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Spotting/Bleeding into second trimester

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Hi all,
I'm a little over 13 weeks pregnant. My first pregnancy was absolutely perfect so my experience this time is a bit of a shock. I had a pretty significant bleed at 8 weeks. Had an ultrasound that showed one little baby with a heartbeat and a second sac with no baby - blighted ovum. So it was decided the bleeding was likely from the ovum and the Ob told me to expect more bleeding as she could see a clot in my cervix. I had a bit more bleeding about 2 weeks later, then spotting for another 10 days, all brownish in colour. So I figured that was the clot. For the last week, I have been spotting again, brighter blood this time. There is spotting pretty much every day; sometimes just on my pad sometimes dripping into the toilet (i know, tmi, sorry) Saw the doctor, was offered an ultrasound but told it may not show anything and it won't affect the outcome as nothing can be done. We chose not to do it as id prefer to keep ultrasounds to a minimum. Talked to my midwife, who thinks its likely the edge of the placenta that's not firmly attached. She said these types of placentas tend to settle down around 20 weeks or so. We talked a lot about the fact that I'm fatigued this pregnancy and a bit underweight (trying my best to gain but only gained two pounds to date. Eating gluten free at present...I think it's too much of a restriction and plan on lifting it soon). Nt sure if its some sort of energy imbalance? Tying to get in to my acupuncturist this week if I can, see if that will help.
Anyone have experiences with bleeding/spotting through second trimester and any suggestions/wisdom to share? I have read that vitamin E and C can help. Added vit C to my supplements. When I researched vit E, I found concerns online that higher levels can cause stillbirths. So I hesitate to take this more than what is in my multivitamin.
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Hugs, mama.
Sorry, so insight or experience to share on the bleeding.
Just wanted to share my gluten experience regarding weight gain.
I have digestive issues which flared up several weeks into the pregnancy and I tried cutting out gluten for 6 weeks. No change in my gut issues and ended up starting a new med. got my gut issues under control with that but was still not gaining much at all. I was 24 weeks with only a 9 lb gain, and started out quite underweight.
Anyway, added the wheat back to my diet, no problems with my gut and I'm gaining very well now. I realize this isn't the solution for everyone who has a gluten free diet, but if you are considering it I assume it isn't going to affect your health negatively. It very well could help you to put on some weight.
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thanks for the response. I find this whole issue of eating gluten to be quite interesting as in reality, I'm not a big carb eater and didn't have to change my diet a whole lot. So I'm surprised at its effect on my body. I originally started with a gluten-free diet not because of digestive issues, but in the hope gluten was affecting my hormone levels and they would improve without gluten in my diet. It ended up not helping, but it was suggested I wait until the pregnancy is well established before re-introducing it as the middle of an ivf cycle was not the right time. The bleeding makes me feel partially that the pregnancy is not well established, but on the other hand, baby is growing and I think the need to put on some weight is more important at this point.

When you reintroduced gluten into your diet, did you do it slowly, or just start up again as if you had never stopped? My naturopath was supposed to give me guidance about doing this but I haven't heard from him and he hasn't been back to my community in a month now. I'm getting impatient a bit and just want to go ahead I think.


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just an update and a continued plea for stories from others who have been are are going through similar experiences. The spotting continues. And just when I think it seems to be settling down, I get another fresh bleed. Sat on the toilet this morning and a little gush of blood was there. I don't feel I can run to see teh Doctor every few days when this happens, and really, it's not like I've got huge gushes of blood or cramping so I'm guessing baby is fine. But it's been a roller coaster emotionally - I come to terms with the bleeding, it seems to settle, then a gush happens which throws be back into uncertainty. I'm surprised at how hard this is as I can look at it completely pragmatically - I know the true signs of concern for miscarriage, I trust my baby is fine. But the bleeding throws me for a loop every time.

Just thought someone out there is possibly dealing witht he same thing and might want to keep in touch or share info.


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Hugs, mama. So sorry this is ongoing for you.

I reintroduced the gluten semi-slowly. Like a piece of toast and nothing else with gluten in it for the rest of the day. Did this for a few days (watching my gut signals) and there was no negative effect so I just went back to my normal wheat eating habits. These fluctuate anyway and I don't tend to eat bread stuff all day long.

However I did notice an increase in cravings once I started eating it again. One morning I woke up thinking about eating a maple bar, something I haven't eaten in years. Ultimately it has been really good since it did increase my appetite and my weight gain. I thought I would go overboard baking cookies and such, but I really haven't, and haven't had the urge to do so. Maybe because there is Halloween candy in the house. wink1.gif
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