmallHands website too! I was thinking of doing the X-rays and stethoscope but I did see Haba's wooden doctor kit on Amazon and I think DD would like that...we shall see! 

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I think I'm just about done with my shopping for both the boys this year and I varied some from my original list, so here's what it looks like:


for my oldest (2):


-barnyard animal set from nova naturals

-DIY barn kit from toolbox kids on etsy

-Disana boiled wool overalls

-pair of Hirsch Natur organic wool socks

-Winter by Gerda Muller (He has Spring and loves it!)

-pair of rain-proof pants

-baby mei tai from Etsy



for the youngest (2 months):


-rattle set from bannor toys on etsy

-wooly baby slippers from woolybaby (sooooooooooo cute!)

-2 board books from nova naturals

-wool bonnet from patouche

-nui organic wool knickerbockers

-wooden rabbit piggy bank from etsy


We had a pretty modest budget and using coupons, I'm $70 under! I may use the extra towards a few things from For Small Hands. I think he'd really love the woodworking and kitchen tools.


Now if only I could decide what I could do for Advent that wouldn't just be clutter!

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I'm knitting DD, who is 3, a rainbow vest.  I also am hoping to find/make one or two little wood figures for her.  DP will probably get her a rainbow slinky.  Oh, and she'll probably get a bar of pretty soap - that's kind of a little gift giving tradition we have.  I found some that look like different crystals, and I'm pretty sure she will be thrilled.  I'm hoping to keep it simple, especially since the relatives will be giving us uh.... plenty.

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My daughter is getting the Hape All Seasons dollhouse (from Santa), these toys from MamaMayI: http://www.mamamayishop.com/products/sensory-color-sorting-playset, http://www.mamamayishop.com/collections/pre-school/products/explore-with-me-sensory-box, and a Green Toys pink dump truck. All of her grandparents spoil her so she is going to have an overwhelming amount of toys to open.:/
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